Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of February 17th


  • Please hand in an updated Vaccination Record to the office each time your child receives a vaccine. A new Universal Health Record is required after each yearly physical. Blank copies are available in the lobby.

Peapod I

This week in the Peapod room, we were quite active.  We are climbing, wearing our toy bin on our heads, and some are starting to learn how to pull themselves up.  We even have a couple that are getting ready to walk.  It’s so exciting! We enjoyed music time and even got a little “dancing” in.  Ms. Lu read our book of the week Llama, Llama, Home with Momma by Anna Dewdiney and our song was “You Are My Sunshine.”

Peapod II

The long weekend is over and we were full of energy this week! We hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day and got to rest this President’s Day. Our dance parties were so much fun this week, especially when Ms.Robin was here. We love when she comes and sings with us! The “Animals on the Train” song is one of our favorites and we like to join in singing with her! The weather has been so nice this week and we spent a lot of time playing outside. We also got to read a good book about napping, Big Enough for a Bed.  Daylight savings is in two weeks and we have to get ready for our parents and teachers for nap time!


What a wonderful week the Seedlings had! We enjoyed coloring on special paper that was raised and had different designs.  It was fun to feel and see what our coloring would do to the designs.  We loved having sponges in the sensory table.  We like to see how much water that the sponges are able to hold.  We like the feeling of squeezing them in our hands too.  We also did a lot of races in the indoor playground and we’re getting pretty great at counting to 3 and going.  It takes us a lot of patience to wait to count to 3 and then running.  During circle time we sang  “Do a deer” and read “ Goodnight Moon Margaret Wise Brown.

Little Sprouts

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the nice long weekend. This week in Little Sprouts, we are talking about Chinese New Year. We read the The Great Race by Dawn Casey. During circle time, we talked about the history of Chinese New Year and the animals that symbolize the years. We learned that we are in the year of the rat. For art, we made paper fans and decorated them using dot paint. Our sensory table is filled with the Chinese New Year animals and water. We pretended to wash the animals. We had so much fun singing and dancing with Miss Michelle from Elefante Music. Next week we will be learning about Dr. Seuss and Read Across America. Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Beanstalks had so much fun learning about buildings this week! We learned all about the materials used to build strong and sturdy buildings. We reread The Three Little Pigs and talked about why the Big Bad Wolf could blow over the straw and stick house, but not the brick house. We learned that steel, concrete, bricks and sometimes glass can be used to build buildings. We pretended to be the Big Bad Wolf and blew on different objects to see if we could move them. Our wooden blocks would not blow away but our feathers did! We are still loving the magnet tiles and we make more intricate towers everyday. We made the three little pigs houses using construction paper and practiced gluing. We had fun singing and dancing with Miss Michelle from Elefante Music and with Miss Robin! Next week, we will finish our study on buildings. Have a great weekend!

Beanstalks II

Beanstalks II loves reading. This week we read The Three Little Javelinas by Susan Lowell and Building a House by Byron Barton.

Beanstalks II used water paints to paint a house or a tower. We also built with cut up cardboard and nuts and bolts. We made some cool things.  The kids enjoyed playing “I spy shapes” around the room. We found our clock (a circle), our door (a rectangle) and many other shapes. The children worked hard on tracing lines and writing the letter Ee. The classroom has a few new puzzles that the children like to make as they work together.


It’s been a fun week building in the Saplings room. This week, we focused on material used to make buildings and all the different kinds there are. The children talked about what job they would like to do if they were construction workers. A lot of them want to paint and put up the walls. Our story this week was Building a House by Bryon Barton.  In literacy the class continued working on their handwriting skills. This week, the children learned how to write the letter “G”. Also in literacy we made street signs using our names. The kids thought it was so silly to use their names. In math, the children counted stones and put them in the dump truck. We talked about how dump trucks come to construction sites to drop off stone and dirt for the workers. Have a great weekend!

PreK 4

In honor of Dental Health Month, the children have been learning about proper care of their teeth. We learned which foods are healthy for teeth and which types of foods we should limit. Together we discussed proper brushing techniques and how to floss and the importance of visiting a dentist regularly.

In keeping with the dental theme, the children were given toothy smiley faces with numbers or sight words written on the teeth and were asked to recognize the number or word and then brush it away with a toothbrush.

The children started the week with their journals.  This weeks question was “How do we keep our teeth healthy?”. The children wrote down their answers and then had an opportunity to make a mouth with teeth out of paper and stickers to add to their journal entry.

We sorted letters and numbers, giving the children a chance to refine their small motor skills by practicing with scissors. The children cut each letter and number out and sorted them and then glued them onto the correct tooth fairy bag.

This weeks favorite book was The Night Before the Tooth Fairy by Natasha Wing. Next week, the children can look forward to activities based on the book The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt.