Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of January 27th


  • We will be closed on Friday 02/14/2020 for Staff training and Monday 02/17/2020 for President’s Day


  • Please hand in an updated Vaccination Record to the office each time your child receives a vaccine. A new Universal Health Record is required after each yearly physical. Blank copies are available in the lobby.

Peapod I

We were so happy to see the sun come out for a couple of days this week.  We’re looking forward to being able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather.
Some of us had fun crawling through our tunnel.  We went back and forth through it.  We were feeling pretty brave!  Some of our us are discovering ourselves in the mirror and we like what we see!  We are also learning to play with each other with our toys.
This week, we had music with Ms Robin.  We all enjoyed it very much and are excited to learn new songs. Our book this week was LLAMA,LLAMA, Home with Mama and our song was “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Peapod II

What a great week we had in Peapod II to end January! Ms. Robin came in and helped us learn new songs. We were very good listeners and clapped at the end of each song because the dances were so silly! Our teachers helped sing “Jungle Boogie Oogie” because that was our favorite. We had so much fun playing and reading with our new books too! Our favorite ones were the books that had different textures on each page. We used our sense of touch to feel the fur and feathers of the different animals. The Quack! Quack! book published by Priddy Books was the one we shared the most! Not only did it have fun pages that we could touch, but our teachers helped us make the noises the animals made too! We also celebrated two birthdays this week, and we are all officially over one year old in Peapods II! January was a lot of fun, but we can’t wait for February to start!


This week in the Seedlings room was exciting!  We had fun trying to glue red pieces of construction paper to hearts.  We’re swinging into Valentine’s Day season.  We also enjoyed using our dot art to express ourselves.  We also loved being able to go outside when it wasn’t too cold or rainy. We were very lucky to have some books donated to our classroom; the kids enjoy reading the new books! We played with our sensory table that had boats and water in it.  It was great seeing how the boats float on the water.  During circle time, we sang and danced to “Hot Potato” and read “Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricella.”

Little Sprouts

What a fun week we had in Little Sprouts! The theme for this week was snow and snowflakes. We read The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming and The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We sang “Five Little Snowmen” and “I’m a Little Snowman.” For art, we colored pictures of a snowman and snowflakes using crayons. Our sensory table is filled with white shredded paper to resemble snow. We’re sad that there is no snow outside to put in our sensory table. For small group, we worked on learning our colors and matching animals with their tails. We had so much fun with our coaches from Stretch-n-Grow and Little Hearts! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Beanstalks II

This week in Beanstalks II, we started a new study on buildings. We talked about our own houses, what they look like and what makes up their house (Windows, doors, bedroom, bathrooms, and color of their house). The children were very excited to share information about their house with their friends during large group. The children enjoy looking at buildings from around the world. Each day at snack, the children ask about the pictures on the wall and which country each picture is located. The pictures are from China, Russia, France, India and the United States.

We read The Three Little Pigs retold by Bonnie Dobkin and Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins. We built the three houses of the pigs. We created shapes by gluing Q-tips together. Also, our snowmen lost their buttons! So we counted the correct number of buttons to match the number on the snowmen’s hat, in order to redress the snowmen. It has been fun being able to get outside in this nicer weather.


This week in Saplings, we started our new study on buildings. To start our study off we explored what buildings are made for, made with, made by, where there located and systems in buildings. The children talked about the parts of buildings and what they are made of. We talked about what we know and want to learn about buildings. The children used building clip cards to identify numbers, count in numerical order and number comparisons. Using Q-tips the children made three dimensional shapes.

Literacy this week we focused on the letter “C”. The children learned to make the letter “C”; it’s one big curve.  Our stories we read this week were The Three Little Pigs retold by Bonnie Dobkin and Changes Changes by Pat Hutchins. In small group, the children used yellow, brown, and red paper to build the three little pigs houses.

Next week, we will be learning about buildings in our neighborhoods and our homes. Our letter next letter is “O”.

PreK 4

The children were excited to continue our investigation of Arctic Animals this week.  We focused on the Polar bear and comparing it to what we learned last week about the penguins. The children worked on math skills by learning to measure using Arctic animal picture cards.

The children worked on letter recognition by matching flashcards and digging for letters in sand. We also worked on rhyming words using clip cards.

During our large group time, we talked about Groundhog Day. The children made predictions as to whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. We read the book The Night Before Groundhog Day by Natasha Wing.

The children made Valentine decorations using glue and glitter. We talked about how we were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our classroom .

Next week, the children can look forward to learning about Walruses and and a science experiment using ice.