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Sproutlings News – September 25, 2017


-Parents, as required by state, students will be required to receive a flu shot by the end of December. Please return an updated immunization record to the office so that we can have it on file. Thank you so much.

-After your child’s yearly physical, please return an updated Universal Health Record and immunization record to the office as soon as possible. Blank Universal Health Records are available in the office and can also be emailed by request. We really appreciate your help in keeping all records up to date!


This week we started our hand print friendship wreath.  We’re hoping to be able to hang them on our windows. We also had cucumbers ?.  Some of us liked them some did not.  We can try again another time.  There was lots of tummy time this week.  We’re getting better and better at it.  We played with our shaker bottles and even helped put them away in the container.  We crawled under our large block chasing each other, played peekaboo, and rolled balls back and forth. Our book was A Surprise For Thumper and we sang “The More We Get Together.”


This week the Seedlings had a lot of fun exploring new things! We loved our project where we used a basin with some water to see how much water two different types of cups could hold. We also discovered how the nesting blocks come in different sizes.  It was great saying the colors and seeing how to make towers with the different sized cups. We also practiced our shapes with a matching game. We’re pretty good at knowing our shapes! We did some nature painting this week where we were stamping with a real flower. They make beautiful flower impressions on the paper. We love reading our new Highlights Hello Books! We read Baby Bunny and the Storm.  We also enjoyed singing “The Farmer in the Dell.”

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had so much fun this week learning about fall! We read a book called Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro. We sang songs like “As Autumn Leaves are Falling Down.” Our sensory table had silk leaves and sand! For art we made leaf rubbings and painted with yellow and blue. We saw that those colors mixed to make green! For our fine motor and gross motor skills, we worked how to hold a crayon properly and did jump counting (that helped us work on our counting skills, too!). We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and learning new things in our Stretch-N-Grow class!


Wow! It’s hard to believe our first month is school is coming to a close. The children have adjusted well to our new rules and routines of the class and are always excited to participate in whatever is planned for the day. It’s amazing to see how eager they are to learn. Our friends are doing a great job learning to take care of their own needs and to clean up after themselves. With each day that passes we can expect to see more independence as well.

This week in Beanstalks we introduced a new study of trees. We talked about where we find trees and what things come from trees. On Thursday we went on our first nature walk and collected leaves we found to add to our science center to examine. In math we worked on numbers 1-5 and it’s one to one correspondence and matching the number leaves also. In our dramatic play center we added real sticks and leaves to turn kitchen into a park.. They loved it!  In art this week we drew trees with crayons and watercolor painted a tree. Next week, we will continue our study of trees and introduce our letter of the week which will be “L” Also startingnext Friday we will be doing show and tell.  Your child will be able to bring something of their choice that starts with the letter of the week. Please label whatever they choose to bring in so it doesn’t get lost.

Pre K 3

We had a great week in Pre K-3! We started our new study on trees! We focused on what we know about trees and what we want to learn about trees. We answered our question of the day, “What will we see on our tree hunt?” As a class, we went on a tree hunt to explore the trees around the center. We picked up leaves and sticks to add in our science center. In math we focused on which tower had more and which had fewer. In art we did leaf rubbings. The kids loved seeing the leaf appear on their paper. This week we read the stories Our Tree Named Steve, Abiyoyo, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Next week we will continue our study on trees!