Sproutlings News – March 19, 2018


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-Any time your child receives new vaccines, please request an updated vaccination report from your pediatrician to give to Kerry in the office. A new Universal Health form is required after each yearly physical. Copies are available in the lobby.

-We are CLOSED next Friday, March 30 for Good Friday and the start of Passover.


During our shortened week, we were very busy.  We welcomed Maddie to our Peapod class!  We are very happy to have Maddie with us. It’s always a fun time when we play with our musical instruments during music time with Ms. Robin. Catching bubbles is fun. Chasing bubbles is even better for some of our walkers.  They like to follow them and try to catch them.
We are very lucky when we can visit our friends in the Seedlings room.  We love seeing them ❤️.We have new baby dolls to love and play with.  We’re learning how to take care and love them. Reading is a favorite of ours.  Sometimes we like to sit in a quiet place and look at our books.  Our book this week was Is It Passover Yet?  And our song was “Baby Bumble Bee ” ?.


The seedlings class had a nice calm week. We had fun expressing ourselves by coloring with crayons. We also drew shapes and identified what they were. We’re doing well with our shapes! We also made handprint flowers. We had fun feeling the paint on our hands. In our sensory table we put some snow in it and had an exciting time with it. It was fun putting other things in the snow and watch them disappear. During circle time we we sang “The Wheels on the Bus” and read Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts welcomed spring this week (even though it didn’t seem very springlike)! We readPlanting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert and sang songs about spring and flowers. For art, we used popsicle sticks as a flower stem and used foam pieces as the petals and leaves. We also created flower sun catchers using tissue paper and contact paper! We enjoyed reading our new books this week and working on our fine motor skills. We were even able to get outside (finally!) As always, we had a blast learning new songs with Miss Karen from Elefante Music and Miss Robin and exercising with Stretch and Grow!


Spring is finally here… although it may not have felt like that on Wednesday! The weather is slowly changing, and we will be getting outside more often. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately  for the changing weather.

This week in Beanstalks we continued our study of pets and introduced a new letter of the week which was Y.  In art this week we colored Y’s yellow and some of us were able to cut them out too.  We have been very busy working on our fine motor skills with lots of coloring, tracing, cutting and ripping. This week to continue our discussion of pets I asked the question “How do we take care of our pets ?”  There were lots of interesting answers. In small group we match various animals to their paw prints which they loved.  Next week we will start a new study and introduce the letter Z.

Our friends in Nursery Three explore the letter Y. They really enjoyed learning all about the sound Y makes.  We even thought of words that began with the letter Y ! We sorted through our letter Y tub to see  “What’s Missing.” We have also been practicing our cutting skills. We’re learning how to properly use scissors and to cut curved and straight lines. It takes lots of practice and hard work!

Pre K 3

We had a great in Pre-K3 this week! This week we wrapped up our study on pets. We learned what pets need and how to take care of them. We learned a vet is a doctor for pets not humans. The kids also listened to some sounds that animals make and guessed what animal it was. We read Pete the Cat, Turtles, and The Mitten. In art, the kids made flowers for the first day of spring on Tuesday. We also introduced the new letter of the week which was “Y”. We learned the sound the letter “Y” makes and came up with words that have the letter “Y” in it. We traced the letter “Y” with yellow paint. In math we counted with our animal counters. We matched animal tracks with the animals that would make the prints.It was a great week of learning in PreK 3. Next week we will be starting a new study on weather! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Pre K 4

This week in Pre K 4 we answered the question, “What is Wind?” We learned that wind is caused by the heating and cooling of air. We learned about extreme wind like those in hurricanes, blizzards, and tornadoes. We made a tornado in a bottle. We made windsocks to figure out what direction the wind comes from. We practiced our fine motor skills creating blowing wind faces. We played a wind board game that  showed us how warm and cold air move around each other, creating wind and storms. We continued to work on our sight words, we did a search for our words in some of the classes favorite books. This week we read The Three Little Pigs and had the chance to put on a little pigs play. The class was given parts and lines and took turns acting out the story for their friends. Next week we will conclude our study on weather.