September News: Week of September 27

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

  • All children ages 6 months and older are required to get their annual flu shot no later than December 30th. Please submit proof of receipt to the office as soon as your child receives their vaccine.

  • We are currently in the process of doing our enrollment for July 2022. If you would like to enroll a Sproutlings sibling, please make sure you let the office know as soon as possible. We have a lengthy wait list and although siblings have priority, we need to know well in advance.
  • We will hold our annual Halloween parade on Friday, October 29th, weather permitting. Parents are invited to watch as our children show off their costumes and parade around the Sproutlings parking lot.
  • Thank you to all the families who donated to our Diaper Drive for Moms Helping Moms! 


Peapods I

It was another great week with the Peapods. We are getting very active in all stages of movement. We have been very good doing tummy time and it’s paying off! Most of us are moving around one way or another. We get around from army crawling, creeping, to very fast crawling. We are out and about! It was also exciting to receive new toys from Ms Kerry. We have new stacking cups, stacking shapes, and high contrast design books. We all are enjoying them and trying to share. We enjoyed many songs sung to us by Ms Laura and Ms Melissa. They sang “5 Green and Speckled Frogs” and “Baby Bumble Bee.” Ms Lu read Harvest Party by Jennifer O’Connell.


Peapods II


We continue to work on our sign language in Peapod II. We are getting much better asking for “more” and saying “please.” We have been enjoying the good weather and love going outside. We love a good dance party. We enjoy dancing to our favorite songs including the infamous “Baby Shark.” We are excited for fall and cannot wait to make decorations for our room. 



This week in the Seedlings room was very exciting. We survived picture day! We  did our best to give our best smiles. The kids had tons of fun by playing with the new bikes in our playground and learning how to play catch with the balls. We also had fun making handprint ghosts with Miss Grace. We’re getting ready for spooky season!  Additionally, we had an exciting time being able to color on our floor! Naturally, we had a big piece of paper on the floor.  

The Seedlings had a thrilling time picking out objects out of a box and identifying those objects. During circle time, we sang “ The Farmer in the Dell” and read This is not my Hat by Jon Klassen. 

Little Sprouts


This week in Little Sprouts we learned about scarecrows! We even built our own! We also have been jamming out to “I know a chicken” by Laurie Berkner with our new shaker instruments. We also played with letters and leaves in our sensory bin and practiced naming all our letters! We also introduced some new fall books to our library. One of our favorites this week was The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri. 



This week at Sproutlings we learned all about apples. We discovered that there are not only red apples but green and yellow apples. We decided to taste some apples to discover how their tastes compare and which is our favorite. Our class favorite was green apples!  We practiced some name recognization even made an apple tree with our names on it . We used real apples to stamp on a paper.


We did some sensory fun in our bin by using the sensory bin and tried to identify the first letter of our names.  The letter of the week was “D.” We read our bucket filling book to remind us to be bucket filler not bucket dippers. We sang  “Apples and Bananas” and our other favorite circle time songs. We moved our bodies by dancing  to “We are the Dinosaurs,” a class favorite.  The color for the month of October is orange, so every Thursday we will wear something orange!

As we approach cold and flu season, please send in two masks as we will start changing them after nap time. This will give us a fresh mask for the second half of the day. 

Saplings (Miss Amanda and Miss Pam)


Our Questions of the Day this week included: “What is Special about your House?”, “How many people are in your Family?,” “Does your Family have a Pet?” and “What do you like to do with your Family?”  Everyone in the class loved sharing about their families at Large Group time. We also had fun drawing Family Portraits using the Mat Man technique that we  learned earlier this month.

We practiced using scissors this week and also enjoyed painting houses at the easel,. We are spending lots of time developing strong fine and gross motor muscles when we do these activities. Some of our favorite books included All the Families by Margaret Wise Brown, One Family by George Shannon and House Sweet House by Judith Bauer Stamper.

Pre K 3 (Miss Amelia and Miss Deanna)


This week we learned all about everyone’s family. During large group we shared our family pictures with the class. The kids learned that families can be similar and different. We made a graph to see how many people are in our families. We drew our family portrait and made our family tree in the class. We also practiced our cutting skills! Our stories we read were One Family by George Shannon, A World of Families by Trish Holland, and All the Families by Margaret Wise Brown. Next week is fire safety week!! 

Pre K 4


We are learning all about fall! This week we talked and learned all about what happens when the seasons change. We discussed what differences we see outside and how our clothing changes. 

The children were able to practice their numbers while doing a number order activity and also while playing with number order puzzles. Throughout the week we moved on to patterns and measuring. 

This week’s Handwriting Without Tears letters included uppercase letters B and R. They were incorporated into the week when the children learned how to write the letters the correct way and then practiced them on their own. We made a word web that allowed the children to sound out words and try to figure out which words started with the letters B and R. Handwriting was practiced again while answering the weekly journal question.