Sproutlings News – October 15, 2018

-All children over the age of 6 months old must receive a flu shot by the end of the year. Please submit documentation of your child’s flu shot to the classroom teachers. They will then submit them to Kerry. The Health Nurse will be coming to make sure all vaccinations and flu shots are up to date. Thank you for your help with this.

-As always, please return a Universal Health Record after your child’s yearly physical. These can be found in the lobby. Please also provide an updated vaccination recordwhenever your child receives a new vaccination.

-Copies of our “Permission to Dispense Medication” forms are located in our classrooms. If you would like to have fever reducers available at the center in case of emergency, please take one to your pediatrician.

-Please help us keep Sproutlings secure by using your key card to get into the building every day.


-Vote for our Sproutlings Scarecrow in the New Providence Scarecrow contest! We are #55! Our Scarecrow is located outside of Chase Bank.

-Our annual Halloween Parade will take place Wednesday, October 31st at 9:15 starting with our Peapods. Parents are invited to watch us parade around the parking lot in our costumes.

-Come see us at the Street Fair on Sunday, October 28th for some face painting and balloons!


Peapod I

We are so excited this week.  We were able to get outside to our play yard.  We are looking forward to spending time outside with our friends. Since we love music, we’re finding it to be a lot of fun to stand up at our mirrored bar and dance. We especially like to watch ourselves. ? We’re doing tummy time and some of us are rolling around on the floor. We’re getting around one way or another.
We were introduced to the play tunnel. Some went through, some did not. We will keep trying. We love when Ms. Lu reads to us. Our book this week was The Biggest Pumpkin Everby James Dean and our song was “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pumpkins.”

Peapod II

This week in Peapods II our theme was pumpkins!? We decorated our pumpkins orange with dot markers to hang on our window. We also played with a bag full of pumpkin seeds. They were really squishy. Ms.Robin gave us a real treat with a new song “No More Pumpkins Jumping on the Bed.” Our book of the week was Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins by James Dean.


The Seedlings are gearing up for Halloween and we’re all super excited! During circle time we read  Pete the Cat, Five Little Pumpkins by James Dean  and sang “ 5 Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed.”  We had a fun time decorating our room for Halloween by painting pumpkins for our Pumpkin Patch and making handprint spiders. We had a hoot by playing “Shake that Bell” during of music time.  We can’t get enough of our light table. We’re so fascinated by it especially since we got new toys to use with it.  We are having fun trying to balance ourselves on the block pieces outside on the playground. We use them like a balance beam. We’re so proud when we get to the other side.

Little Sprouts

This week in Little Sprouts, we talked about pumpkins. We got to look at a pumpkin and touch it. We knew it was orange and we said it was bumpy. For art, we made a dot art pumpkin, colored a pumpkin with crayons, and made a mosaic pumpkin out of a paper plate and construction paper. In our sensory bin, we still had our fall leaves but next week we will be putting the guts from our pumpkin in it. We can’t wait to touch the guts! We sang “Five Little Pumpkins,” “I’m a Little Pumpkin,” and “Pumpkin, Pumpkin.” Our book this week was The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons. We enjoyed our Stretch-N-Grow class with our coaches, Elefante music class with Miss Michelle, and music and movement with Miss Robin. We will be continuing our pumpkin theme next week and we will be carving a pumpkin!


This week in Beanstalks, we learned all about pumpkins. We learned about what pumpkins look like, feel like, the parts of a pumpkin, and what you can make out of it. As a class we carved a pumpkin to make a Jack O’Lantern. We read Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell. We made all kinds of pumpkins using paint and crayons. We continued to work on letter recognition and some of our friends spelled their names correctly for the first time! As always, we had a lot of fun playing during Stretch and Grow and singing and dancing along with Elefante Music!

Saplings (Pre K 3)

This week in the Saplings we continued our study on trees. The class discussed who lives in trees. We learned that even anteaters live in trees! The kids went on a leaf hunt outside and picked up leaves to make silly leaf creatures! The kids thought it was so silly to add googly eyes to their leaves. In math,we counted trees from one to ten. In literacy, we formed letters with play dough. The stories we read this week were  Who Lives in Trees  by Trish Holland and  When The Monkeys Come Back  by Kristen L.Franklin. The kids learned the song “I’m a Sturdy Oak Tree.” In science, we made a bird nest as a class. We used clay, sticks, and grass to make our nest. The kids did a great job! We put our nest in the science center. The kids had a great time! Next week we will be learning about what foods grow on trees! Have a great weekend!

Pre K 4

The Oaks and the Maples

This week in pre-k 4 we welcomed Ms. Jen to the Maples! We are so happy she is here and we had a great first week with her!

We continued our study about trees and went on a leaf hunt this week. After collecting leaves we created a graph for math based on the different colors that we found. Any extra leaves that we had we sorted by characteristics such as size and shape. We practiced writing by using popsicles to create letters such as L, T, H, I, E, F. We focused on the /t/ sound this week for trees and went on a letter hunt around our room. For science, we identified parts of a tree and labeled our own class tree. Our read alouds were  Leaf Manby Lois Ehlert and  Trees Trees Trees by Nancy Noel Williams.