Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of October 28


  • Please hand in an updated Vaccination Record to Kerry each time your child receives a vaccine. A new Universal Health Record is required after each yearly physical.
  • All children in the center will be required to have a flu shot no later than December 20th. Please provide documentation of your child’s flu shot to Kerry. Thank you for helping us keep all of our records up to date!

Peapod I

This week on Halloween  we were very excited to be able to wear our costumes to school!  Despite the rain, we had a great time at the parade. All of the older kids clapped when we came into the room. It is always fun to see all the different costumes everyone wears. Day by day we’re growing and learning new things.  Some of us are now eating table food.  It’s a very big milestone in our development (and it tastes good). We are enjoying watching Ms Lu and the bubbles.  It’s pretty amazing to see them bounce.

Our book this week was Pumpkin Light by David Ray and our song was “Down by the Spooky Bay.”

Peapod II

This week we celebrated Halloween in Peapods II! We danced to the “Monster Mash” and read spooky stories. Our favorite was Spooky Pookie by Sandra Boynton. We made footprint ghosts and handprint spiders to decorate our classroom. We were a big hit in the Halloween parade!


Happy Halloween from the Seedlings! We had a blast this week exploring pumpkins! On Wednesday, Miss Bridget carved a pumpkin and we got to touch the pumpkin guts! Some of us loved touching the squishy insides. Some of us did not like the way it felt. We had fun coloring jack-o-lanterns orange. On Halloween, we had our annual parade. We loved seeing everyone in their costumes! We finished the day with a class party. Thank you to all our parents who brought food! We are continuing to work on our puzzles. It is hard work getting the pieces to fit!

Little Sprouts

Happy Halloween! We had a lot of fun with our Halloween theme this week. We read Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anne Dewdney and Little Goblins Ten by Jane Manning. We sang “Who Took the Candy?” and “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat?” For art, we painted our handprint on a big pumpkin as well as painted individual baby pumpkins. Everyone looked awesome in their Halloween costumes for the parade. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to bring in snacks for our party! We had so much fun! Next week we will be talking about our favorite things. We are excited to see what our coaches from Stretch-N-Grow and Little Hearts are going to show us next week! Have a great weekend!


Happy Halloween from the Saplings class! 🎃 We had a great time walking in our Halloween parade and seeing all of the other classes dressed up. This week the class learned about different types of animals that live in trees! As a class we made a chart of animals that live in trees. We also talked about the homes that animals make in trees. In our science center the kids got to explore a birds nest. This week we read Who Lives in Trees? by Trish Holland and Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever! by Don Freeman. For Halloween we painted mini pumpkins. In math, the kids counted with candy corns and matched spiders with the right number. In literacy, we continued working on our handwriting skills.

Pre K 4

This week in PreK 4 the children did several fun Halloween themed activities. Using toothpicks and pumpkin candy, the children participated in a STEM challenge. They had a blast figuring out how many different ways they could build using just what they were given. This weeks science experiment involved mixing baking soda and vinegar. The chemical reaction allowed a balloon to fill with air. The children used the scientific method to make predictions and estimations on whether or not more baking soda or more vinegar would allow the balloon to grow smaller or larger.

Our math activities this week consisted of number recognition, one to one correspondence, and number order and sequencing. The children counted out pumpkin seeds into corresponding numbered buckets and cut out ghost pictures which required them to glue the ghost onto another piece of paper in the correct numerical order. Using a witch’s cauldron and recipe cards, the children were invited to make a witch’s brew consisting of pumpkins, vampire teeth, eyeballs and spiders! This activity had the children reading a recipe card and counting out the correct number of ingredients. They then used tongs to pick up each ingredient, strengthening their fine motor skills.

Our favorite books this week were  Room On A Broom by Julia Donaldson and  Skeletons Are Not Spooky by Duds and Kane. Next  week the children can look forward the letter M for Show & Share.