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Sproutlings News – September 4, 2017

Reminder: Picture Day is this
Wednesday, September 13th!

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We welcomed our newest Peapod this week.  Ava has now joined us.  We’re very happy to have her with us. We played with our pop-up school bus crawling in and out of it.  We also started finger painting yellow school buses. We used our musical instruments and sang “The Wheels On The Bus.”  We’re getting plenty of tummy time and some of us are starting to roll and creep. The book this week was The Little School Bus.


We hope that everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! This week was all about coming back to school. We started our week off painting a big school bus using yellow paint. We then moved on to sitting in our school bus tent while singing the song “The wheels on the bus” along with using our gross motor skills doing the movements to the song. We used our fine motor skills in our matching board game which contained buses and apples. It was so nice talking about the color of the buses and apples while trying to find their matches on our buses and apple board. We rounded off the week taking turns driving our buses in our room on tracks that were made on the floor. The kids had so much fun trying to stay inside the lines of our “streets.”

Little Sprouts

This week our theme was School Buses. We read a book called The Wheels on the Bus and The Little School Bus. We sang songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus”, “I’m a Little School Bus,” and “The Lonely Bus Driver.” In our sensory table, we had sand and toy boats. For art, we made a dot art busses, painted with yellow paint, and used yellow crayons on white paper. For our fine motor and gross motor skills, we worked on cutting with scissors, we used our flash cards to go over our colors and shapes, and we used our bear counters to sort by color. We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss. Robin. 


Happy September! Our first month of preschool has begun and we are having lots of fun.  We are looking forward to and enjoyable school year and getting to know each child and family.  A few reminders for our families: Please label everything. We are working on our self help skills and becoming more independent and the children  are getting their own lunches and water bottles in and out the cubby. Things may get mixed up in the process which is why we will be shadowing them to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. Labeling will ensure that happens.  Also the weather is  changing and fall is upon us.  Please make sure you update the change of clothes in the cubbies. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or email me at  francine@sproutlingchildcare.com.

This week in Beanstalks we welcomed two new friends, Hunter and Gabriela.  Our theme this week was “School Buses.”  We talked about the color of a school bus and who rides the school bus.  In math we worked  on sequencing buses by size (big, medium, small) and counted buses ( 1-10) .  In the sensory table we added yellow legos to “build” a school bus in the sand.  The children really enjoyed making their buses.  In art we sponge painted a bus and colored a school bus.

Pre K 3

This week in Pre K-3 we started our beginning of the year study. We learned about all the centers we have in our classroom and the toys in them. In Math, we made patterns with buses, apples and pencils. In Art, we painted school buses with puff paint! In Literacy, the kids practiced tracing their names. We read the book Love Is a Family, the kids loved learning that every family is different. We made our own family tree and shared who is in our family. Next week, we will be answering the question, “What should we do if we get sad or scared at school?”

Pre K 4

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! We are off to a fantastic start in Pre K 4 with our beginning of the year study. This week we are focusing on names we need to know for at school. The class made a family tree and discussed the names of the people in our families. We began working on writing our last names. We came up with rules for our classroom, and discussed the difference between tattling and telling. The class loved our new attendance board and sign in book. In Literacy, our letter of the week was A. We practiced making upper and lower case a’s and thought up words that start with the “ah” sound. The class read stories about families, including Love is a Family, Quinito, Day and Night, and Wemberly Worried. The class learned about syllables in our clapping our names game.

In Math, the class focused on numbers in our center. We counted how many friends are in our class, how many centers we have, how many kids go in each, and how many classes in our building. We used the information we gathered counting to create maps of or center. We learned about distance and how we can use different types of measurements to find the size of something. Next week, the class will focus on feeling, discovering what we should do if we get sad or scared at school. If you have not sent in a family photo please bring one for us to add to our tree.