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Sproutlings News – July 31, 2017


This past week we had fun painting fish. We painted them all different colors. Once again, we danced to “Baby Shark.” It’s one of our favorite songs this summer. We played with our musical instruments. We love to shake the bells. In our sensory bags we had ice cubes. It was very cold. During story time we read Red Fish, Blue Fish, and one of our songs was “Once I Caught A Fish.”


This week’s themes were Rainbow Fish and Goldfish. The Seedlings had a great time practicing their fine motor skills by gluing different colored tissue paper to make their own Rainbow Fish. We also made a class mural by painting a blue background for the ocean then sponge painting fish on it. For our gross motor skills, we pretended to be fish. We loved swimming and blowing bubbles while we listened to ocean sounds. We read Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and sang, “Once I Caught A Fish Alive.” We had a goldfish tasting which we all loved. Thank you to all the parents who brought them in. We love to welcome Ryan Shlapakovsky and Leo Skontrianos to the Seedlings room. Next week’s theme is The Beach.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts would like to welcome Quinn to our class!
This week our theme was Rainbow Fish and Goldfish. We talked about all the different types of fish and how they are different colors. We read a book called The Rainbow Fish. We sang songs such as “I’m a Little Fishy,” “Five Little Fish,” and “1,2,3,4,5.” In our sensory table, we put blue water with sea animals. For art, we made a rainbow dot art fish, a colorful puff paint fish, a tissue paper fish, and a paper plate fish. We also made a special ocean snack and got to taste it. For our fine motor and gross motor skills, we worked on sorting our bear counters by color. We used play dough to try to make fish and we used our alphabet blocks to work on our alphabet. Next week our focus will be on The Beach.


Our theme in beanstalks this week was “Rainbow Fish.” We read the book Rainbow Fish and made paper plate Rainbow Fish. In blocks we added ocean animals. The children were very creative and even made a “beach” for the animals. We are starting to learn how to spell our names and our friends are doing a great job at recognizing certain letters in their first name. We will continue to work on this on a daily basis. Our Beanstalk friends enjoyed ” fishing for letters and numbers” during small group this week as well. As a reminder on the days we have water play your child is to come dressed and ready if they choose to participate. Also please keep in mind our cubbies are small and we don’t have room to store large bags. if you need have a bag please bring one that can be folded and put into the bottom of the cubby.
Have a great weekend and see you Monday 🙂

Pre K 3

This week in Pre K-3, we started our new study on Insects! As a class we made a chart of what we know about insects and what we would like to learn. We answered the question, “Where can we find insects?” We made bugs out of play dough. In Literacy, we read the book The Very Grouchy Lady Bug. We came up with words that started with the letter L and explored our “L” sound box. The children told us their own bug story. In Math, we sorted bugs by color and counted how many bugs were in each group. The children loved our swat the number game! We made patterns with different types of bugs. We made paper plate lady bugs in our art center. The kids used insects as stamps to make creepy crawly paintings. Next week we will be learning all about spiders.

Pre K 4

This week in Pre-k 4 we learned about insects and spiders. We made a chart of what we knew about spiders and insects and what we would like to learn about them. A fun game of insect memory was played and the class wrote a poem about insects and spiders. Using our imagination everyone created their own spiders by using marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzels. Another fun activity that we did was learn about the parts of an insect and then created our own pictures of an insect by putting body parts in the proper order. We had fun grouping insects and non insects . We used our fine motor skills to lace beautiful butterfly pattern cards. This letter of the week was S. We discussed the S sound and sorted objects with the letter S and other various letters into groups . The books that we read were: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Are You A Grasshopper, and Very Grouchy Lady Bug. We also created masks from the characters in The Three Billy Goats Gruff and used them to act out the story with our classmates. The songs that we learned were The Ants Go Marching and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Summer Camp


Theme: Pirates

Camp Activities: Water Play, Wightman’s Farm

This week at Sproutlings Summer Camp, we participated in several activities that were centered around our pirate theme. In Under the Sea, we learned about different sea creatures that live in the ocean and in the book Great Treasures we learned songs about pirates that were going on a treasure hunt. We also participated in a scavenger hunt where students had to locate various letters of the alphabet hidden around the room.

In science, we made treasure chest ice cubes using water and baking soda. We then added beads that represented the treasure. Once the treasure chest ice cubes froze, we placed the ice cubes into a tub and used vinegar to discover our treasures. We learned that this reaction was a product of the vinegar and baking soda mixing together to create bubbles! To end the week, we made pirate sensory bottles with sand, water, paperclips, and baby oil. We used magnets to move the paperclips from the bottom of our water bottle to the top. Students observed the baby oil and the water mixing together to create a new liquid in our bottles as well.

The highlight of our week was our field trip to the Wightman’s farm on Thursday morning. We enjoyed going on a hayride around the farm and learning about the different fruits and vegetables that were being grown. The hayride dropped us at the part of the farm where flowers were being grown. We used scissors to cut flowers to bring home and learned that the cutting of the flowers helps more flowers grow! To end the trip, we enjoyed eating our snack at picnic tables located around the farm!

Stay tuned for next week’s theme: Fossils!