Sproutlings News – May 14, 2018

Important Reminders:

-We will be CLOSED May 28th for Memorial Day.  Join us as we march in the New Providence Memorial Day parade!

-Please also note that we will be closing early on Friday, June 15th at 4:30. All children (including the siblings of the graduates) must be picked up no later than 4:30 so we can prepare our Pre K 4 students for their graduation. Graduation will begin at 5:00.

-Warm weather means sunscreen time! Please make sure that you send in a bottle of sunscreen with a Permission to Dispense form. Also, for water play this summer, your child will need closed toed shoes with a back. Flip flops are not allowed. Popular options include: crocs, water shoes, and jelly sandals.


We had such a great week.  We danced just about every day.  We danced to new songs and learned new dance moves.  Some of us are pretty impressive.  Ms. Lu loves blowing bubbles for us.  We have a great time trying to catch them.  We also had fun with our tunnel.  Some of us like to be chased through it.  Pushing and trying to catch our beach balls is a lot of fun.  We can try to catch the small one and we try to push the giant one.  We played with our magnetic toys also.  It’s fun pulling them apart and putting back together.  Our book this week was The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss and our song was “When The Ants ?Go Marching By.’


This week in the Seedlings room was an exciting one. We had a great time playing with our sensory table. We had crabs, gears and sponges in there at different times. We loved building with the gears and seeing what we can build. Then we had sponges with water. We love the feeling of squeezing the sponges and seeing how much water comes out. We also learned about growing sizes with our nesting blocks. The Seedlings loved seeing all the different sizes and picking out the biggest then the smallest. For our art project were rolling empty paper towel rolls and seeing what the paint would do to the paper. We loved our unique creations! During circle time we sang “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee” and read Wild Feelings by David Milgrim.

Little Sprouts

We’ve been having a great time in Little Sprouts! We leaned about the circus and the animals and people who are a part of the circus! For art, we made lion masks out of paper plates and pieces of brown and yellow construction paper. We loved putting them up to our face and roaring as loud as we could! We also painted colorful elephants and made a silly clown by gluing shapes and pom poms onto a paper plate. This week, we read Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmanm and danced along to some of our favorite animal songs. We worked on our gross and fine motor skills as always. We crawled through tunnels and played with puzzles!


We are halfway through the month of May and what a busy month it has been so far.  In Beanstalks this week we reviewed the letter V and continued our study of recycling.  We read the poem “ Litter Monster” and the book I Stink.  We asked the question “Is it okay to litter?”  Look at the back of our door to see their responses! In addition to our study we reviewed the letter V and it’s sound.  We searched for the hidden V’s, made a V out of foam blocks and play dough.  We also colored/dot- painted the letter V.  Next week we will continue our study of recycling and review the letter W.
Enjoy your weekend.

Nursery 3

Our friends upstairs have been working very hard on their various fine motor skills and learning all about litter.  In literacy we reviewed the letter V and practiced the phonemic sound.  We sorted items that belonged in the V tub and made V’s out of blocks and wrote a V in salt.  We also read the story Adventures of Gary and Harry and the poem “ Litter Monster”.  We asked the questions “ What is litter?” and “Is it okay to litter?  In addition, we practiced tracing the letter V with markers and cutting out the V too. Next week we will continue studying recycling and reviewing the letter W.  Have a great weekend.

Pre K 3

Pre K-3 were busy bees this week! We continued our study of Recycling and we reviewed the letter V. We traced the letter V and sorted our letter V sound box. In large group we focused on what litter is and what happens to animals if they eat our trash. We read the books The Adventures of Gary and Harry and I Stink!. After reading The Adventures of Gary and Harry we answered the question “What will happen if animals eat our trash?” We learned that animals can get very sick from eating our trash and we should always put our trash in the garbage. We also learned the poem “The Litter Monster.” In the science center, we sorted trash. In art we painted with bubble wrap! Next week we will continue our study on recycling! Have a great weekend!

Pre K 4

This week we continued our study on authors and illustrators. The spotlight was on Stan and Jan Berenstain and their Berenstain Bears books. We read The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers, Get Stage FrightToo Much Tv, The Bad Habit, and Go Out For the Team. We each drew ourselves as a resident of Bear Country. The class made their own “bear” family tree. We each took a large cup of colored bears and created a bear bar graph of the number of each color bear we found in our cup. We made a special bear stack snack using yummy berries. We discussed what we would like to write a story about if we were authors and wrote about what we would do if we were authors or illustrators. We went on a bear hunt. The class added an, your, and which to their sight word wall. We found and wrote fr sound words.  The class updated their height chart. Boy how they have grown! Next week we will conclude our study of authors and illustrators by taking a closer look at nonfiction books.