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Sproutlings News – September 11, 2017


We had a very good week. Some of us had apples as a treat. We all enjoyed it.  We also painted apples to decorate our door. Crawling through the tunnel is lots of fun.  We  are very good at crawling very fast through it. Playing with our blocks and putting them in a container is sometimes a bit of a challenge but we keep practicing.  And as always we do tummy time with our friends. Our book this week was The Biggest Apple, and our song was One Little, Two Little, Three Little Apples.



This week’s theme was Apples! We had a great time practicing our fine motor skills by gluing red tissue paper to white paper to make red apples. We also had a great time feeling the texture of the sponges as we used them to make apple shapes. We also loved making bubbles in the sensory table with forks. We tried to make as many bubbles as possible. We had so much wearing our tye dye shirts on Friday. We were the most colorful class in the whole school! During Circle Time we sang “5 Red Apples” and read Dinosaurs’ Day Out by Nick Sharratt. Next week’s theme is Fall.

Little Sprouts

This week our theme was apples. We talked about how apples grow on trees and can come in different colors and sizes. We read a book called Ten Apples Up on Top and Clifford Apple Picking Day. We sang songs such as “10 Little Apples,”” Way Up High on the Apple Tree,” and “Apples and Bananas.” We filled our sensory table with apples and water and learned that some of our apples float! For art we made apple prints, painted with yellow, red, and green paint, and used red and green crayons on white paper. For our fine motor and gross motor skills, we worked grabbing the apples for the prints and holding a paintbrush. We used our science skills to follow a recipe and make applesauce! We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and learning new things in our Stretch-N-Grow class. Next week our focus will be on the start of Fall!


September is underway and still busy as ever. We are busy making new friends and settling down into our new routines. We still are learning new things on a daily basis.This week in Beanstalks, our theme was Apples. Our friends really enjoyed learning all about apples and the different things we can do with apples. In science/sensory we did “apple measuring.” We used apples to see the length of our body parts. They really enjoyed seeing their legs were 6 apples long! We also cut open an apple to see what was inside. Ask us what we discovered!
In art, we made apple prints, sponge painted apples and colored apples with crayons. In math, we counted our apple cards 1-10 and sorted them by color. Beanstalks really enjoyed our apple theme. Next week we will begin a study of trees.

Pre K-3

In Pre K-3 this week we focused on what we should do if we get sad or scared at school. As a class, we came up ways to help us if we get scared at school. We read the books Wemberly Worried and The Kissing Hand. The kids loved the ending of the Kissing Hand when Chester gives his mother a kiss in her hands. We practiced our cutting skills in the art center. In math this week we sorted objects by colors and in literacy we did a letter find. The kids had a blast finding the letter A! Next week we will be making Black Bean Corn Salad with the kids! We will be wrapping up our beginning of the year study next week!

Pre K 4

This week in Pre-K 4 we continued the beginning of the year study. We discussed emotions. We investigated the question “What should we do if we get scared, sad, or angry at school?” The class thought of many wonderful ways to deal with their emotions at school. The class created a quiet box and designated a place to go when they want to have some time alone when they are sad or angry. The class discovered more about themselves this week. We created a class height chart to find out how tall we are and see how we compare to classmates. We learned being older does not mean you will be taller. Each student took a look in the mirror and drew a self-portrait. We figured out what color to make our eyes, faces, lips, and hair. The class told stories about what back to school has been like for them.

In literacy, the class practiced writing using squishy paint bags to get a sensory feel for the shape of letters. We learned the difference between ending and beginning sounds of words. We used the same first sound to come up with silly names for ourselves. We used matching ending sounds to create matches and make a list of rhyming words. The class read, When Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry, When Sophie’s Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt, and The Kissing Hand. In math, we worked on our one to one correspondence. We found and counted groups of bear counters and buttons. We used our skills to add two groups together to find the total. We used our dry ease boards to write numerals.