Sproutlings News – Week of February 21 & March 4


Parents, remember your key card. We have noticed that many parents are ringing the bell or waiting for another parent to open the door. If you have lost your key card, you must contact Kerry so she can deactivate your old key card and issue a new one.

-In honor of National Children’s Dental Health month, Dr. Singh of Singh and Smile Pediatric Dentistry is visiting our Pre K 3 and Pre K 4 students next Monday at 10 am!

-This week, our Sproutlings’ students named the baby chicks. Each class adopted a few chicks to name! Among our favorites were: Opal, Fluffy, Goldie, Jack, Diamond, Chickie, and Pirate. The chicks will soon travel to the Shaheeds’ farm in New York.

Peapod I

This past week we were busy moving around our room.  Some are “creeping “ around and some are “army” crawling.  It’s getting very busy. We were stacking our blocks which is a favorite thing to do.  We are also practicing our signing.  We’re starting early getting ready for Dr Seuss’ birthday.  Miss Lu read our book of the week One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Our song was “Baby Bumble Bee.”

Peapod II

What a week we had in Peapods II! Last week, we welcomed our new friends into our room and showed them some our favorite songs and toys. In honor of Dr.Seuss day, we made hand print Horton Hears A Who elephants, and hand prints of Thing 1 and 2. We read and sang along to the book Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr.Seuss. This week, we began our St.Patrick’s Day decorations!


We have been having a blast in the Seedlings classroom! We have been spending some extra time in the Big Room. We can’t wait until the snow melts! We had a great time with bubbles this week. We love trying to pop them! We played with boats in our water table. We enjoyed seeing if they would sink or float. We are so sad to be saying goodbye to two of our friends this month. We will miss Maddie and Dean so much! Good luck on both of your moves!


This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss! We had so much fun learning about one of our favorite authors! We learned about Dr. Seuss’ popular characters and read many of his books like Hop on Pop and the Cat in the Hat. We reviewed the letter D. We had fun looking around the classroom to find the letter D. We made hot air balloons inspired by Oh the places you’ll go and talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up. In math, we practiced counting and our one to one correspondence, numbers 1-10. Next week we will go back to our construction unit! Have a great weekend.

Little Sprouts

This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss in the Little Sprouts classroom! We read Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. We sang ‘Going to the Zoo.” Our sensory table was filled with shredded white paper with green garland pieces and plastic gold coins. For art, we used dot art markers to make bears, decorated crazy socks, and traced our hands to make a flower for the upcoming season of spring. We worked on sorting shapes and matching them to their prospective slots in the lid of a bucket. We also learned about what words start with different letters of the alphabet. We are getting better at recognizing them every day. We’ve been enjoying learning new songs and movements during our music class with Miss Michelle from Elefante Music and we can’t wait to see what our coaches from Stretch-N-Grow are going to show us next week. Next week, our theme will be St. Patrick’s Day!


This week in Saplings, we had a fun time learning all about Dr.Seuss. We read a lot of the books he wrote. Our favorite books we read were The Cat in The Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. In literacy we continued our handwriting skills. Our letter this week was the letter “C.” The kids also matched upper case and lower case letters with red and blue fish. In math, the kids counted from 1-10 placing red and blue fish in the fish bowl. For Wacky Wednesday, the kids got to find 13 wacky things in our classroom and colored under the table upside down. They thought it was so silly!

Last week we learned all about hibernation. In large group, the kids learned what animals hibernate, adapt and migrate in the winter. Also we played a fun game in large group called “Sleeping Bear.” The kids had a blast waking our sleeping bear and guessing which friend woke them from their sleep.In math this week we played a hibernation board game with bears and learned what the words “more” and “less” mean. In literacy, we continued our handwriting skills. This week we focused on the letter “U.” Also we practiced our letter recognition of upper and lower case letters. The stories we read this week were Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner and Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming. Next week, we are going to learn all about Dr.Seuss!

Next week we are going to continue our study on building. We’re going to be learning what buildings are made of.

Pre K 4

The Oaks and the Maples

This week in Oaks and Maples, the children continued their investigation of outer space. We discussed constellations and how they are like pictures in the sky. Showing an interest in how rocket ships fly, we decided to conduct an experiment making our own flying rocket ship. Using a straw, string, and a balloon, the children made predictions on how far air would push our rocket ship across the string.
The children worked on letter sounds and their fine motor skills by clipping clothes pins to pictures that start with a particular letter. The children enjoyed the story Moustronaut by Mark Kelly.

Last week in Oaks and Maples, the children were learning about the phases of the moon. Using Oreo cookies, the children scraped away icing to shape the different phases.

     In celebration of Dr.Seuss’ 87th Birthday, the children enjoyed several Dr.Seuss books, laughing at the silly words and putting together rhyming words. The children had an opportunity to participate in the Cat In The Hat STEM Challenge which required using small plastic cups and popsicle sticks. Steady hands and a whole lot of patience and creativity were required!