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February News: Week of February 13th


Friendly Reminder 

Sproutlings will be closed on Friday February 17th (staff development day) and Monday February 20th (Presidents Day).

Key Card Entry

All families should have 2 key cards for entry into the building. Please notify the administration as soon as possible if you loose a key card so that we can deactivate it (there will be a $15 replacement fee for any lost key cards). When entering the building please make sure the door is closed behind you and do not let anyone you do not know into the building. Thank you for your help in this matter.


Vaccine Records

Please make sure that you send in an updated vaccine record for your child if they have received vaccines during a doctors visit. It is a state requirement that we keep all children’s vaccine records up to date. Thank you!!

Wishing everyone a happy long weekend!





The Peapods have another new Peapod! We are so happy to have her join us.

As always we are on the move. Some of us are now pulling themselves up and others are rolling over. We never know what milestone we will meet next!

Some of us were able to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. We always try to take advantage and hopefully get some babies outside.

We were very happy to get new blocks. These are a little more challenging than our bigger blocks. We have to try to fit them into one another. We find it’s not always easy but we will persevere!

Ms. Lu read Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. Ms. Laura sang many songs to us. We particularly enjoyed “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean.”

We hope you enjoy the holiday weekend.

Peapods II

We’ve been busy here in Peapods II! First off, we hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day! We certainly did.

We started off by painting pink hearts to decorate our door with. Since we had so much fun painting, we decided to get creative and paint with a pipe cleaner in the shape of a heart. We were very curious and excited to be using something different to paint with.

Ms. Emily made sensory bottles using water, glitter, and beads. We love shaking and rolling them, but we especially love rolling them down our play slide.

Recently, we started playing with multicolored scarves and we are having the best time with them. We love wearing them and throwing them in the air.

In the midst of our busy two weeks, we also had a fire drill! We did a great job and loved seeing our friends from the other classes.

On top of all these fun activities, we’ve been enjoying the nice weather and getting in some playground time.



We are partied out from the last two weeks! We had a fantastic time celebrating one of our classmate’s 2nd birthday and enjoyed the delicious cupcakes that he brought in. Then, our big Valentine’s Day party was a hit!

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our parents that made it possible. The children loved everything that was brought in and afterwards had plenty of time outside to run off that extra energy.  There have been so many beautiful days that we tried to spend as much time as possible outside to soak up that sun!

The Seedlings have been coloring away in the room.  They love coloring with their crayons and putting stickers on the brown paper that’s hung up in the room. They also were very excited to make handprint hearts for their parents for Valentine’s Day!

During circle time, we read Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney and sung “The Wheels on the Bus”.


Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had a blast this week! We enjoyed using our animal builders and making their sounds when we were finished!  We were very excited to use our new puzzles. They helped us practice our colors and shapes!

We had so much fun building railroad tracks and taking turns pushing the trains up and down them. We loved all our treats that helped us celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of our friends!

During circle time we enjoyed singing our Good morning song, ABC’s, and talking about the weather. Our favorite book this week was Look Inside Trucks by Patrica Relf.


What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had in Beanstalks! We’ve learned all about Valentine’s Day and enjoyed reading lots books, especially “Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George”! We’re so excited to explore the new toys in our room, and have had so much fun checking out all of our new puzzles. We also love to sing our “How Are You Today?” song during circle time. It’s fun to hear how everyone is feeling!

We’re thrilled to welcome Miss Alexis to our room! We’re so glad we have someone new to read and play with us! Enjoy your long weekend!


Beanstalks II

Beanstalks II have been so busy! We have been learning all about nutrition and our teeth. The dentist came and we were so excited and loved learning about our teeth and how to brush them so they are squeaky clean. Our favorite book  last week was Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic. We spent time working on our shapes and numbers.

It was Valentine’s Day!! We decorated our own Valentines mailbox and painted a heart with a Qtip. We had lots of fun at our party and really enjoyed all the treats our friends brought to share with us.


Pre K 3

We’ve had a great few weeks in PreK-3! Last week we had a special guest, come and teach us  all about how to keep our teeth healthy and strong. The dentist taught us how to brush our teeth and what foods are good and bad to eat. We also learned from the dentist that right now we have 20 teeth those are our baby teeth and when we get a little bit older they will fall out and we will get grown-up teeth!

This week it was all about Valentine’s Day! We got to decorate our Valentine’s Day boxes for our friends to deliver their Valentines in. We practice matching our uppercase letters and also matching colors with heart balloons and beads!

Our favorite Valentine’s Day books  this week were,  How to Catch a Loveosaurus by Alice Walstead and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose by Lucille Colandro.


Pre K 4

In PreK 4, the children have learned about proper letter sounds, dental hygiene, how to brush and floss teeth and which foods are healthy and unhealthy. They learned through stories and a special visit from a dental hygienist! Our favorite books this week were Llama Llama Loose Tooth Drama by Anna Dewdney and How to Catch The Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace

We have been working on recognizing numbers specifically numbers 11-20, the children practiced this by counting teeth and erasing plaque as well as counting teeth from the tooth fairy. We also worked on making patterns, measuring and number order.

In our journals, we wrote about healthy teeth, Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day. The children practiced recognizing lowercase letters, letter sounds, and rhyming words. This weeks HWT letters were lowercase letters “a” and “d” as well as writing numbers.

PreK 4 really enjoyed their Valentine’s Day party, thank you for your help in making the day a special one!