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Sproutlings News – April 30, 2018

Get Connected!

Our Sproutlings family weekend event, “Sproutlings Strollers” will take place on Sunday, May 20th at 3:00 in the afternoon. In an effort to promote healthy living for our young ones, we will be meeting in front of Sproutlings for a community walk. We will end our stroll with some refreshments back at Sproutlings. This is a great opportunity to get connected with other Sproutlings families!  At the event, we will be gathering donations for Moms Helping Moms, a local organization that gives help to families in need. Sproutlings will be collecting diapers as well as baby hygiene products (lotion, bath wash, baby wipes) at the event. If you are unable to attend, we will be taking donations the week of May 21st.

We will be CLOSED May 28th for Memorial Day. Sproutlings will be marching in the annual New Providence Memorial Day Parade. We would love for your family to join us! Email Kerry to RSVP. It’s not too late!

Warm weather means sunscreen time! Please make sure that you send in a bottle of sunscreen with a Permission to Dispense form. Extra copies are available in the lobby. If your bottle of sunscreen from last summer has expired, you will be asked to bring in a new one.


What an eventful week for the Peapod class. We welcomed Michael and Kinnley. We are so happy to have them join us! We played with our musical instruments to music, what a sound to be heard!  Some of us are practicing “cleaning up “ our toys. It’s fun when our friends help each other. We were lucky to have Ms. Lu take some of us for walks during the week.  We also enjoyed our time outside in the playground. Tummy time is very important for us and we are on our tummies throughout the day.  We enjoyed playing with our jar caps this week.  We have so many to put in our big jar. Our book this week was Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell and our song was “Mr Golden Sun.” ?


This week in the Seedlings room we had a blast reading one of our favorite books of all time The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We then followed up with the book and made hand print strawberries using red and green paint. Later on we added black dots on our hand prints to make them true strawberries. This week was a hot week but we were able to make it outside mostly in the mornings and enjoy the sandbox. What fun it was using our sand toys to play in the sand and make sand castles. As always we enjoyed Miss Robin and her wonderful singing of all our favorite songs. This week she introduced a new song Today Is Monday. She introduced new pictures to us that went along with the song. It was so much fun seeing the different animals eating all the different foods.

If you have not done so already please send in sunhats for your children to use for those hot days when we go outside. On the hotter days that will be coming up please apply sunscreen on your child in the morning before coming to school. Please also send in your child’s sunscreen and form if you have not done so already. Have a great weekend!

Little Sprouts

The weather has finally warmed up and it feels like spring! Little Sprouts spent a lot of time outside enjoying the nice weather. We ran across the playground, jumped off of the mushrooms, and played in the sandbox! We had a lot of fun building sandcastles or just scooping the sand into buckets. This week, we read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes and danced along to some of our favorite songs. During art, we colored coffee filters with markers and then sprayed them with water and watched the colors spread! As always, we had a lot of fun playing during Stretch and Grow and singing and dancing along with Miss Robin and Miss Karen from Elefante Music!


Spring is in full bloom and we have been enjoying the warm weather this week by running and jumping on our playground, climbing on the climber and playing various gross motor games.  As the warmer weather approaches please be sure to check your child’s cubby for spare clothes and make sure they are weather appropriate .  In Beanstalks this week we have been busy learning all about recycling and reviewing the letter G.  We read the book I Stink and Reuse and Recycle.  The children loved reading the book  I Stink  so much we decided to pose the question “Does all trash stink?”   Ask them to see what their response was!  In art we made daffodils using cupcake liners, colored the letter G and made letters out of play dough.  Next week we will continue our study of recycling and review the letter L.

Nursery 3

This week in Nursery 3 we have been continuing our study on recycling and reviewing the letter G.  We read the books  Something from Nothing and I Stink.  We also asked the question “What do people throw away?”  Our nursery friends had some very informative answers.  In language we worked on sorting objects into our G tub, tracing the letter G with dry-erase markers and finding the hidden G’s.  In math we worked with our friends in Pre-K 3 and did a “Bowling Math” activity which is a fun way to introduce subtraction skills.  In art we made daffodils using cupcake liners, colored G’s green and made letters out of play dough.  Next week we will continue our study of recycling and review the letter L.

Pre K 3

We had a great week in PreK-3 this week.This week we started our new study on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As a class we focused on what we all know about recycling and what we want to learn. We talked about where our trash goes when we’re done. In art we made the recycling symbol with our hands and also used plastic bottles to paint with. For spring we made butterflies to hang up in our classroom. Our science center turned into a recycling center where the kids can go and sort recycling. We read Something From Nothing I Stink! and Radio Man.  In literacy, we reviewed the sound the letter G makes, practiced writing the letter G, and sorted objects starting with the letter G. In math we took bottle caps and counted with them from 1-10. We also used legos to measured how tall some recycled objects were. We wrote down our prediction and stacked the legos. Some of our friends were close with their predictions and others were a little off. Our Nursery 3 friends joined us for math bowling! The kids had a blast! PreK-3 had a great week of learning. Next week we are going to focus on the question, “Where does our trash go?” Have a great weekend and enjoy this warm weather!

Pre K 4

This week we started our study on authors and illustrators. We focused this week on the works of Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. We read If Your Give a Mouse a CookieA Moose a MuffinA Pig a PancakeA Dog a Donut, and A Cat a Cupcake. We learned about if/then statements and played book bingo. The class got the chance to draw an animal in the style of Felicia Bond and worked together to come up with their own “If You GiveA…”  story. We practiced our measuring skills when we made waffles just like the wombat in the story we wrote. We learned about estimation when we estimate then excavated the chocolate chips in a cookie. We made mouse puppets and created book covers. We made a chart to find out which book we read was our favorite. We learned about “pl” blend sound words. In science, we did a sink float experiment to predict which items would sink in water. Next week we will focus on Eric Carle.

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