Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

March News: Week of March 27

Friendly Reminders 

Sproutlings will be closed on Friday April 7th for Good Friday.


Save the Date

Memorial Day Parade

Sproutlings will once again be taking part in New Providence Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 29th. Please mark your calendars so that you can join us as we march to honor those who have served our country. More details will be sent via email closer to the date.




There’s a whole lot of moving going on in the Peapod room! Our creeper shave been busy moving around. Some are now “traveling” a little. It won’t be long before they start exploring the room. We are also learning to feed ourselves while enjoying delicious food, Who knew? Baby Shark was introduced to our room and it’s pretty easy to tell who knows the song – everyone knows it! We start to dance and move around to the song as soon as we hear it. We just love it!! Ms. Laura and Ms. Hana sang “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” and Ms. Lu read In Like a Lion and Out Like a Lamb by Marion Dane Bauer


Peapods II

Happy Spring from Peapods II.  We’ve put winter aside and have stepped fully into spring. The last two weeks have been about Pond Life and of course Spring! We’ve played with spring time animals in the sensory table, painted umbrellas using dot paint along with painting dandelions, and made lily pads. We were even able to sneak in a day outside! We’ve been practicing our sign language skills and communication skills and have been doing a great job expressing feelings, asking for help, and of course, our please and thank you’s! We are so excited for the next two weeks!



The Seedlings have enjoyed the past two weeks!

The playground has a new toy, a Jeep! We are so excited about it that we can barely contain our excitement. Having the Jeep also brings in another lesson, patience. We are constantly learning how to be patient and wait our turn!

The Seedlings practiced their fine motor skills with some toy tweezers. We tried to pick up different types of materials such as, foam shapes and tissue paper.  It’s really difficult but we still loved it! We also, used our dot markers to decorate coffee filters which our teacher will turn into beautiful spring flowers for our room.

Lat week we had a fire drill. It was super loud and startled us.  We were really brave about it and did a really good job learning where we needed to go. It also was fun seeing all the other classes together!

During circle time, we read Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anne Dewdney and sang “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee”.


Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had a busy two weeks, we enjoyed using our hands to move paint around a plate to make a sun. Our favorite art project was using broccoli as a “paintbrush” to make clouds.

We were so excited to go outside and play with the new toy Jeep! It’s our favorite toy and we do an amazing job taking turns and being patient.

We did an amazing during our fire drill. We talked about how it needs to be very loud so everyone can here it. During circle time we enjoyed singing our Good morning song, ABC’s, numbers, days of the week, talking about the weather. On rainy days we enjoyed singing rain, rain, go away.


What an awesome two weeks we’ve had in Beanstalks! With the weather warming up, we are so glad Spring is finally upon us! We have learned about how plants grow, we used magnifying glasses to look at some flowers that our teachers brought in for us, and even found a dandelion outside to admire! We used flower petals to work on our shape matching and did so many cool plant activities.

This week we talked about weather and got to jump around in our classroom pretending to hop in the puddles. We made a cloud out of shaving cream and watched it rain! We sang so many songs, but our favorite this week was “Mr. Golden Sun”. With all the cool toys outside, including our new truck, we’re hoping Mr. Golden Sun is here to stay. Have a safe and fun weekend!

Beanstalks II

The last two weeks have been packed with so many fun things. We learned all about Spring and became gardeners. We planted our own seeds and we water them everyday so they will grow. We read all about plants, flowers and their life cycle.

We created a sunflower painting using a fork. We counted ladybug spots and then made a ladybug. This week we learned all about the different types of weather.

We talked about sun, rain, snow, wind and even tornadoes. We made a happy little sun using a paper plate and a rain cloud with letter rain drops that we used to spell our names. We really enjoyed the cloud in a jar science experiment that we did together at large group time.


Pre K 3

We had two exciting weeks learning about Weather and Pets. During our weather week, we practiced counting raindrops and lightning. The children had fun finger painting a tornado and  sorting clouds, We also made patterns with orange and yellow sun rays.

This week we learned about pets. The children fed shaped carrots to bunny rabbits. We enjoyed celebrating National Scribble day on Monday. The children listened to a story read by Miss Amanda and then they made their own scribble pictures. You can see them displayed in the front lobby. We created pet birds and he children fed a dog some bones while  practicing counting. We also matched animals to their homes.


Pre K 4

In PreK 4, the children learned about the weather and insects over the past two weeks. We learned about different types of weather and clouds and we learned interesting facts about insects and their life cycle. Our favorite books this week were Worm Weather by Jean Taft and I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd.

We have been working on creating patterns and developing number sense through the use of ten frames. Pre-K 4 learned about symmetry and that some insects are symmetrical and created symmetry butterflies. We also did count and clip cards with numbers 10-20.

In our journals, we wrote about why we think a bee is busy and what we like to do on a rainy day. The children practiced recognizing lowercase letters, letter sounds, and rhyming words. Our HWT letters were lowercase letters b, h, m, r, and n.

PreK 4 really enjoyed having Miss Amanda read to us in honor of National Scribble Day and exercising with Stretch and Grow!