Are you a Cow by Sandra Boynton

August News: Week of August 8

Vaccination Records and Universal Health Forms

As always, whenever your child has their annual physical, please request an updated Universal Health Record to submit to the office. These expire yearly and we need current records to submit to the state. Whenever your child receives a vaccination including the Covid-19 vaccine, please request an additional vaccination record from the doctor’s office for Sproutlings.


Water Play

All the children from some of our youngest to the oldest have enjoyed water play this summer but all good things must come to an end and the last week of water play this summer will be the week of August 22nd.




As the dog days of summer come to an end the Peapods are going strong! There are many giggles and belly laughs to be heard. We are up and starting to rock, pretty soon we will have more crawlers among us. We’re trying new foods and some are drinking from a regular cup! We are also enjoying looking through our many books. We love to look at the different pictures. Ms. Lu read You’re Adorable by Martha Alexander and Ms. Kristina helped us sing Mr. Sun. We are continuing learning how to “sign”. Some of us know how to sign “all gone” we’re now working on “more “ and “eat”.


Peapods II

We had a blast these past two weeks in Peapod II! We would like to welcome some new friends to the pod!

We did so many fun activities, listened to some great songs, & read some amazing books. Playing with the magic water mat always amazes us because we love to see how we can use just water to paint. We explored a new art project this week, pasting colorful tissue paper to a fish. With the help of our teachers it was so much fun & we are so proud of the finished products.

We look forward to every Thursday when we have water play. Some of us enjoy taking the water and pouring it over our heads. Ahh how refreshing!

We love gathering around Ms. Nairah to use our listening ears and watch as she illustrates “Old Mc Donald Had a Farm” & “Five Little Ducks” by using a hand puppet. It always grabs our attention.

Have a great weekend from Peapod II!



We’ve been having so much fun in the Seedlings room! Our favorite days of the week are Tuesday and Thursday because that’s water play day! We’ve been jumping on our splash pad to see how high we can get the water. Sometimes, we like to hold hands and jump together.

We used glue for the first time this week! We couldn’t believe how sticky we got. We were gluing letters and numbers and we were able to identify some of them!

During circle time, we read Are you a Cow by Sandra Boynton. We’ve read it so much that we have memorized it! We sang a class favorite, “The Wheel on the Bus” but Atlas has got everyone to dance to his favorite song, “Beat it”.

We would like to welcome 2 new friends to the Seedlings room!


Little Sprouts

This week in Little Sprouts was all about ocean life! We talked about the ocean and all of the cool animals that live in it! We started off the week by listening to a few songs about ocean life, our favorite was the “Sea Animal Song”, by Cocomelon. We really loved creating our sea animal crafts this week. We were able to make an octopus by using dot makers, a jellyfish and a Mr. Nemo by using our handprints, and starfish by using dazzles and charms! Little Sprouts did an amazing job using their fine motor muscles and skills to create their crafts this week. Our book of the week was The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. We ended the week with building “big towers” with Legos and playing a fun game of “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes!” It was an awesome aquatic week in Little Sprouts!



This week was all about Dinosaurs in the Beanstalks room! We loved learning about Dinosaurs, it was so much fun! We played in our sensory bin where we pretended to be a paleontologist looking for dinosaurs. We painted dinosaurs with water colors and colored dinosaurs with crayons practicing our pencil grips. We Had fun painting dinosaur feet. We read lots of fun books some of our favorites were Rappy the Raptor by Dan Gutman, Saturday Night at the Dinosaurs Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields, and Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery by H. A. Rey. We moved our bodies with Stretch and Grow, and pretended to be dinosaurs as we danced to “We are the Dinosaurs” and the “Dinosaurs Stomp.” We had a great time in Beanstalks and can’t wait for what’s in store next week!




The last two weeks in Saplings (Pre K 3) we have talked about summer and sea animals. The children fished for shapes in a pool of blue water and used dot paint to make colorful flip flops. The children made a crab, a fish sun catcher and a sea horse. We used clothes pins to clip letters onto a sea star and matched patterns in order to put the correct tail on the head of the fish. Sapling friends also enjoyed Stretch and Grow and water play.

Pre K 3

This week we took a dive into the ocean and explored all the sea life! We learned sea stars can have 5 or more arms and sea turtles have a shell as their home. We read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and learned that the daddy seahorse keeps the eggs in his pouch until the babies are born! We also read Sea Turtles, Sharks, Sea Stars by Carol K. Lindeen. We painted a sea horse with water paint and decorated a star fish with buttons. We found hidden letters on the shell of a sea turtle and counted sea animals and then found the corresponding number. We had a blast this week learning all about sea life! Next week we’ll be learning about Pirates! Have a great weekend!

Pre K 4

In PreK 4, the children have been learning all about birds. The children enjoyed making name nests as well as nests with birds out of construction paper and yarn. Our favorite books this week have been Why Should I Walk? I Can Fly! by Ann Ingalls and Bird Builds a Nest by Martin Jenkins.

The children worked on sequential order by lining up pictures of real bird eggs according to their size. They worked on shape recognition and practiced tracing uppercase letters and numbers. In their journals, the children wrote about what they thought birds used to build their nest. Next week, the children can look forward to learning about Outer Space.