The Surprise Garden by Zoe Hall

April News: Weeks of April 17 and 24th

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Memorial Day Parade

Sproutlings will once again be taking part in New Providence Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 29th. Please mark your calendars so that you can join us as we march to honor those who have served our country. More details will be sent via email closer to the date.


St Jude’s Trike-A-Thon

Our 2023 Trike-A-Thon  will take place on Sunday, June 4th. Bring your bikes, trikes, scooters and strollers! Even our youngest children can participate in the event! The St. Jude Trike-A-Thon is a fun, service learning program for daycares and preschools that teaches trike and riding toy safety while helping the children of St. Jude. The week leading up to our event, children will be learning all about bike safety in their classrooms.

A link will go out today to register your family for the event. You do not need to fundraise in order to join us on June 4th. Please let us know if you have any questions.




We had a couple of busy weeks! The Peapods are always on the go! Everyone is making great strides moving around. Some of us are walking, crawling-really fast, creeping, or rolling. Sometimes we get in each other’s way!

We had fun playing with the stacking cups. We’re finding it a bit challenging to stack them but we will keep trying. We had a “little “ dance party with Ms Laura showing us how to move to the music. We loved it. Ms Laura read Peely Wally by Kali Stileman and sang “Down by the Bay.”


Peapods II

The Peapods 2 room had another exciting two weeks! We have been enjoying going outside and enjoying the weather. Our themes for the last two weeks were Earth Day/Recycling and Spring/Flowers. Some of the things we did were stamping the planet Earth onto paper using paint and a ball.

We love doing art projects, especially when we use out of the ordinary supplies. We also added flowers to our sensory bottles and have been enjoying shaking them and making music. Our class certainly knows how to make our teachers laugh. Our language skills are really coming along and we are chatting up a storm! We are looking forward to the month of May and what new things we will be exploring.



Seedlings had a lot of fun these past two weeks! We celebrated a 2nd birthday and got to sing one of our favorite songs, “Happy Birthday.”

We learned about Earth Day and about recycling.  We put paper plates in ziplock bags and had green and blue paint.  It was so much fun being able to squish the paint around and see what we made.  Then we tore tissue paper and glued them to another paper plate.  We love our beautiful artwork.

During circle time, we read This Hat is Not Mine by Jon Klassen and sang “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee.”


Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts enjoyed using our fine motor skills to rip green and blue tissue paper to make their own earth. We had fun using dot markers to color earths for Earth Day! During circle time we enjoyed singing our good morning song, the ABC’s, numbers, and days of the week.

We have been talking about the weather and reading our favorite book Thank You, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony. During centers, we had fun building with the ladder blocks, doing puzzles and playing with the animal builders. We enjoyed reading Recycling by Jess Stockham and The Surprise Garden by Zoe Hall.


What a colorful two weeks we’ve had here in Beanstalks!  With the weather warming up, we’ve been taking advantage of our outside time and getting a ton of energy out. We’ve been talking a lot about plants and even painted “flower pots” to grow our own grass! We’ve been taking care to water it every day and we’re so excited to see it sprout. We’ve been loving all our books and have been thrilled to have Ms. Cindy reading to us all.

We have had so much fun this past two weeks and we’re look forward to having even more. Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Beanstalks II

We had so much learning about the farm for the last two weeks in Beanstalks 2. We read some funny and silly books like All Pigs are BeautifulTwo Cool Cows, and The Little Red Hen. Some fun art projects included making hand cows and sheep and chicks. Something we really focused on were our cutting skills and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Our flowers are growing so much and our caterpillars have gone into the cocoons. We are so excited!

Pre K 3

Pre K 3 learned about two exciting topics the last two weeks. We continued learning about recycling and plants!

For Earth Day, we planted grass seeds and watched them grow and grow and grow. Then we practiced our scissors skills and gave the grass a hair cut. As a class, the children worked together to create the Earth from recycled newspaper. The children practiced tracing lines and  we picked out all the letters in our name from the alphabet. We used pom poms to fill in the colors of the Earth.

This week, we learned about plants and what they need to grow. We sorted parts of a plant and plant needs into different groups. We glued together a sunflower diagram to help us remember the parts of a plant. The children had fun rolling the dice. They then built, counted cubes and put together a stem for paper flowers. We got our lima beans ready to grow and they are in the window waiting for some sun. We are excited to see the plant parts as they grow.

Pre K 4

In PreK 4, the children learned about the Earth Day and the farm over the past two weeks. We learned about the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) and we learned interesting facts about farm animals and what farms provide us. Our favorite books were Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin and The Earth Book by Todd Parr.

We have been working on all kinds of math concepts like simple addition, creating and extending patterns, and nonstandard measurement. We also have worked on identifying and writing numbers up to 20.

In our journals, we wrote about what we would do if we were farmers and what we can do to keep the earth healthy. The children practiced recognizing and writing lowercase letters, letter sounds, and rhyming words. We have completed our Handwriting Without Tears unit so we are now reviewing lowercase letters and numbers.

The kids are so excited because we have ladybugs and caterpillars! We have been observing them so through their stages of life. Ask us about them! Have a great weekend!