Outdoor Learning Environment

The Sproutlings playground is unique for a childcare setting. Walk through the gate and you immediately enter a peaceful park setting where children can safely and comfortably explore a natural outdoor environment. Our playground is securely shielded from the street and passers-by with a natural cedar wood fence lined with plentiful greenery. Materials used are primarily naturally occurring or organic. No harsh chemicals or pesticides are used in or around the playground. As the shrubs and trees in our outdoor environment are all native to the area, and thrive naturally, there is no need for any harmful substances to be used.

A Playground Built for Learning

Not just a typical children’s playground, Sproutlings’ outdoor environment is a natural creation of an open park where children can play, explore, climb, run and learn. There is ample room to explore the outdoors and to dig in the sand. Our goal in creating our outdoor environment is to provide opportunities for open-ended, creative play alongside the natural environment and  built structures that provide physical challenges to promote the development of large motor skills.

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Regular Outdoor Activities

Sproutlings strives to stimulate a love of the outdoors among children of all age groups. Weather permitting, we take our groups outside two times each day. We use our outdoor environment as an extension of our indoor learning environment, so while there is plenty of opportunity for free play outside, our teachers take advantage of the natural outdoor setting, developing lessons about life cycles, plant growth and environmental concerns.

Planning for Outdoor Play

Sections of the playground are shaded to provide ample relief from the sun. To ensure safety outdoors, we ask that your children come prepared each day to play outside with weather-appropriate clothing for protection. We apply sunscreen when needed, provide plenty of fresh water and monitor children when weather is extremely warm or cold to make sure they are safe and comfortable. During the summer months we have “water play” with sprinklers and water tables to keep children cool and comfortable while they enjoy the outdoor environment.

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