Sproutlings News – January 14, 2019

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

Our next Sproutlings’ Spirit Day will be Friday, February 1st. The theme will be crazy hair day. For children who want to participate, they can wear their hair in a crazy way!


-Please remember to pack mittens/gloves/hats etc. for your child and a proper winter jacket. Labeling winter accessories is extremely helpful so that teachers can make sure all belongings go home with the right child.

-A gentle reminder that children (including siblings) must always be with an adult when they are inside the building. Please stay with your children at drop-off and pick-up in the hallways. Also, in order to keep our center as healthy as possible, please refrain from bringing sick siblings into the building. Thank you!

Peapod I

This week we were busy playing with our musical instruments.  We love shaking and banging therm.  So much noise,  so much fun!  We were also busy practicing with our jar caps again. We get very excited when they’re brought out. We have been playing ball by rolling the balls to one another.  Trying to catch bubbles is always fun. We love popping them.
Miss Lu read our book of the week If You Give A Pig A Party by Laura Numerofd and our song was “Baby Bumble Bee.”

Peapod II

We had another week of fun in Peapods II! We started our Valentine’s Day decorations. It was exciting tracing our hands and watching Ms. Laura turn them into cute owls. Some of our friends brought in their stuffed animals for nap time and we had tons of fun thinking of names for them. Our song of the week was “Hot Potato” sung by Ms.Robin. Our book of the week was Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.


We had a blast in the Seedlings room! We love watching Mr. Mo pull the bus in. We love talking about how many buses there are and what color they are. Sometimes we sing “The Wheels on the Bus!” and practice the hand motions. We are planning a very special field trip outside to see the bus! We are hoping we’ll be able to take a peak inside!
In the sensory table, we had boats with water. We liked looking to see if things would float or sink. We have been practicing our letters and numbers. At circle time, we sing our good morning song. It is our favorite time of the day.

Little Sprouts

This week we learned all about winter animals in the Little Sprouts classroom! We read The Mitten by Jan Brett. We sang ‘The Winter Hokey Pokey,” “I’m A Little Snowman,” and “Let It Snow.” Our sensory table was filled with white shredded paper to imitate snow and we added winter animals to it. For art, we finger painted with orange paint to make foxes and we made white hand 0prints to turn into a polar bear. We worked on recognizing the first letter of our names. We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and learning new movements in our Stretch-N-Grow class! Next week our theme will be Snow/Snowman!


This week in Beanstalks and Beanstalks II we learned all about the features of clothes. We learned that clothes can come in many different colors, sizes, and have different things on them like pictures, patterns, buttons, or snaps! We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears which helped us understand sizes and we sang “Rocketship Run” by Laurie Berkner. We focused on the letter “A” this week. We learned that many of our friends names have an A in it or start with an A! For art, we made clothes dirty by painting pants with brown paint! We played many math games this week, focusing on number recognition and one to one correspondence.  We enjoyed working on spelling our names every morning and some of our new friends could identify a few of the letters! Next week, we will continue our study on clothing. We hope you enjoy your long weekend!


Saplings learned what special clothes people wear to work. As a class, we looked at what a doctor, firefighter, police officer, and teacher wear to work. The kids learned everyone wears different clothes to work. Using tally marks on a graph, the kids documented what type of clothing they were wearing. After finishing our graph, we saw more kids were wearing long sleeves shirts than T-shirt. Our story of the week was Who Wears What?  by Judith Bauer Stamper. In literacy we continued working on our handwriting. This week we focused on writing the letter “F” and tracing a square. Math the kids used straws to form a square and triangle. Also in math we played a counting matching game.

Pre K 4

The Oaks and the Maples

  This week the children in PreK 4 and Maples read the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. The children took turns retelling the story in sequential order. Using felt mittens, the children measured the furniture and windows in the classroom as well as each other. This week’s journal activity also related to the the story of The Mitten. The children used their imaginations to describe and write about what could fit inside their mitten. We continued working on the correct formation of letters in our name.