Sproutlings News – May 7, 2018

A big thank you to all of the families who brought in goodies for Teacher Appreciation Week. Our Sproutlings Staff have enjoyed feasting on lots of wonderful food and have been feeling extra appreciated. 

Get Connected!

-Our Sproutlings family weekend event, “Sproutlings Strollers” will take place on Sunday, May 20th at 3:00. We will be meeting in front of Sproutlings for a community walk. We will end our stroll with some refreshments back at Sproutlings. At the event, we will be gathering donations for Moms Helping Moms, a local organization that gives help to families in need. Sproutlings will be collecting diapers as well as baby hygiene products (lotion, bath wash, baby wipes) at the event and throughout the week.

-We will be marching in the New Providence Memorial Day Parade. All are welcome to join!

Important Reminders:

We will be CLOSED May 28th for Memorial Day.

Please also note that we will be closing early on Friday, June 15th at 4:30. All children (including the siblings of the graduates) must be picked up no later than 4:30 so we can prepare our Pre K 4 students for graduation. Graduation will begin at 5:00.

Warm weather means sunscreen time! Please make sure that you send in a bottle of sunscreen with a Permission to Dispense form. Also, for water play this summer, your child will need closed toed shoes with a back. Popular options include: crocs, water shoes, and jelly sandals.


We were so fortunate to have such beautiful weather this week. We love going outside.
Some of us are discovering how some toys work. We feel such a sense of accomplishment when we learn new things.  We also love to stack our blocks.  We’re pretty good at it.  We have a new giant beach ball that Ms. Kerry bought us.  It’s bigger than all of us!  We try very hard to lift and move it. Some of our “little “ ones are learning to clap hands.  It’s so exciting. We love to pretend we’re going shopping with our bags and sunglasses.  We have such a great time filling up our bags.We hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day gifts.  Ms. Jess has been working hard with us to make something very special. Our book this week was Sandy Seal by Suzanne Tate and our song was “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” We hope all our mothers have a very Happy Mother’s Day!?


This week in the Seedlings room was a great one! We all worked so hard on our Mother’s Day gift because we wanted to get them just right! We also, enjoyed playing outside in our playground oh so much. It’s great to be able run around and play in the sandbox. The Seedlings had an exciting time learning how to jump and count at the same time. We love working those gross motor skills of ours. In our sensory table we watch and played with our boats. We were amazed how they can float on the water. During circle time we we read One Family by George Shannon sand sang “Take MeOut to the Ball Game!”

We would to say a special thank you for all the generosity we have received during Teacher Appreciation Week. We love taking care of your children and have grown so attached to them!  Lastly, we would like to wish all our Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.

Little Sprouts

Happy Mother’s Day from Little Sprouts! To celebrate our moms, we talked about our moms and why we loved them and looked at pictures of them. We have spent the week working very hard on our Mother’s Day presents… we hope you love it! This week, we read I Love Mom andThe Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and danced along to some of our favorite songs. We also had so much fun enjoying the nice weather and playing outside which helps us build our gross and fine motor skills! As always, we had a lot of fun playing during Stretch and Grow and singing and dancing along with Miss Robin and Miss Karen from Elefante Music!

Thank you so much to those who brought in treats for Teacher Appreciation Week!


This past week our friends in Beanstalks have done lots of crafting.  We painted, colored with crayons and practiced using scissors. We are continuing to study recycling and reviewed the letter L.  We practiced tracing the letter L and thought of words that begin with L as well.  A special Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful moms. It’s a hard job but worth it no matter what!  The Beanstalks worked very hard on your gifts this week. We discussed why we love our mommies and sang songs about Mommy too!

Nursery 3

Nursery 3 has been busy as bees this week! We continued our study of recycling and reviewed the letter L.  In addition to our study, we got ready for Mother’s Day and made a special gift for our moms. On Wednesday, we went on a special walk with our friends in Pre-K 3 to search for litter and discover where our trash goes.  We read the books Radio Man and Sam Helps Recycle as well.  We thought of words that rhyme with Sam to some real words and some pretend.  Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

Pre K 3

Pre K-3 had a busy week this week! We continued our study of recycling and we reviewed the letter L. We traced the letter L and sorted our letter L box. This week we also got ready for Mother’s Day and made a special gift for our mom. On Wednesday, we went on a special walk with our friends in Nursery 3 to search for litter and discover where our trash goes. We read the books Sam Helps Recycle and Radio Man. We thought of words that rhyme with Sam and wrote them down. We also sorted what goes in the trash and what goes in the recycling.  Have a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!!!

Pre K 4

This week we continued our study on Authors and Illustrators. This we focused on the works of Eric Carle. We read The Very Hungry CaterpillarThe Tiny SeedThe Grouchy LadybugLittle Cloud, and Do Kangaroos have Mothers Too? We learned how Eric Carle paints on paper and cuts of shapes to create the illustrations  for his stories. We used colored paper to create paper our own animal illustrations. The class learned about the “br” blend sound and added the words we, there, and can to our word wall. We reviewed our sight words in a game of sight word bingo. The children were hard at work this week creating beautiful things to show Mom how much they care. The kids created gifts, cards, and wrote about they reasons why they love Mom so much. Next week we will be focused on Stan and Jan Berenstain, the authors and illustrators of our favorite bears.