Sproutlings Newsletter: Week of September 16 and 23

Peapod I

Week of September 16: The Peapods had a wonderful week last week!  We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. We have been busy inside too.  We started decorating our windows for Fall.  We used our fingers to make leaves and  pumpkin heads. We hope you enjoy them.  One of our favorite times of the day is music.  We love to play with our musical instruments and try to sing along.  We also played with all different kinds of balls this week.  We are learning to roll them to our friends. Our book this week was Peppa Pig Goes Apple Picking and our song was “Daisy.”

Week of September 23: As usual our weeks are very busy.  We have been getting in a lot of tummy time.  Most of us like it.  We’re discovering that we can actually move a bit while on our tummies trying to reach for a toy.  We are also learning to wave bye-bye.  Pretty soon we’ll be blowing kisses 😘.  Some of us are trying and liking new foods.  We are able to pick up food and feed ourselves.  We are enjoying the weather and hoping it stays nice for us to get outside.  Our book read by Miss Lu was Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson and our song was “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Peapod II

Week of September 16: We’re continuing to take advantage of the beautiful weather in Peapod II.🌞We love to slide down the slide and play in the toy house. We have tons of fun playing with our puzzles. It’s hard finding the right places for the puzzle pieces, but we love to clap when we get it right. This week for art we started making our footprint leaves. We love the feeling of paint on our feet! It tickles! Our book this week was You Are My Sunshine by Caroline Jane Church. Our song this week was “Baby Bumblebee.”
Week of September 23: Hello, fall! We got into the fall spirit this week by making hand-print leaves. It was fun watching our friends get their hands painted. Ms. Grace read us all our favorite books this week including Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell. She also sang us our favorite song “Five Little Monkeys.” We love to clap and sing along with her.


 Week of September 16: This week in the Seedlings room was a thrilling one. We had an exciting time doing some art projects. We’ve been practicing making the sound for the letter B and made “B is for Bee” pictures. We also started our pumpkin patch! We have been practicing lining up to go outside and walking with a buddy. We’re so proud of our accomplishments!! During circle time we have been singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” We’re really great at pointing at all the body parts as we sing. Also, we read the The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel. We love looking at all of the pictures.
Week of September 23: This week in the Seedlings room was fun. We made hand print crabs for the letter C. The Seedlings thought it was great to see what their hands can do in a pattern. We also painted pumpkins for our pumpkin patch! It’s coming along nicely. We put some animals in our sensory table to have them a nice bath. We had a great time making the water soapy. We sang “Hot Potato” and we read Bears on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Little Sprouts

Week of September 16: This has been an exciting week in the Little Sprouts classroom! Our theme this week was scarecrows. We read The Silly Scarecrow by Danielle Denega and sang songs like “I’m a Little Scarecrow” and “Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down.” We talked about the changing weather and what clothes we should wear. We love to play with the dress up clothes and pretend we are doctors, construction workers, and veterinarians. For art, we colored a picture of a scarecrow and “dressed” the scarecrow for fall weather. We can’t wait to see what our coaches from Stretch-N-Grow and Little Hearts are going to show us next week. For next week’s theme, we will be talking about autumn/fall and the changing of seasons.
Just a friendly reminder to put an ice pack in your child’s lunchbox every day. Also, please continue to label all your child’s belongings (cups, containers, extra clothes, etc.) so we know who everything belongs to. 
Week of September 23: Little Sprouts had so much fun this week learning about autumn. We read a book called  Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson and Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert. We sang songs like “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down” and “Orange, Yellow, Red, and Brown.” Our sensory table is filled with silk leaves! We love to explore new textures with our hands. For art, we made leaf rubbings and painted with red and yellow paint. We saw that those colors mixed to make orange!


We have been having so much fun in Beanstalks! We are currently learning about our emotions. We learned about happiness, sadness, anger, and more. We learned how our emotions are valid but there are ways to work through our big emotions. Ask us about our flower technique to calm down when we’re angry! We read Wemberly Worried and The Kissing Hand. We made faces using shapes. Some of us made happy faces while others made angry or sad faces! We also learned the letter “C” this week and reviewed what we learned about the letter “A” last week. We can’t wait to learn more letters and sounds. We also practiced spelling our name and identifying the letters in it. We had fun doing Stretch and Grow with the coaches and singing with Miss Robin.   


 This week in Saplings talked about our feelings. We answered the question, “What we should do if we get sad or scared at school?” We wrote down all the things that make us sad and scared. The class saw that many were scared of the same things. Our stories we read were The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and Weberly Worried by Kevin Henkes. After reading our stories we talked about what are ways we can make ourselves happy at school. In art we made the kissing hand handprint and added a red heart to the middle. In literacy we started working on our Handwriting Without Tears. The kids are so excited to start learning how to write letters! This week the kids practiced holding the crayons the right way. In math we focused on 1-10 correspondence. They matched the hearts with the right number. It was a great week in Saplings! 

Pre K 4

  Week of September 16: This week the children started an investigation into apples. We learned about the life cycle of an apple and named the different parts of an apple. We also voted on what our favorite color apple was to eat. The children used an apple shaped lacing card to thread sting in numerical order up to the number 10. Using dice, they rolled a number and added that number of apples to an apple tree.
The letters “E” and “F” were introduced and the children worked on the correct formation of each letter. We continued working on writing skills through journals. The children put together a name puzzle into the shape of an apple. This gave us great practice reading and writing our names. We read the book Bad Apple by Edward Hemingway.
Week of September 23: This week, we continued with our investigation of apples. The children made predictions on whether or not apples would sink or float. They predicted which would be heavier: an apple or a lego, an apple or a rock or and an apple or a toy tiger. We worked on understanding concepts of size by sorting apple cards. Using the cards, the children were asked to place the apples in order from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. We also separated the pictures by small, medium and large. The children worked on understanding positional words such as “before” and “after” as well. Practicing their number recognition skills as well as their fine motor skills, the children used chopsticks to move the correct number of apples to the corresponding number in a muffin tray. The children delighted over using the chopsticks!

 This week, our journal question was “What season comes after summer?” The children worked on the correct formation of letters and pencil grip.  We read the story Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak.