Kindergarten Wrap Around

Our Sproutlings Kindergarten Wrap Around program is for children enrolled in the New Providence public school Kindergarten. Our program provides an extension to the public school curriculum, offering both extra challenges and reinforcement of basic skills when needed.

A Mix of Play and Structure

Our students have the benefit of our impressive outdoor play environment, special outside instructors, small classroom size and low teacher-to-student ratio. Our classroom centers provide opportunities for play and hands-on learning that children in a half-day Kindergarten program may not have in their public school classroom.  A classroom SMARTBoard, as well as iPads for the children’s use provide additional options for extending the curriculum.

Kindergarten Room
Kindergarten Room
Kindergarten (5) (Large)

An Enthusiasm for Learning

While Sproutlings Kindergartners are learning at a fast pace and building on academic skills, we still incorporate time for free exploration and creative play. We want to maintain your child’s enthusiasm for learning and keep him or her active and engaged in the learning process. Our Kindergarten Wrap curriculum encourages creative expression and exploration of the arts and music. Kindergartners conduct science experiments, solve real-life math problems, learn to research and explore favorite topics.

Environmental Foundations

The Kindergarten Wrap class at Sproutlings builds on the foundation of an environmentally conscious school that has been fostered in our younger classes. Kindergartners look for new ways to bring conservation and recycling to their homes and communities. They sort containers for recycling and think of new ways to use things that might otherwise be thrown out. They use recycled items throughout the day and become advocates for an environmentally conscious community.

Young boy in recycling tshirt holding potted plant on a sunny day

Skill Development

In Kindergarten we continue to build on independence and self-help skills:

  • We continue to promote the independent skills learned in Preschool, including zipping, tying and buttoning of clothes and shoes.
  • We make sure every child can open their lunch items and make healthy selections about what to eat.
  • Our Kindergartners are responsible for their belongings and for completing and returning homework on time.
  • Kindergartners are provided extensions and reinforcement of the public school classroom curriculum

Cultural Exposure

This class also continues to experience and learn about a range of cultures, customs and traditions that were introduced to the Preschool classes. Children new to Sproutlings will enjoy gaining a better understanding of the world around them and learning and embracing differences across other cultures and backgrounds.


Kindergartners take part in center instructional programs for music and gym, make use of the playground daily (weather permitting) and have field trips during the school year.  They also have the option to participate in ballet, yoga, swimming and gymnastics classes.

Daily Routines

Children can bring their own, nut-free lunch, or order meals (click here for more information).

Our Kindergarten students can attend from 8:30am to 11:50am, 11:30am to 3:00pm or for a full day with transportation to and from school.