Sproutlings News – November 27, 2017


-All students are required to have their flu shot by Friday, December 15th (with the exception of babies under 6 months of age). Please get documentation from your doctor to bring to Sproutlings.

-As always, please be sure to have a new Universal Health Record filled out at your child’s annual physical. Copies are available next to the bulletin board in the lobby. Please provide Kerry with an updated vaccination record whenever your child gets a new vaccine.

-In order for Sproutlings to administer any over the counter medication or prescribed medication, a Permission to Dispense Medication form must be filled out and signed by your child’s doctor. The medication must also be provided ahead of time by the family.

-Next week, the Beanstalks, Pre K 3, Pre K 4, Kindergarten and After Care students will be participating in Hour of Code. This is a global movement which pledges to expose children to computer science and introduce them to “coding.” Stay tuned to hear more!


We’ve been having a wonderful time since coming back from our Thanksgiving holiday.  We have been playing in our tunnel again.  It’s great fun crawling through.  We have been practicing signing.  Some of us can sign “more” and “thank you.”  It’s wonderful watching how quickly our Peapods are learning. We’re having fun sorting our jar caps to put in our big jar.  We also like to dump them out.  Reading is a favorite of ours.  Our book this week was Chanukah Bugs by David A. Carter and our song was “If You’re Happy And You Know It.”


We had a fun time in the Seedlings room this week. We enjoyed learning about transportation. We talked about cars, buses, trains, airplanes, and boats. We had an exciting time doing our projects because we painted tracks with cars, made traffic lights, and a school bus. We also had fun with playing with play dough and seeing what will sink or float in water. We had an awesome time walking on the blue line in our room and we also used it as a racetrack. We sang the “Red” song and read Calling All Cars by Sue Fliess and Sarah Beise during our circle time.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had a blast learning about transportation this week! We love playing with our trains and cars at school so we learned a little bit more about them! We read Trains Go by Steve Light and danced around to “Drive My Car” by Laurie Berkner. Our sensory table was filled with pom poms and boats. For art, we made cars using a paper plate and tissue paper. We also used trucks and dipped the wheels in paint to see the tracks they left! We worked on learning our colors and the letters in our name. We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and Elefante Music and learning new things in our Stretch-N-Grow class!


November was a great month. The children really enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast. A special thank you to our Beanstalk parents who participated!  This week in the Beanstalks, we continued our study of clothes and introduced a new letter of the week which was S.
In literacy, we talked about the letter S and it’s sound.  We also thought of words that began with the letter S as well.  In addition, we sorted items for our letter S tub and traced S’s using dot-paint which they really enjoyed.  We focused on two books: Something from Nothing andThe Paper Bag Princess. The question of the week was, “How do people make clothes?“  Our responses are hanging in our circle time area. Stop by and see! In math this week, we introduced the number 7 and played various math games such as matching buttons and counting buttons. We worked on one to one correspondence of numbers 1-10. In art this week we were busy as ever painting with purple, coloring silly snakes and dot painting S’s. In science/sensory, we discussed sewing and how  a person can sew to make clothes.  We explored a real sewing kit and touched various pieces of fabric to examine different textures.  In our sensory table, we had to become diggers to find the hidden S’s  buried in the sand.  What a busy week we had!

Pre K 3

We’ve had a great week in Pre K-3! This week we learned a new letter which was S. In literacy, we talked about the letter S and it’s sound. We practiced writing the letter S with purple paint. We also thought of things that start with the letter S. In math, we focused on the number 9. We counted with buttons in the math center and made patterns with them. The kids learned how to write the number 9. They did a great job! In art we designed our own t-shirts with crayons and hung them up in our library. We continued our study on clothes this week. We learned how clothes are made and what we can use to make clothes. In large group, we looked at different kinds of fabric and looked at tools that people use to sew. Our stories we read were The Girl Who Wore Too MuchSomething From Nothing and Abuela’s Weave. Next week we will be wrapping up our study on clothes. Next Friday, December 8th we are going to tie dye shirts with the kids to wrap up our clothing study. You can bring in a white t-shirt for the kids to tie dye. That would be great! Have a great weekend!

Pre K 4

This week we concluded our study on clothes. The class learned about sewing by hand and by sewing machine. We used large needles, yarn, and felt to practice sewing ourselves. We discussed how fabric pieces are cut and sewn along seams to create clothing. The class explored buttons of different shapes, sizes and colors and used them to create patterns. The children thought of different ways to sort themselves by the shirts they were wearing. We found different ways to use our colorful scarves to create shapes. The class celebrated all the had learned about clothes using different materials to design their own piece of clothing.

This week the class worked on the letter S, finding words that start with S and practicing to write it on paper, on chalkboards and on our Handwriting Without Tears app. Our color focus was on purple and the students got the chance to make purple mixing paints. This week’s books were The Girl Who Wore Too Much, Something From Nothing, and Abuela’s Weave. Next week, the class will participate in Hour of Code and we will be having a week long study on computer science.