Sproutlings News – April 16, 2018

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While the week started off with a lot of rain which keeps us inside, we were lucky to be able to get outside at the end of the week. We’re enjoying our outside time. We would like to welcome Lily to the Peapod room. We’re so happy to have Lily join us! We played with big pop-in beads.  Some of us are able to string the beads together. We also played with different textured ball of different shapes and sizes. It’s a lot of fun rolling them back and forth to each other. We also like to play with our toy purses. We like to fill them up and carry them around.

We hope you are enjoying our window decorations.  We love making them and showing them off. Ms. Lu read our book of the week which was Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! by Bob Barner and our song was “Baby Bumble Bee .” ?


This week in the Seedlings room we had so much fun! We made a classroom mural. We also were building our towers with blocks to see how high we could build them. Then, we would pick out the colors of the blocks and say their names. We’ve been working really hard on our colors! When we were able to, we enjoyed playing in our playground. How we miss going outside but with April showers bring May flowers! So we are looking forward to that! During circle time we sang “Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee” and read No David! By David Shannon.

The Seedlings would like to welcome Boyd Lambert to our room!

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had a great time this week! We learned about butterflies and read Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert and we sang and danced to some of our favorite Disney songs. For art, we continued to celebrate spring and we sponge painted and dot painted butterflies. We also learned a little bit about symmetry as we folded a piece of paper and added paint to one side. When we pressed the other side to it, we noticed the paint had transferred over! Little Sprouts continued to work on learning our colors and the first letter of our names. We are getting pretty good at identifying our colors, shapes, and letters! It rained a lot this week so we enjoyed our time upstairs, especially when we would get out the parachute. As always, we loved learning new songs with Miss Karen from Elefante Music and Miss Robin and exercising with Stretch and Grow!


Spring is here! As the children play on the playground and our class takes numerous walks outside, the children will begin to see the beautiful colors of the trees and flowers as buds and flowers emerge. A gentle reminder, with the weather getting warmer, please have your children wear comfortable and closed toe shoes so they can run and play without getting mulch in their shoes or stubbing their toes.

This week we in Beanstalks we finished up our study of weather.  We talked about what we have learned about weather and asked the question,  “Do you like Rain?” In celebration of Earth Day, we planted flowers and discussed what we will do to help our flowers grow. In addition to closing our weather study we reviewed the letter of the week which was D.  In art we made paper plate suns, tissue paper rain drops  and flowers.  Next week we will introduce a new study and review the letter F.
Have a great weekend

Nursery 3

This week in Nursery 3 we finished up our study on weather.  We discussed what we learned about weather and asked the question, “What clothes do you wear when it’s rainy or sunny?” Our friends had some creative answers.  In language /literacy we reviewed the letter D and thought of words that began with the letter D as well.  We also practiced writing the letter in salt and sorted through our D tub to see what was missing.  In math we discussed the number 15 and drew pictures with 15 objects in them.  In science/sensory we planted flowers in celebration of Earth Day and discussed the life cycle of a flower.  We joined our friends in Beanstalks for art and made paper plate suns, tissue paper rain drops and flowers.  Next week we will introduce the study of Recycling and review the letter F.

Pre K 3

We wrapped up our study on weather this week in PreK 3. We focused on what tools are used to measure weather. The kids learned that a thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the air and a rain gauge measure the rain fall. We read “Earth Day” and “Biscuits Earth Day Celebration”. The kids sang “Oh Mister Sun” hoping to see some sunshine this week! In science we discussed what Earth Day was and came up 10 ways to help the Earth. We also planted Marigold seeds for Earth Day with the Nursery 3’s! The kids are very excited to watch the seeds grow into flowers. In math, we measured each other using raindrops. In art, we made rain sticks to celebrate our study on weather. In literacy, we reviewed the sound the letter D makes and sorted objects starting with the letter D. PreK-3 had a great week of learning. Next week we are going to be exploring a new study on the phrase,  “Reduce, Reuse,Recycle!”  Have a great weekend!

Pre K 4

This week we answered the questions , “How do roots root?” and “Do all plants have roots?” We used our magnifying glasses to look at root hairs and learned about surface area. We did an experiment with celery to watch how the plant moves water up its stems into its leaves. We learned that “sea plants” like seaweed  and algae are protists and not plants, and simple plants like moss absorb water and nutrients right from their surroundings. We played plant bingo. The class created a snack using different edible parts of plants. We read the story Jack and the Beanstalk, we created paper art based on the story, and used to props to act it out. We focused on “gl” sound words, reviewed our sight words, and wrote about our favorite part of the experiment. Next week we will celebrate Earth Day and all we learned about plants.

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