Opps, Clifford! by Norman Bridwell.

June News: Week of June 20

Friendly Reminder

We will be closed on Friday July 1st for our Staff Development day. Sproutlings will reopen on Tuesday July 5th after the Holiday weekend.




This month is going by so fast. Some of us will be moving on up to Peapod 2 soon. It seems like yesterday we arrived at Sproutlings as really little babies! We are now “Senior Babies “ on the move. Watch out Peapod 2!
We have been have so much fun playing chase with each other and ending up with the giggles.

Some have now discovered the mirror. What a surprise when we see a happy face looking back! Some are also finding their family photos. It brings a big happy smile to their face 😊.

This week we did a lot of “dancing “ to some of our favorite songs. We’re getting so good at using our arms and hands when “The Wheels on the Bus” song is sung. We know how to beep the horn and go all around the town.
Ms. Laura sang “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” to us and Ms. Lu read Opps, Clifford! by Norman Bridwell.


Peapods II

Happy Friday! For a lot of us next week is our final week in Peapods II and we are so sad to go but so excited for our new journey into Seedlings! We will miss our teachers so much but can’t wait to meet our new ones.

This week was filled with wonderful stories and educational games. We played the matching noses game which is always a little confusing sometimes but with the help of our teachers we are getting the hang of it.

We also colored a big mural on the floor. Our favorite part of it was ripping the paper off the floor. Some of us did it a little too early but that’s okay! We can’t wait to see what our final week in Peapods II holds for us. Have a great weekend everyone!



This week went by so fast in the Seedlings room! We started off the week celebrating our classmate’s 2nd birthday. We had a lot of fun trying to sing the Happy Birthday song!

We had a great time watching Miss Emmy tie dye our t-shirts. Miss Emmy showed us all the different colors and shades.  We were so excited to see how they all turned out. On Thursday, June 30th, we’re going to wear our tie dye shirts and have s’mores for our last day before the long weekend.

We also have been practicing drawing circles on our big paper.  We were thrilled  to attempt  drawing something so hard!  During circle time, we read The Color Monster by Anna Llenas and sang “Bingo”. We love to clap during that song!


Little Sprouts

This week in Little Sprouts we learned all about bumblebees! We learned their color, what they sound like, and how they help our flowers! We started off the week by creating our own special bumblebee. We had lots of fun making them. We also painted a beehive, we learned that’s where the bumblebees live!

Our Little Sprouts friends also played in an animal sensory bin, where they had to find the animals hiding along the Cheerios! We ended the week off with a dance party and playing a game of Simon Says! It was a buuzz-y (busy) week in Little Sprouts!



This week in Beanstalks we learned about transportation! How we use it and what kind of transportation there is, such as air, land or sea.  We sang our circle time songs and “The Wheels on the Bus.” We read  Blue Boat by Kersten Hamilton, What do Wheels Do all Day by April Prince, Down by the Station, and Calliou Rides on a Plane by Roger Harvey.

We made a red car, a sail boat, and  we got messy using cars and making tracks on paper with them. We also practiced letter and number identification. We loved moving our bodies with Stretch and Grow!


Beanstalks II

This week was all about picnics in Beanstalks II. we talked about what we can eat at a picnic, what kind of weather is perfect for picnicking and what games you might play at a picnic. We had lots of fun painting, creating and developing our fine motor muscles when we played with our play dough. Some our favorite books this week included Picnic! A Day in the Park byJoan Holub and Picnic  by Mike Inkpen


This week, we concluded our study on buildings. We went over everything we have learned about construction workers, tools, trucks, and buildings! We all shared something we learned about buildings and we have learned so much! This week, we talked about other things that can be built like roadways and bridges. We had fun hammering into paint and creating art.

We practiced writing the letters in our name and creating a road under construction. In our math center, we pulled numbers out of a bucket and hammered a nail into its match. We challenged ourselves to build a tower as tall as us without letting it fall over — it was so fun! We enjoyed reading some of our favorite books from the weeks before like Monsters on Machines by Deb Lund, Bang! Boom! Roar! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs by Nate Evans, and Smashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman.

We had tons of fun exercising at Stretch and Grow. Next week, we will enjoy our last week of Pre-K 3 and learn about the Fourth of July. Have a great weekend!


Pre K 3

This week, we concluded our study on buildings. We reviewed all that we learned over the past couple of weeks! In our math centers, we built towers using Legos to match the corresponding numbers on our mat. We also labeled parts of a building.

We practiced writing our names and working on our pencil grip. We enjoyed reading Busy Builders, Busy Week by Jean Reidy, Dalmatian in a Digger by Rebecca Elliott, and The Digger and the Flower by Joseph Kuefler. We had a great time exercising at Stretch and Grow! Next week we will be having Fourth of July fun!


Pre K 4

In Pre K 4 the children delighted in reminiscing about their graduation ceremony.  They sang their songs again and pretended to have their own ceremony. They did a wonderful job last week! We reviewed material learned throughout the year this week, in particular addition and rhyming words. Next week the children can look forward to a relaxing week of games and art projects.