Sproutlings News – May 21, 2018

-A HUGE thank you to all families and teachers who participated in Sproutlings Strollers by donating diapers, taking part in our walk, or both! We look forward to making this a yearly tradition!

-We will be CLOSED May 28th for Memorial Day.  Join us as we march in the New Providence Memorial Day parade! We will be meeting at Sproutlings at 9:45 and marching as a school! The parade will be over at 11:00.

-Please also note that we will be closing early on Friday, June 15th at 4:30. All children (including the siblings of the graduates) must be picked up no later than 4:30so we can prepare our Pre K 4 students for their graduation. Graduation will begin at 5:00.


This week we had a few good days to get outside and enjoy the weather.  We love being outside with our friends. This past week we welcomed back Ms. Marie-Ester. We are very excited to have her back with us for the summer. She brings a lot of energy to our room! We enjoyed some quiet time reading our books and having books read to us. We crawled through our tunnel again, talked on the telephone ? to our friends and we also did some things we shouldn’t be doing. Some of us like to get into our toy bin.  We love to dump our toys out and climb into it. We have two new “walkers “ in the class. They’re taking in slowly but pretty soon they will be walking all around!

We are busy making our Poppy flowers for Memorial Day. We love to feel the paint on our hands. Our book this week was Good Night America by Adam Gamble and our song was “Baby Bumble Bee” ?.


This week in the Seedlings room,we had a fantastic time! We started the week off by celebrating Ryan’s 2nd birthday. We all loved having a birthday party with cupcakes and watermelon for the celebration. We had fun going outside in our playground and playing with the spray bottle. We love being able to see the mist in the air and then on ourselves. It’s a fun way to cool off! We also enjoyed coloring with crayons then making our own apples. It was a lot fun gluing the red paper and watching it stick! During circle time we sang/danced to I’m still standing and read Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? By Dr. Seuss.

Little Sprouts

We’ve been having so much fun in Little Sprouts ! We learned about healthy foods this week! For art, used bubble wrap as our paint brush and stamped paint onto fruit and veggie cut outs. We made apples, pineapple, bell peppers, and more! We also used fruit and veggie stamps and pressed them into ink pads to make yummy looking pictures! Miss Maddie brought in apples and cut them open so that we could see the seeds inside! We sorted pictures of fruits and veggies into groups with  our teachers help. This week, we read Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert and danced along to some of our favorite songs. We worked on learning the letters in our name, too. We crawled through tunnels and played with puzzles! As always, we had a lot of fun playing during Stretch and Grow and singing and dancing along with Miss Robin and Miss Karen from Elefante Music!


Wow. It is hard to believe our preschool year is winding down already.  Time flies when you having fun!!  This week in Beanstalks we continued our study of recycling and reviewed the letter W.  We practiced writing the W in salt, made shapes out of straws and used craft sticks to make the first letter in our names.  We also read the book Peter’s Chair and The Adventures of Gary and Harry which are our favorites right now. In art this week we made butterflies out of coffee filters, watercolor painted W’s and made a maraca using paper plates and beans.  Next week we will finish our study of recycling and review the letter X.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday.

Nursery 3

This week in Nursery 3 we continued our study of recycling and reviewed the letter W.  We practiced tracing the letter W and cutting the letter W as well.  We also used straws to make various shapes and craft sticks to make letters. In art we made coffee filter butterflies and watercolor painted the letter W. We also decided to go for a walk with our friends from Pre-K 3 to look for the “Litter Monster” and help keep our neighborhood clean!  They really enjoyed it but we didn’t find the “Litter Monster”. Next week we will finish our study of recycling and review the letter X.  Have a great weekend 🙂

Pre K 3

We had a busy week in Pre K-3! We continued our study of recycling and we reviewed the letter W. We traced the letter W and sorted our letter W sound box. We also used sticks to make letters and found letters in newspaper. In large group, we focused on how we can reuse junk. We learned we can make art, instruments, and so many other things out of junk! The kids reused Easter eggs to make instruments. We read the books The Adventures of Gary and HarryDon’t Lose It Reuse It! and Peter’s Chair. After reading Peter’s Chair the kids learned it is good to reuse things instead of going out and buying something new. We read our poem “The Litter Monster” again and recited it for Ms. Kerry!. In the science center we sorted trash. In math we made shapes with straws. Next week we will continue our study on recycling!

Pre K 4

We concluded our study on Authors and Illustrators this week with a look at nonfiction books. We learned about the table of contents, biographies, autobiographies, and glossaries. We discovered that nonfiction books could be about people, places, things, animals, or events in history. We read SharksSpaceDinosaursI am Jane Goodall, and  She PersistedThe class wrote about what they would  like to research for a nonfiction book.

We reviewed sight words were, an, your, can, which and there. We found “gr” blend sound words and wrote them on our whiteboards. We played feed the monster  a letter sound review game. We practiced our skip counting, counting by 10’s. The class explored shapes, creating tangrams. The class took a good look in the mirror and used what they saw to create a self-portrait.

Next week we will begin our countdown to graduation, reviewing all we have learned this year and getting ready to make the jump to kindergarten.