Emily's valentine party

February News: Week of February 7

  • Sproutlings will be closed Friday February 18th for a staff training day and Monday February 21st for Presidents Day.
  • As of Monday February 14th, our hours will be 7.30am-5.30pm.


Peapods I

The Peapods are so busy using their gross motor skills! We are crawling, rocking, rolling, and army crawling. We are discovering the many ways to move our bodies. And do we move. A few of us are having fun “chasing “ each other. There are a lot of belly laughs to be had! We especially love to look and touch our family pictures. It makes us happy to be able to see them during our day. Some of us like to wake up our friends so they can play with us. We are always ready to play.

Ms. Laura, Ms. Melissa, and, Ms. Grace sang a couple of fun songs with us. We really enjoyed  “10 Little Valentines” and “We are the Dinosaurs.” Ms. Lu read A Frankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger.

Peapods II

It’s Friday! What a great week it has been. We made special Valentine’s Day cards for the special people in our lives. We were able to use our egg crayons! Some of us are using them like our dot markers but our teachers are showing us how to move them back and forth to create an awesome picture! We danced around with so many bubbles form our bubble machine and created many sculptures with our waffle blocks. And after such a long wait, we finally got to go OUTSIDE! It was so much fun exploring our playground. We sing our “Mr. Sun” song everyday so we can go play outside under him.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



We had a blast in the Seedlings room this week!! We’re having so much fun getting ready for Valentine’s Day by making so many beautiful projects. We glued tissue paper to pink hearts and then used dot markers to decorate more hearts to hang in our room.

We had an opportunity to go outside in the afternoon and enjoyed our playground.  We were so excited to be back outside! When we couldn’t go outside, we used our indoor playground. We had fun playing with the tunnels, tents, and other toys!

During circle time we read Emily’s Valentine’s Party by Claire Masurel and sang  “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes”.

The Seedlings are super excited for their Valentine’s Day Party this upcoming Monday.


Little Sprouts

This week in Little Sprouts we were SO excited to get outside in this warmer weather! We soaked up the sun as much as we could! During circle time we read a different Llama Llama book every day! Although our favorite was Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney. We enjoyed our Disney songs, dance parties and everyone brought their best moves! We also got out some large foam blocks in the indoor playground and practiced our balancing skills. This week we continued to get ready for Valentine’s Day and  making some secret projects for our mommies and daddies! Love is in the air and we cannot wait for our Valentine’s Day celebration on Monday!


This week in Beanstalks we talked about the letter Rr It was a week about Valentines! We love Valentines!  Our favorite book that  this week was Happy Valentines Day Curious George and  Little Blue Truck Valentines.  We continued  working on identifying our names and being able to recognize the letters in them. We conducted a cool STEM experiment that involved Hydroperoxide, dish soap and yeast! We saw that all those combined cause an eruption like a volcano! We made some valentines projects such as spelling our names using hearts, I love you to pieces hearts and using marbles to paint a heart!

Beanstalks II

This week we learned about the Winter Olympics!  Beanstalks II had a lot of fun making ice skates, putting together the Olympic Rings, and painting a torch with their hand. The children played toss the rings. They also rolled balls into a basket which was like  a skier jumping off the ramp to make a perfect landing. We watched some videos with athletes skiing, bobsledding and snowboarding and decided which sport we would like to try.

We read The Frog Olympics by Brian Moses, Max and Marla by Alexandra Boiger, and  Tacky and the Winter Games  by Helen Lester.



This week, Saplings learned all about the Winter Olympics! We learned that many countries participate in the Olympics to play sports that are typically played when there is cold weather. We watched videos of some of the sports like figure skating, snowboarding, and skiing. We used our fine motor skills to rip tissue paper to create the Olympic torch. We had fun painting the Olympic Rings using the 5 colors. We also practiced identifying shapes with a hockey themed spin and cover game. We celebrated Valentines Day by creating friendship bracelets in our sensory table which was filled with beads of all colors. Our favorite books this week were Tacky and the Winter Games by Helen Lester, Dino-Hockey by Lisa Wheeler, A is for Axel by Kurt Browning, and more. Next week, we will learn all about snow and ice.


Pre K 3

This week, PreK-3 learned all about the Winter Olympics! We learned about the events played and that it happens every four years. We learned the the Olympic Rings are five different colors! We used dot paint to make the Olympic Rings. We also colored our own pair of ice skates. We worked on our fine motor skills by string beads on the flags. The kids made the Olympic torch by using colored tissue paper for the flames! Our favorite books this week were Tacky and the Winter Games  by Helen Lester, Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympic by Yossi Lapid and Lucy Tries Luge Lisa Bowes. Next week, we are learning about snow and ice.


Pre K 4

PreK 4 enjoyed gearing up for Valentine’s Day with fun heart shaped activities! We also learned a little bit about the Olympics. The children worked on rhyming words, beginning letter sounds and recognition of upper and lowercase letters. They learned this through HWT, clipping and matching picture cards. This weeks HWT letters were lowercase g and u. The children enjoyed stories like The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll and The Words and Your Heart  by Kate Jane Neal.  We incorporated the book The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond, into our math journal. The children created  rainy day pictures using umbrellas made from paper and sticker hearts. When their pictures were complete they counted each colored heart, learning more, less and all together. During our large group time, we discussed what the Olympics were and which types of sports were involved in the winter. The children learned about the medals, the types of sports played and the meaning of the five rings. On Monday the children can look forward to their Pajama Day Valentine Party!