Sproutlings News – May 28, 2018

We will be closing early on Friday, June 15th at 4:30. All children (including the siblings of the graduates) must be picked up no later than 4:30 so we can prepare our Pre K 4 students for their graduation. Graduation will begin at 5:00.


Thank you to our families who joined us for the Memorial Day Parade.

We are so happy when we are able to go outside to play or take a walk. Thank you to Ms. Lu for the walks. Some of us are starting our transition into the Seedlings room. We’re enjoying our time with some new friends and some of our old friends. We have such a great time. Our room can get very messy at times. We are trying to clean up when we’re done playing with our toys.  It’s a tough job but we’re learning. We’re also making the most of tummy time.  Some of us are now creeping around.  We have a very busy room with our baby friends. Bubbles and more bubbles, we love trying to catch them.  Even our babies doing tummy time love watching them fall to the floor.  Our book this week was Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert and our song was “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” ?.


We had a fun filled time in the Seedlings room this week! It was great seeing some of our parents and children participating in the Memorial Day Parade. We loved seeing some of our friends in the crowds! This week we had fun developing our gross motor skills by crawling through our tunnels in the classroom. We loved identifying the different colors on the tunnels and trying to take turns into the tunnel one at a time. We also had a grand old time building with the huge blocks outside in the playground. We had fun learning how to play follow the leader and taking turns. During circle time we read Goodnight Already! By Jory John and Bennie Davies and sang “The Wheels on the Bus.”

Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts were under the sea this week! We learned about the ocean and animals who live in it. For art, we ripped up pieces of tissue paper to create colorful seahorses. We made paper bag jellyfish using dot markers of all colors and then cutting lines into the bag to make their squiggly tentacles! We also used ocean creatures stamps to make an underwater scene. This week, we read Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and danced along to our absolute favorite song, “Baby Shar”k.  We crawled through tunnels and played with puzzles! As always, we loved singing and dancing along with Miss Robin and Miss Karen from Elefante Music!


We have been busy this week with many fun science and sensory activities. We continued our study of recycling and reviewed the letter X.  We read the poem “Litter Monster” again and even tried to act it out too!  We traced the letter X and sorted through our X tub.  We have also been practicing making patterns. It is hard work! In art this week we did dot-painting and made an octopus using recycled toilet paper rolls.  In the block area we added our “big blocks” (made out of cardboard boxes) and made various structures with them. They are so tall! In science/sensory we added shredded paper to our sensory bin to explore and did an experiment with “tires” using Cheerios.  Next week we will conclude our study of recycling and review the letter Y.

Nursery 3

This week in Nursery 3 we continued our study of recycling and reviewed the letter X.  In language/literacy we read the book Dinosaur Woods and discussed the various recycled materials that were used in the story.  We sorted items for our letter X tub, traced the letter X and played “ What’s Missing” from our tub.  In math we explored the number pegs and asked the question which has more ? To introduce the concept of more or less. We also went on a “Silly Walk “ with our friends from Pre-k 3 which they really enjoyed. Next week we will close out our study on recycling and review the letter Y.

Pre K 3

We had a busy week in Pre K-3! We continued our study of recycling and we reviewed the letter X. We traced the letter X and sorted our letter X sound box. In large group we focused on how we can create less trash. We learned to create less trash we can recycle, give things away and compost. We learned what compost means and what  we can put in a compost. We read the books Something From Nothing, I Stink! and Peter’s Chair. In our sensory table we added shredded paper. We went on a silly willy walk with our friends from Nursery 3! The kids had a blast being silly on our walk. In art, we made flowers out of cardboard boxes and made trash collages. In the science center we sorted trash. Next week we will be finishing up our study on recycling! We going to review all that we learned!

Pre K 4

We concluded our study on Authors and Illustrators this week with a look at nonfiction books. We learned about the table of contents, biographies, autobiographies, and glossaries. We discovered that nonfiction books could be about people, places, things, animals, or events in history. We read SharksSpaceDinosaursI am Jane Goodall, and  She PersistedThe class wrote about what they would  like to research for a nonfiction book.

We reviewed sight words were, an, your, can, which and there. We found “gr” blend sound words and wrote them on our whiteboards. We played feed the monster  a letter sound review game. We practiced our skip counting, counting by 10’s. The class explored shapes, creating tangrams. The class took a good look in the mirror and used what they saw to create a self-portrait.

Next week we will begin our countdown to graduation, reviewing all we have learned this year and getting ready to make the jump to kindergarten.

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