Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of February 10th


  • We will be closed on Monday 02/17/2020 for President’s Day


  • Please hand in an updated Vaccination Record to the office each time your child receives a vaccine. A new Universal Health Record is required after each yearly physical. Blank copies are available in the lobby.

Peapod I

This week we continued to practice putting our jar caps in the big jar.  Some of us are so good, we can do it by ourselves! We also enjoyed Ms. Lu’s bubbles.  Trying to catch them is so much fun.  We are also rearranging the cribs.  Some of us have learned how easy it is to move the cribs all around. Our book this week was Porcupine Valentine by Aaron Zenz and our song was “If You Love Me and You Know It.”

Peapod II

Happy Valentine’s Day!️ We celebrated this week by giving our friends a lot of hugs, and sharing our toys. We got to go to the indoor playground this week; it’s fun playing with our Seedlings and Little Sprouts friends. We also got to practice our walking in the hallway; we always make sure to say hello to Ms. Donna and Ms. Lu in Peapods 1. This week we sang “The Wheels on the Bus” with Ms. Robin and read Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! illustrated by Felicia Bond.


We had a fantastic time celebrating Valentine’s Day! The Seedlings absolutely loved their party and want to thank Sara Stevenson for making it possible!  We had a fun time getting our hands dirty by making a sponge heart mural for our classroom.  We discovered that when you mixed white and red paint together, you get pink paint! Very exciting stuff!  In our sensory table, we were   exploring with water and our heart sponges.  We were amazed by what happens when you squeeze a sponge when it’s full of water.  During circle time, we read Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney and sang “Happy Birthday.”

Little Sprouts

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week in Little Sprouts, we talked all about Valentine’s Day. During circle time, we read Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff and Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day by Norman Bridwell. We sang “I love you, You love me” and “Down by the Bay.” For art, we decorated our Valentine’s Day gift bags and painted hearts using red paint and marbles. Our sensory table is filled with foam hearts that we love to squeeze! We also had a Valentine’s Day party and exchanged cards. We had so much fun sharing our cards with our friends! Thank you to the parents who volunteered to bring in snacks for our party! Have a great weekend and stay warm!


Happy Valentines Day from Beanstalks! We continued our study on buildings this week. We learned all about the tools used to build and the construction vehicles construction workers use to help them build. We had lots of fun learning about bulldozers and cranes, as well as hammers and drills. We read Whose Tools? and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.

We loved playing with magnet tiles to make cool buildings. We practiced measuring and comparing the size of tools with our unifix cubes and building towers and counting how many blocks we used. We had fun celebrating Valentine’s Day and handing out valentines to our friends. We enjoyed working on spelling our names and working on learning new letters and the sounds they make. Enjoy the long weekend!

Beanstalks II

This week in Beanstalks II, we had a lot of fun learning about our school!  We talked about our building; Sproutlings! We talked about how many classrooms we have here and we made a map of the top floor of Sproutlings. We continued to build with Lincoln Logs and blocks.

Beanstalks II learned how to write the letter F. We practiced our alphabet. Coloring was a big hit this week so look in cubbies for lots of pictures to hang on your refrigerators.

We read House, Sweet House by Judith Bauer Stamper, Celebrating Valentine’s Day by Kimberly Roark and we continue to review the Three Little Pigs story.


This week in Saplings, we continued our building study. We explored our building at school. We counted how many classrooms, windows and doors are in our building. We also made a map of our school! Our letter this week was “Q”. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we decorated bags. In math, the children sorted hearts by size order.

PreK 4

This week in PreK 4, the children had fun doing Valentine’s Day activities.  During our large group  time, we read Valentine’s Day Books and the children made a list of all the reasons they loved PreK 4. Their favorite book this week was Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal.  We used candy hearts to make a color graph.  The children learned how to count by using tally marks. They also used the candy hearts to create and finish patterns.

We did a science experiment using skittles. The children saw how hot water melted the sugar causing the colors to run and form a heart shape.

Using Valentine envelopes, the children placed letter stamps on them to finish words and understand letter sounds.

The children enjoyed their Valentine’s Day party. Thank you very much for all your help.