Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of March 22

Reminders and Upcoming Events:

  • The New Providence Lions Club is hosting an Easter Car Parade tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th at 9:30 AM in the New Providence Community Pool Parking lot. There will be free gifts and balloons for kids and maybe even some familiar Sproutlings faces! Thank you to the Pre K 4 classes for making our Sproutlings banner.
  • When making vacation plans, please be sure you are following the most updated travel restrictions which may require quarantining and/or testing. https://covid19.nj.gov/faqs/nj-information/travel-and-transportation/are-there-travel-restrictions-to-or-from-new-jersey
  • As always, please provide documentation whenever your child receives a vaccination. New Universal Health Records are due at your child’s annual physical each year. If you need a copy, please email Kerry at sproutlings.info@gmail.com


We had a week full of discovering. Some of us discovered our family pictures. We were very excited and happy to see our families ❤️.

We also are learning how some toys work. We found out that we have to press a few buttons to make our toy pop up. We have also found that some of us have favorite toys and sometimes it’s not easy sharing. Guess this is our introduction to learning how to share!

We had a surprise reader this week-Ms Grace. Ms Grace read one of our books of the week Is It Passover Yet? by Chris Barash and Ms Lu read We Love to Sing Along by Caroline Jayne Church. Ms Marisol helped us sing our song this week “Spring is Here.” We would like to wish our families who celebrate a very joyous Passover.

Peapod II

Welcome to Spring in Peapod 2! We’ve been playing outside and avoiding the rain! We’re learning how to stack blocks and put our pop blocks together! It’s been a very exciting week! We’ve been reading Highlight Hello and Elmo at the Zoo. Our sign this week is “mom” – we’re all picking up our new signs quickly, some of us are starting to use our words with our signs.


What a great week the Seedlings had! We really enjoyed going outside to our playground.  We worked on our gross motor skills by climbing on the mushrooms and jumping off of them. We were getting really creative on how we were jumping off and trying to do some cool spins and awesome landings! Olympics, here we come!

In our room, we had a fantastic time getting creative with our crayons and dot art markers.  We think that the best part is hanging it up ourselves. When we couldn’t go outside due to the weather, we enjoyed spending time in our indoor playground. We are able to ride out cars, run, kick balls, and a ton of other things!  During circle time we sang our “ABCs.” We are very interested in the alphabet this week.  We read This is Not My Hat  by Jon Kalssen.

Little Sprouts

We are jumping into Spring in the Little Sprouts! This week we’ve enjoyed multiple fine motor and sensory flower activities. We worked on recognizing sunflowers and tulips. We decorated our own rain boots with paint dots to add to our fun April door decorations!!  “April showers bring MUD!”

We’ve been doing such a great job with sharing and being kind to our friends and teachers. Dance parties are so much fun and great exercise, we’ve learned some new moves to get those sillies out! Our classes favorite book this week has been Baby Beluga!

Happy Passover to our families who are celebrating this weekend!


We had lots of fun this week in the Saplings classes learning all about who builds buildings and what tools they use. We started the week building a tower as tall as ourselves and then we made tool boxes and discussed what tools might be inside them. We used nuts and bolts to create colorful paintings and had fun playing with the rock slime that we made. We stretched the rock slime and practiced our scissor skills as we cut it – lots of messes but so much fun!!

During our large group discussions we got to see, touch and feel lots of different building materials, tools and safety equipment. Our Hand Writing without Tears letter this week was “O” and we practiced our writing skills and coloring skills on the practice page. Some of the books we read included Building a House by Byron Barton and Build It from A-Z by Trish Holland.

Pre K 4

This week in Pre K 4 we learned all about plants and flowers. The children learned all the parts of a plant. They discussed everything they have and need to survive and the stages of a plant life cycle .

The children were able to create their own flowers while doing an art project and a math journal. The children were also able to make predictions about what will happen when dye is left in a flower’s water.

The letters of the week were “L” and “U.” The children were able to practice them with Handwriting Without Tears. Handwriting was also practiced while doing journals and answering an open ended question while doing their math journal and writing about their flowers.

Some of the books the children enjoyed this week were Goodbye Winter Hello Spring, A Rainbow of My Own and Fletcher And The Spring Time Blossom.

Happy Passover to our friends who are celebrating this weekend!