Apple Trouble book

October News: Week of October 18

  • We will hold our annual Halloween parade next Friday, October 29th at 9:30 AM, weather permitting. Parents, siblings, and grandparents are invited to watch as our children show off their costumes and parade around the Sproutlings parking lot. Parents will need to use street parking.  All cars will need to be cleared from the parking lot by 9:15.For Halloween costumes, please keep the following in mind:
    • Please limit costumes to something that can be worn to school in the morning and that children will be comfortable in. Children can be changed from their costumes after the parade if parents provide an alternative outfit. **Costumes that can be worn over regular clothes are preferred!**
    • Please leave all accessories at home as it is difficult to keep  track of them and we do not want them misplaced. Hats are ok.
  • All children ages 6 months and older are required to get their annual flu shot no later than December 30th. Please submit proof of receipt to the office as soon as your child receives their vaccine.


Peapods I

It was another week of discoveries in the Peapod room. Now that most of us are moving all around our room, we are discovering different pictures on the cabinets and some forest creatures on our wall. We get very excited when we’re able to point to some things we liked. We are also starting to “play” with one another. We’re enjoying having fun interacting with our friends. When Ms Lu reads to us some of us are now sitting and listening to the stories. Our book this week was The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll. Ms Laura and Ms Melissa have been singing many songs. Our favorite this week was “Do You Know The Muffin Man?”


Peapods II

It’s Friday! This week we said bye-bye to Miss Marisol.  We are so very sad to see her go but appreciate all the time and love she has given us. We wish you all the best Miss Marisol! We want to welcome Miss Nairah to our classroom! We are so glad you are here and can’t wait for our mommies and daddies to finally meet you next week.

Now let’s dive into some of the fun stuff we did this week. We got to use the dot markers again to color a trick or treat bag that our teachers pasted onto a paper bag they made. Now we have our own hand made trick or treat bag! We also go to rip up some colorful tissue paper that our teachers put in our bags to make it seem like we have candy in them.

We made some pretty awesome ghost with our feet and non-toxic paint. Some of us didn’t like the feeling too much of the brush going up and down our feet but the rest of us found it pretty funny. We also made a cut out ghost with our feet and our teachers pasted them on a stick for us to play with!

As always we love to work on our shape recognition. We get so excited when our teaches bring out the shapes. We all huddle around them and can’t wait for our turn to try.

Well that’s it for now until next week! We hope you all have a great weekend!


The Seedlings had such an awesome week! We have been talking about Halloween nonstop and have been practicing saying “ Trick or Treat!” The Seedlings had a fantastic time making their own face with our pumpkin.  We were identifying the different shapes that we were putting on our pumpkin and we’re pretty good at it!

We had a great time making the color orange. We were amazed that by mixing yellow and red, you get orange!

During circle time, we sang “5 Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate” and read Listening Time by Elizabeth Verdick. We have been trying to work on our listening ears, indoor/outdoor voices, and walking/running feet. These are all things we can practice at home, too!

Little Sprouts

We had so much fun in Little Sprouts this week! We explored pumpkins and learned so much! We will be carving our class pumpkin next week, but in the mean time we gave our pumpkin a bath, we made play dough face creations on it, and dressed it up for Halloween as a mummy! We also made our own jack-o lanterns and painted pumpkin mummies! Our song of the week was “Five Little Pumpkins” and we enjoyed singing with our pumpkin and bat puppets! We are so excited for next week and for our spooky Halloween celebration!



This week in Beanstalk we learned about spiders and the letter “G.” We felt some items that began with the letter G. We read  The Very Busy Spider and learned that spiders make web and that webs are super sticky.  We got to feel a spider web in our sensory bin by trying to remove 3 spiders ring from it. It was a lot of fun.  We sang “The Itsy Bitsy spider” and “There’s a Spider on the Floor.”  We did some name recognition during circle time by trying to find our names. We spelled our names on a spider web. We created our own spider by painting in the circle (We did an awesome job in staying in the lines). We also practiced our fine motor skills by holding a crayon and trying to trace the lines.

Saplings (Miss Amanda and Miss Pam)

We have had a busy week talking about apples in the Saplings class. Our favorite book was Apple Trouble by Ragnhild Scammel. It tells the story of a hedgehog who gets an apple among other things stuck in her prickles. The children enjoyed retelling the story at large group time and making their very own hedgehog with apples etc stuck in her prickles. We practiced our scissor skills when we cut prickles on our hedgehog and worked on our fine motor muscle development when we made the letter in our first name from “apple seeds”. We also enjoyed learning the Five Little Pumpkins rhyme. Next week we will be celebrating Halloween with a special focus on bats and spiders.

Pre K 3 (Miss Amelia and Miss Deanna)

This week we learned all about apples and pumpkins! We learned the parts of them and their life cycle. We even have a giant picture of an apple on our focus board with all of the parts labeled. We also learned that you can make apple sauce, apple juice and apple pies! The kids explored the inside of an apple and pumpkin!

For art, we made a scarecrow and used dot paint to make pumpkins.

Pre K 4

This week in Pre K 4 the children investigated pumpkins. We tried to estimate its size by guessing which string length would fit around our pumpkin. We learned about the parts of a pumpkin as well as how they grow. The children enjoyed several pumpkin related books such as Pumpkin Town by Katie Mcky.

The children learned to identify letters by matching pumpkins to pumpkins and also using Handwriting Without Tears to write the letter “U” and “L.”

The children created pumpkin scenes as they painted paper orange and then practiced their scissor skills to cut their pumpkin out and glue it down creating a nighttime pumpkin patch. Next week the children can look forward to a Halloween fun-filled week!