Painted pumpkins

October News: Week of October 25

  • All children ages 6 months and older are required to get their annual flu shot no later than December 30th. Please submit proof of receipt to the office as soon as your child receives their vaccine.
  • A friendly reminder that there is still a travel quarantine for children who leave our immediate region (NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE). Your child may return to Sproutlings after day 7 of quarantine after taking a negative PCR test on day 5. Children in the Kindergarten Wrap and After School program will follow the travel restrictions set by the school district.
  • Sproutlings will close early at 3:00 on Wednesday, November 24 and we will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th for Thanksgiving.


Peapods I

This week we called it our Halloween Squishy week. We had an interesting time touching, poking, grabbing, and some even trying to eat our sensory bag of pumpkin innards. Some of us really enjoyed it, some not so much. We also had bubbles floating down around us and some of us were able to pop them.

We have been having fun with music. We are playing with our musical instruments and listening to music we can dance to. Ms Laura and Ms Melissa sang “London Bridge is Falling Down” and Ms Lu read Ready For Pumpkins by Kate Duke.


Peapods II

What a fun filled week we had!

This week we created fall leaves by squishing paint into our hand and stamping it on a paper. After the paint was all dry our teachers drew the stems of the leaves. Some of us didn’t really keep our hands still but we still did a great job! We worked on our fine motor skills by using water markers and drawing all over our magic mat. It was so cool to see what happened after adding water to our markers!

Ms. Melody did a finger puppet show for us that was so much fun. We got to hear some of our favorite stories! Our teachers also taught us some fun Halloween sounds too. Our favorite sound is the monster sound! Whenever some of us growl it always makes our friends laugh. We are finishing the Friday off with a nice Halloween themed dance party with lots of bubbles.

This morning we had a Halloween parade where we got to show off our awesome costumes to all the parents. We loved to see all the different costumes everyone was wearing.


We had too much fun this Halloween week! The kids made handprint spiders and were doing great counting all the legs! We love seeing our spiders decorate our room. We had so much excitement when we carved our jack-o’-lantern! It was thrilling to see Miss Emmy to make a face and pulling out all the seeds and inners. It was a lot of fun putting those inners, seeds, and some parts of the pumpkin and put them inside some sensory bags.  It felt cold and squishy when we pressed down on them.

We would love to welcome our new assistant teacher, Miss Paige to our classroom. Thank you to all the parents that helped out with our Halloween party! It was such a fun day!

Little Sprouts

What an exciting week in Little Sprouts! We started our week off with a fire drill and we did so well! We also finally carved our class pumpkin and played with its insides! In our sensory bin we had to find the spiders and catch them because they were all tangled up in mummy wraps! Our book of the week was Goodnight Goon by Michael Rex. We used our shakers to sing along to our favorite Halloween songs! Happy Halloween Little Sprouts!



This week in Beanstalks we took a break from our letters and focused on Halloween. We discussed Halloween safety such as we don’t walk away from mommy and daddy and that we have to let mommy and daddy check our candy before we can eat it. We learned that we say “Trick or Treat!” and “Thank You!”

Our favorite Halloween activity was making our pumpkin (named Jack) erupt. We loved this science experiment and plan on doing more science activities.  Our favorite book to read was  Ten Flying Brooms and The Night Before Halloween. We made fun crafts such as a Jack-o-lantern, Mummies using a marble, monsters and witches! We loved seeing our mommies and daddies at the parade and show everyone our costumes! But we can’t wait to see what we will learn in November ! Happy Halloween!

Saplings (Miss Amanda and Miss Pam)

It was a spooky good time in the Saplings class this week! We enjoyed painting mini pumpkins. After reading the story Go Away, Big Green Monster!  by Ed Emberley  we created our own spooky faces. Our sensory bin was full of dried corn and beans. We loved the parade and enjoyed seeing all of our friends’ costumes.

Happy Halloween!


Pre K 3 (Miss Amelia and Miss Deanna)

It was a fun time in PreK-3! This week we got into the Halloween spirit! In large group we focused on spiders and bats! We learned that bats sleep during the day and are awake at night. Our favorite story we read was The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams.

We also enjoyed learning the Five Little Pumpkins rhythm. With marbles and white paint, the kids had a blast making spiderwebs! The kids also painted a mini pumpkin to take home. In math we put pumpkins in size order from biggest to smallest and matched spiders with the correct number. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! Have a great weekend!

Next week will be starting our unit on trees.

Pre K 4


The theme this week was Halloween. The children discussed and wrote about all things Halloween, starting with what month Halloween was in and ending with how many witches they thought could fit on one broom. The children also enjoyed writing in their journal about what their favorite Halloween activity is.

The letters of the week were “W” and “V.” The children enjoyed practicing writing the letters and creating a word web. The word web was created by sounding out words that start with the letters V and W. Then the children made the letters by rolling Play-Doh out and forming the Play-Doh into each letter.

The children enjoyed graphing with counting witch hats, ghosts and spiders. Then number recognition was practiced while identifying numbers on a pumpkin bowl and then putting the correct number of candy corn inside of a pumpkin. Number sense was incorporated when the children counted spiders and then found the matching number.

The children enjoyed showing off their costumes during our Halloween parade. They also enjoyed celebrating while enjoying snacks during their Halloween party. Have a happy and safe Halloween!