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Sproutlings News – May 5, 2017


  • We are closed Monday May 29th for Memorial Day, please join us at the New Providence Parade
  • Our Quiver Farms chicks will arrive June 7th
  • We will close at 4:30 June 16th for Pre K 4 and K graduation


This was a great week!  We pushed and pulled some toys back and forth.  Some of us used a walker; how fast we can go!
We explored by crawling over a quilt that had big pillows under it.  It was bumpy.
We read Eric Carle’s  ABC Book and sang Baby Bumble. ?


This week in the Seedlings class our theme was Butterflies and Life Cycles. We used our fine motor skills and colored all different sizes of butterflies using many colors of crayons. We made butterflies using coffee filters and clothes pins. The children learned new songs about butterflies: I’m a Butterfly and Five Little Butterflies.
We worked on our gross motor skills and enjoyed the weather on the playground while using our arms to flutter around and fly like butterflies. We had so much fun reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar: it is one of our favorite books . While reading the book we feed our class caterpillar the food that was named in the story. Every time a food item was named a child would give the caterpillar that food. We loved learning about caterpillars and butterflies. Next week our theme is Mother’s Day and Families.

We would like to welcome our new friend Donovan to our room!

*SEEDLING PARENTS – please send in a photo of your family as we will be using it for a project next week.*


Little Sprouts

This week our theme was Butterflies and Life Cycles. We focused on how butterflies start out as caterpillars and the steps they take to bloom into beautiful differently colored butterflies. We read two books related to caterpillars: Is that a Caterpillar? and Biscuit in the Garden. We sang Pretty Butterfly, and Butterfly, Butterfly.

In our sensory table we splashed and played with water. During art we created many different art projects . We made tissue paper butterflies, caterpillars on popsicle sticks, dot art butterflies, a paper plate caterpillar, and we marble painted a butterfly. For our fine motor skills we used pasta to lace onto pipe cleaners, we sorted buttons by color, and we went fishing with magnets and picked up the alphabet.

Next week our focus will be on Mothers Day and Families!

 Pre K 3

This week we investigated where does trash go and what do the workers do there. We discussed landfills and recycling centers. We sorted our junk and decided where it should head. We learned how they turn old cans and bottle into new things.

In Math, we rolled dice and found a corresponding number of  labels to help us recognize groups of objects. We played a Recycling board game, traveling the path our cans take to the Recycling center. We discovered a way to tell how big around a sphere is using string, a ruler and different size balls.

In Literacy, we used nursey rhymes to find words with the same ending sound. We used environmental print to add to our recycling books and  do a letter search, finding as many letters as we could on labels. The book Sam Helps Recycle  taught us about objects made of  recycled material, and Radio Man told us about life as a child of migrant workers and how to be friends even when apart.

We made litterbugs in art out of things we would otherwise have thrown away. The children designed their own cereal boxes using paint and brushes.  We learned the Recycle Song and dramatic played being workers in the landfill.

Next week we will investigate how trash affects our community and complete our study with a celebration of all we have learned.


We were busy in the Beanstalks room this week! In math we sorted and classified different objects such as toy food and animals, and we worked on story problems to understand everyday conflicts that require simple math skills to solve.

In literacy we used props to reenact The Three Little Pigs and played a “What’s Missing?” game to test our memories. We used our fine motor skills cutting up recycled print and even got to help our teachers use a can crusher to recycle metal cans. We also added more to our compost pile, made musical instruments from recyclables, and had discussions about things we found on our walks and places where we should and shouldn’t put trash.

Prekindergarten 4

Wow time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and oh my did it.! We are already in May! This week we introduced a new study: Building. We discussed what we know about building this week and thought of things we would like to know. We explore these topics about buildings over the next few weeks through our investigations.  The kids had a blast on our field trip to Summit Speech School for the Teddy Bear Clinic.

In Literacy/ Language we reviewed the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. We also introduced a new word family, the “in” family. The children came up with several words that are in the “in” family. We are still working hard on writing our first and last names. Thank you for continuing to work with us, we appreciate it.

In Math, this week we focused on the number 21. We used playdough to form the numeral and the children drew pictures to illustrate the one to one correspondence. We have introduced counting by tens which can be a challenge at first. A fantastic way to encourage them is to do it along with your child.

In Science, this week we are learning to experiment independently. We are constructing various buildings using small Legos. The children are real enjoying being “engineers” and designing their buildings.

Next week we will continue our study on buildings and be celebrating Mother’s Day with something special… just wait and see!

Have a great weekend.