Week of May 1

May News: Weeks of May 1st and 8th

Memorial Day Parade

Sproutlings will once again be taking part in New Providence Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 29th. Please mark your calendars so that you can join us as we march to honor those who have served our country. More details will be sent via email closer to the date.


St Jude’s Trike-A-Thon

Our 2023 Trike-A-Thon  will take place on Sunday, June 4th. Bring your bikes, trikes, scooters and strollers! Even our youngest children can participate in the event! The St. Jude Trike-A-Thon is a fun, service learning program for daycares and preschools that teaches trike and riding toy safety while helping the children of St. Jude. The week leading up to our event, children will be learning all about bike safety in their classrooms.

A link will go out today to register your family for the event. You do not need to fundraise in order to join us on June 4th. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Wishing Everyone a Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!





The Peapods have been having many moments. We are officially crawling, standing for a moment or two without holding on, and getting into places where we shouldn’t go. We love doing the latter. It’s so much fun!
We had a fire drill a few days ago and we did so well. We are very proud of ourselves.

We’re also very happy to have Ms. Lu back with us. She read one of our books titled Lulubell Ladybug by Sam Walshaw. Ms. Laura helped us with “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Some of us are able to do the spider part! We are really growing.

Peapods II

Hi everyone! Another two weeks have quickly come and gone. We’ve been having the best time in Peapods II. We have been taking advantage of this great weather and have been trying to go outside twice a day.

The last two weeks, we have talked about the Zoo and Outer Space. We’ve been working on sitting together as a group to read stories, this week we read Pete the Cat: Out of This World by James Dean.

We also made a few art pieces which you can see hanging in our classroom and on the window of our room. We made lions on paper plates, zebra patterns using construction paper, alien hand prints, and for our favorite one, we used dot paint to make stars.

We also had a fire drill and did great! We are looking forward to the next two weeks and the great weather to come.



The Seedlings have had a busy two weeks! We celebrated a 2nd birthday and got to eat some great cupcakes! One of our classmates brought in munchkins for a nice Friday treat!

We’ve had a fun making a classroom collage and drawing all sorts of wonderful stuff.  We had some help from our teachers  drawing shapes and writing our names. We’ve been practicing our fine motor skills by picking off the endless supply of our dot stickers!

The Seedlings have been enjoying all this wonderful weather and having so much fun playing our playground. Some of us have been climbing the ramp on the play structure with tons of confidence!

We read The Family Book by Todd Parr and sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”. We love doing the movements when we sang.


Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts made special surprise gifts for their moms this week! We really enjoyed playing with the parachute and bowling in the indoor playground.

We had a bubble dance party which was so much fun. We learned about taking turns whist waiting to draw on the white board.

During circle time we enjoyed singing our Good Morning song, our ABC’s, talking about the weather, and reading our favorite book I stink  by Kate and Jim McMullan.

During centers we had fun building with the ladder blocks, doing puzzles and playing with the foam shapes.


What a cool two weeks we’ve had in Beanstalks! We’ve been absolutely obsessed with bugs! We made bumblebees and ladybugs and have loved getting to read all our bug books.

As the weather continues to warm up, we’ve been making the most of our outside time, and have even been spotting worms and other cool bugs while outside. We love calling over all our friends to see them.

We can’t wait to see what we’ll learn about next week. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother’s Day from all of us in Beanstalks!

Beanstalks II

The Beanstalks II had so much fun during the last two weeks. Last week was insect week a lot of our friends were so excited to learn about different insects.

We read some fun books which included The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle and Dairy Of A Worm by Doreen Cronin. Some of the learning and art activities we did last week included ladybug number spots, muddy worm letters and shapes and making our own bumblebees –  you can see them in the lobby.

This week we said goodbye to our butterflies and as we released them.

This week we learned all about the zoo and we read ABC ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland, Let’s Go Visit The Zoo by Lisa Kurkov and our favorite A Giraffe and A Half by Shel Silverstein.

e tried so many fun activities like identifying small and large as well as short and tall animals. We made giraffe handprints and pom pom lions.

Pre K 3

We’ve had a busy two weeks in PreK 3! Last week we ended learning about flowers. We learned what we can plant in a garden and what insects are good and bad for plants at small group time. We did a spring flower number build with blocks and we also made a flower. The stem of our flower was made up of the letters in our name.

This week we started learning all about insects. We started the week off by releasing our butterflies! We made a class graph listing what insects are, what insects can do, and what insects have. We also learned the parts of an insect.

In small group this week we made a ladybug and counted how many spots were on our ladybug. We also did a butterfly symmetry puzzle and practiced our tracing by helping the insect to get to the other side. Our favorite stories were The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle, and Bugs, Bugs, Bugs by Bob Barner. We’re excited to continue learning about insects next week!

Pre K 4

In PreK 4 the children have been learning about life at the zoo and space. We learned which animals can be found at the zoo and how each animal requires a specific type of habitat. The children also learned the job of a zookeeper.

Following that, the children learned about the solar system. We talked about the different planets and their distance from the sun as well as facts that pertained to each planet. We also learned about constellations and the phases of the moon. Some of our favorite books were Mrs. Wishy Wash’s Farm by Joy Cowley and The 3 Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamera.

The children worked on letter recognition, letter sounds and clapping out syllables. We practiced our penmanship by writing in our journals and making special Mother’s Day gifts. The children continued working on patterns, spatial awareness, number recognition and one to one correspondence.

Next week we will be learning about ocean life. We will also be taking time out of our day for Graduation practice.