St Patrick's Day at Sproutlings

March News: Week of March 13th

Friendly Reminders 

Sproutlings will be closed on Friday April 7th for Good Friday.

Please make sure you keep your child with you at all times when you pick them up from their classroom. Please do not allow them to run in the corridors or open the front door as this is a safety issue. Thank you.



Exciting times for the Peapods. We’ve had a new Peapod and a birthday!

Ms.Hana put on a puppet show for some of us. We really enjoyed the bunny and zebra talking to us and to each other. It was amazing! We also used our fine motor and taste senses with green jello. At first we didn’t know what to do with it but it didn’t take long for us to figure it out. It was great fun and delicious! As always we are continuing our tummy time and it is paying off! We have a new “creeper”.

Ms. Laura sang “Twinkle,Twinkle, Little Star” and Ms. Lu read a fun book called The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing.

Peapods II

And just like that another two weeks have flown by! In the last two weeks our themes have been weather and rainbows and of course, St. Patrick’s Day! We also celebrated Holi.

The Peapods 2 room welcomed a new friend to our class! Some of our favorite things we’ve done in the last two weeks have included, painting, exploring the new materials in the sensory bottles which include: glitter water, beads and lucky charms, bowling in the big room, and our most favorite.. Jell-o in our sensory table! We are looking forward to the next two weeks!



The last few days have been so cold but thankfully, we have finally been able to go out and play on our awesome playground to burn off this extra energy! But while we were indoors, we made the most of it. We got out our giant blue blocks and had so much fun with them. We couldn’t believe everything we could do with them.  We loved that we were able to make an obstacle course, with some help from our teachers, we learned how to share and take turns. We’re a work in progress!!

The Seedlings have been enjoying playing and learning from Miss Ashlyn and Miss Victoria. They have been teaching us how to put together the connectors and we’ve been very proud of ourselves!

During circle time, we read our all time favorite book This Hat Is Not Mine by Jon Klassen.  We love it so much that we have memorized it! We have been singing “The Wheels on the Bus” all the time and love to do all the movements that go with the song.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had so much fun getting messy this week. We used our hands to paint with rainbow colors – they mixed together really well to make purple!! Playdough was lots of fun too, we used all our fine motor muscles as we squeezed and rolled the playdough to make lots of different shapes. We are getting really good at sitting on the carpet and reading together  and working on completing our favorite puzzles.


Beanstalks has had a busy 2 weeks! We’ve been having such a blast talking about St. Patrick’s Day. We got to count golden Leprechaun coins and match bears to the colors of the rainbow. When it was too cold to play outside, we loved working on our balance in our very own obstacle course in the Big Room!

We were so excited for all our activities, and especially enjoyed making our Leprechauns and squishing around paint in the sensory bag. As always, we’ve been so thrilled to show off our singing voices every day, particularly if we were singing “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”. We hope you all have a  fun weekend!


Beanstalks II

What a busy week we have had in the Beanstalks II classroom. Last week we learned all about animals that can be our pets and animals that cannot be our pets.

The books we read included Dogs by Emily Grevett, and Clifford The Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell.  Some of the fun art projects we made were animal puppets made out of brown paper lunch bags and letter paw prints which spelt our names.

We are focusing a lot on the letters that are in our names.  This week was all about St. Patrick’s Day. We read some funny books like Looking for Leprechauns by Sheila Keenan and Jack and the Leprechaun by Ivan Robertson. We love reading in Beanstalks II. Our art projects were all green, we made hand print clovers and painted shamrocks in ziplock bags!! We also celebrated a birthday!


Pre K 3

We’ve had a great two weeks in PreK-3! Last week we learnt all about pond life! We explored what animals live in pond and what animals surround the pond. As a class, we made our own pond to hang in our classroom. We also practiced tracing by helping the frog get to his dinner.  Our sensory bin was turned  into our very own pond with water, lily pads, frogs, and turtles – we loved It!


Pre K 4

Pre K 4 have been learning all about life in a pond. We talked about how a pond differs from other bodies of water and who its inhabitants are. We then focused on beavers and frogs. The children learned how beavers make dams and how frogs differ from toads as well their anatomies and life cycle.

Some of our favorite books were I Don’t Want To Be A Frog by Dev Petty and Little Beaver and the Echo by Amy MacDonald.

The children used our pond theme as writing prompt for our journals as well as St. Patrick’s Day. We practiced writing lowercase letters k,y,p and j as well as the number 2 and 5 from the HWT workbook. The children matched frog upper and lowercase letters and  pretended to feed a beaver cards that rhymed.

We practiced addition by coloring, cutting and gluing frogs onto a pond scene and then counting how many frogs were in the water and how many were on the land, we then came up with the equation and the answer! The children also created patterns and counted quantities to understand less and more.

Next week the children can look forward to learning about insects.