Duncan the Dancing Duck

March News: Week of March 28

  • Reminder: Sproutlings will be CLOSED on Friday April 15th for Good Friday.
  • Beginning April 4th, Sproutlings will be open 7:30am-6:00pm. Please continue to send Brightwheel messages when you are leaving the house to pick your children up or when you are about 5 minutes away. If you arrive to pick up your child after 5.30pm you will be asked to come into the building and pick up from the classroom.


Peapods I

The Peapods had a great week. We are always on the go! We are moving furniture, cars and turtles all around our room. We even move the turtle under some of the cribs! It’s all good, we have no problem moving around under the cribs. Still not much luck with the tunnel. We only have one brave baby willing to crawl through it. We do love watching him go in one side and come out the other. We are also continuing to practice signing. Some of us can sign “all done”. We are also learning to sign “eat”. Ms. Laura and Ms. Melissa sang “Sing A Song Of Sixpence” and “Mr. Golden Sun.” Ms. Lu read And then it’s Spring by Julie Fogliano.


Peapods II

It is April! Warmer weather is approaching and we can’t wait! Earlier this week our teachers put an even larger paper on the floor than before and we were able to color all over! We still managed to get some crayon markings on the floor but it wasn’t as much as last time. As always, we listened to some really great stories and songs. Our teachers also brought out the magic water mat! We put water on our paint brushes and created awesome pictures all over the mat. Our teachers put down the bowl of water on the table so we can try to dip the paintbrushes ourselves but we got too excited and spilled all the water. We had a great time!
Have a wonderful weekend!


What a fun week the Seedlings had this week! We were able to enjoy some of the spring weather in our playground and see some of the trees and flowers starting to bud. We’re exiting to see how they’ll bloom in the upcoming weeks.

We’ve been practicing our building tower skills and we need some help when we built them just a little too high but we’re just so excited to get it to touch the ceiling. It’s great that the Seedlings are able to work together and make something just like when Miss Emmy and Miss Paige drew a beautiful, big flower for us to color.

During circle time, we read Are you a Cow By Sandra Boynton and we love just saying the word “Nope!”, it makes us giggle. Then we sang “The Ants go Marching”.


Little Sprouts

This week in Little Sprouts we explored flowers. We talked about how we are growing big and strong just like flowers do! We made tissue paper flowers to hang in our windows. We also listened to “Five Little Flowers” by the kiboomers, and had so much fun dancing! Our favorite book this week was In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb by Marion Dane Bauer.


This week in Beanstalks we discussed Weather, what kind of weather we will be seeing – “April Showers bring May Flowers”. We discussed rain and how it is important to the environment . What kind of clothes we wear when it’s raining. We also learned about clouds and how if we look up at the clouds in the sky they might look like a cloud, a bunny or even a rocket ship . We sang “ Rain Rain Go Away “ and we had some fun with a parachute. We also read Little Critter:The Big Storm, Let it Rain and our favorite which was Rain Rain Go Away, We also made raindrops using pipettes, umbrellas with raindrops that spell our name, and we created our own storm. That was fun because our hands got very messy!


Beanstalks II

This week in Beanstalks II, we celebrated our Pets Study!
Beanstalks II worked on fine motor skills while making leashes for their pet dogs. The children needed to count the number of links that matched the number on the dog and snap them together to make the leash. We tested their memory and practiced taking turns while playing an animal memory game. We learned what pets live in what kind of home or cage. The children sorted and counted color fish. We had to decide which color fish had the most and the fewest in the columns. We also had fun playing Bingo.

Our favorite books this week were Swimmy by Leo Lionni and Duncan the Dancing Duck by Syd Hoff.


This week, Saplings concluded their study on pets. We have learned so much about pets since we first started! To celebrate all we have learned about pets, we played some of our favorite games from the past few weeks like building a leash for the dogs and our animal homes puzzle. We also created cats in the art style of Eric Carle inspired by his book Have You Seen My Cat? We read some old favorites like Strictly No Elephants, Cookie’s Week, and, of course, The Doghouse. We also enjoyed working on our fine motor skills by coloring and spraying coffee filters to create beautiful flowers to decorate our door. Next week, we will begin our new study — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Have a great weekend!


Pre K 3

PreK-3 friends learned how to care for their pets this week! We learned what pets eat and who helps a pet when they are sick. We learned a doctor for a pet is called a Veterinarian. We also reviewed all we learned during our pet study. We sorted letters that belonged in our name. We built a leash for the dog, working on our fine motor skills and 1:1 correspondence! Also we took turns playing the letter race! We’re trying to see which animals makes it to their home the fastest! Our favorite story we read was My Pet Wants a Pet by Elise Broach. Next week we are starting our new study on Recycling!

Pre K 4

The Pre K 4 classes enjoyed learning all about pets this week. We graphed what out favorite pets are. Then we spoke about how we can take care of our pets. Additionally we discussed a what a veterinarian does and how they take care of animals also.

The letters of the week included f and q. The class reviewed words that started with this letter and the letter sounds. Then they were able to practice repeatedly creating the letter the correct way.

A few of the “Question of the Day” questions were if you had an iguana what would you name it?, what kind of animal would NOT make a good pet? and can you name a pet with scales? The children also practiced handwriting while answering their weekly journal question, if you could choose your pet, what would it be? Then again when completing a writing prompt, while taking a bath a ____ jumped in and….

A few of the other activities that were incorporated into the week included patterns, alphabet letter match and rhyming words.