Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of April 5

Reminders and Upcoming Events:


The Peapods had a wonderful week. Some of us are trying new foods and starting to feed themselves. We are growing so fast. Our fine motor skills are getting a lot of use. Some of us are also working on stacking our blocks. We are having so much fun playing and some of us like to chase each other around our room!

Ms Lu read our books this week Grow it! By Georgie Birkett and Let It Rain by Maryann Cocoa-Leffler. Ms Marisol helped us sing our song, “The Itsy Betsy Spider.”

Peapod II

We’ve been having so much fun in Peapod II exploring farm animals. We’ve been practicing the different sounds each animal makes. In our sensory bin, we played with our farm animals and pretend hay. Our song of the week was “Old Mac Donald.” We have been practicing our sign language every day. Many of our friends can ask for “more” and say “please” and “thank you.”


What’s blast the Seedlings had this week!!  We got to go outside a lot and enjoyed our fun playground. We love working on our gross motor skills by jumping off of the mushrooms, climbing on the caterpillar, running away, and racing with our cars. We really enjoyed pretending that our caterpillar is a train and we go to different places all the time.

While in our classroom, we had a fun learning the alphabet. We’re so excited and patient when learning them! The Seedlings have been building so many towers and we love to help one another and see how tall we can get them!

We  also have been exploring with our puzzles, sensory blocks, and our ABCs on and go letters.  We’re thrilled when we hear them snap into place!  The Seedlings had a great time coloring with our crayons and seeing what we can create.  Some of us can draw a circle!

During circle time, we read  The Color Monster by Anna Llenas and sang “ The Wheels on The Bus.”

Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts had a wonderful week filled with LOTS of sunshine, dancing, a lot of time outside, building of towers with different blocks. We enjoyed building with and exploring the different textures of blocks we have in our classroom, dot art, puzzles, color naming, ABCs, and counting!


This week in Saplings, we used our imagination to create buildings from packing peanuts, cups and index cards. The children made their houses out of popsicle sticks then drew a picture of their family inside their home. They used their counting skills and color recognition while counting shapes and coloring them in the house. Saplings children also practiced writing letter “Gg.”

Pre K 4

This week in Pre K 4 the children began an investigation of insects. During our large group time the children learned that insects have 6 legs, 3 body parts and 2 antennae. We named different types of insects and how they differed from each other. The children enjoyed stories such as Leo the Lightening Bug by Eric Drachman and Little Ant and the Butterfly by S.M.R. Saia.

We worked on our math skills by creating a ladybug for our math journal. The children created a ladybug from construction paper, counted the ladybugs spots and then wrote a corresponding addition equation. We practiced recognizing numbers through 20 by rolling dice and counting the dots and placing a marker on the correct number.

Our letters of the week were “Y” and “Z.” The children continued working on their penmanship and letter formation through HWT.  In addition, the children named words beginning with “Y” and “Z” and well as identifying additional letters and their beginning letter  sounds.

Next week the children will continue investigating bugs as well as learning about Ramadan.