Go Snow Dog Go by Deborah Heiligman

November News: Week of November 28th

Flu Vaccines

All children ages 6 months and older are required to get their annual flu shot no later than December 31st. Please submit proof of receipt to the office as soon as your child receives their vaccine.

Travel Policy Reminder

As we approach the Holidays please be aware of our quarantine policy for unvaccinated children when travelling outside of NJ,NY, CT, PA and DE.

“We are asking that all UNVACCINATED children traveling outside our immediate region (NY, NJ, PA, CT, and DE) for longer than 24 hours to self-quarantine and follow the guidelines below: • Receive a PCR test 3-5 days after returning from travel, with day 0 being the day the child arrives back in NJ. The child should stay home and self-quarantine for 5 days after travel. The child may return to Sproutlings on Day 6. • If the child does not receive a PCR test, they will need to self-quarantine for 10 days after returning to NJ (day 0). They may return to Sproutlings on day 11. Children who have received the COVID-19 vaccine may attend Sproutlings the day after they return from travel, provided they are symptom-free and their COVID-19 vaccine record is provided or is already on file at Sproutlings. If you are planning on traveling outside of the United States, please confer with Sproutlings administration for details on our international travel policies.”

Key Card Entry

All families should have 2 key cards for entry into the building. Please notify the administration as soon as possible if you loose a key card so that we can deactivate it (there will be a $15 replacement fee for any lost key cards). When entering the building please make sure the door is closed behind you and you do not let delivery drivers or anyone you do not know into the building.




We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now we’re back and ready to roll! We are really getting around, pulling ourselves up, some climbing, others creeping. We are pushing toys all around the room, even under the cribs. We also are very enthusiastic about waving to everyone who comes to our door. We had so much fun popping bubbles and trying to catch them. Ms. Emily and Ms. Laura sang many songs with us including “Five Green and Speckled Frogs.” Ms. Lu read Duncan the Dancing Duck by Syd Hoff.

Peapods II

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving week was short but still lots of fun. We heard and learned more animal sounds. We also practiced our shapes again. A lot of us are getting very good at putting the shapes in the right slot! We made a trail of footprints with paint. We were so excited and waited patiently for our turn. We helped Ms. Melody rip off the Thanksgiving door decorations which was probably our favorite thing to do. We have been trying to rip it off since she put it up! It has been very cold but we were able to go outside for a little. We can’t wait to start doing some Holiday activities!



We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We have been doing so fun activities in the Seedling’s room. We’ve been obsessed with our stickers. We can’t get enough of them. We love putting them on our paper that hangs on the wall but also on ourselves. We’ve also been drawing vertical lines on the brown paper that hangs on our wall and sometimes, we color on the wall by accident!!

The Seedlings have been trying to go outside when it’s not raining or too cold. It’s so wonderful to be able to play outside and run our sillies out. And when it’s too cold we’ve been playing with so many puzzles in our classroom!

During circle time, we read Bear on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain and sang “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee.”


Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts were excited to be back after the Thanksgiving break! We enjoyed talking about what we ate on Thanksgiving! We had fun practicing our colors with Ms.Thiana and matched the colors on the Thanksgiving turkey! During circle time we enjoyed singing our ABC’s, numbers, days of the week and talking about the weather! When the weather was nice, we enjoyed running around outside on the playground! We love playing on the mushrooms and riding on the rocket ships! Our favorite activities in the classroom are playing with trains, popping bubbles from our bubble machine and our daily dance party!!


The Beanstalks, have been busy learning and growing. We learned about Thanksgiving and talked about what we were thankful for. We began learning about polar animals and what kind of animals we would see if we went to the Arctic, such as polar bears, arctic foxes, and penguins. Books we read included Pete the Cat’s First Thanksgiving by James Dean, Go Snow Dog Go by Deborah Heiligman, The Mitten and The Hat both by Jan Brett. We also worked on our fine motor skills when we painted a polar bear with a fork and ripped white paper in our Arctic sensory bin.  We really enjoyed working with scissors when we practiced cutting on the dotted line. We also worked on colors and shapes. We sang our circle time songs and “Five Little Snowmen”. Next week we will continue learning about winter animals and the winter season.

Please send in hats and gloves as we will use the  outside playground as much as we can during the winter.

Pre K 3 and Saplings

The last couple of weeks in Pre K 3, we were getting ready for Thanksgiving and finishing up our study on trees.

During Thanksgiving week we made a turkeys, counted turkey feathers and matched letters on turkeys.

This week our friends sorted foods that grow on trees, dotted the letter of their name on the coconut tree, mixed colors to make an orange and built an apple tree from paper towel tubes, popsicle sticks and pompoms.

Some of the books we read were A Tree Is For.. . By Judith Bauer Stamper, A Grand Old Tree by Mary Newell and Up In The Tree by Margaret Atwood.


Pre K 4

In Pre-K 4, the children have been learning about Thanksgiving and forest animals. We talked about turkeys and what it means to be thankful and we discussed what animals live in the forest do during winter. We read so many books, but among our favorites were Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins and Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes.

The children created turkey math sentences using feathers — see them hanging outside of our classrooms! We also worked out recognizing upper/lowercase letters and beginning letter sounds and working on one-to-one correspondence while counting out forest animals. During journal time, we answered questions about what is the best way to catch a turkey and what kinds of animals you can see in the forest. Our Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) letters were I, T, S, and C. We worked on forming the letters correctly by starting them at the top, as well as working on proper pencil grip.

Next week, the children can look forward to learning all about gingerbread. Have a great weekend!