June News: Weeks of June 10th and June 17th

Friendly Reminder

Sproutlings will close at 4pm on June 27th and will be closed on Friday June 28th for our annual staff development day.

Water Play

Water play will begin the week of July 8th. All classes from Peapods II up will participate on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Please look out for the detailed email that will outline what you need to send to school with your child.

2024 Holiday Closing Dates 

Our 2024 Holiday Closing Dates can be found on our website using the link below.




Another day, another week, and the Peapods have two new walkers! Almost everyone in the Peapod room is walking. I have a feeling this is it for a while. We had so much fun with the sensory table again. This time we played with squishy fish and boats. We love it. We have also been stacking our big blocks making towers which we love knocking down. We also were very lucky to have been able to get outside for a couple of walks. Hopefully the weather will improve so we can do it again. One of our morning routines has been listening to different types of music. This week it was Baby Shark, and do we have the moves! Our books have been My Dad Is Awesome by Nick Butterworth and F Is for Flag by Wendy Cheyette Lewison.

Peapods II

It’s officially summer 2024! Here in Peapods 2, we’ve been enjoying the summer sun and spending our days outside. We have been preparing for our transition to our new rooms by meeting our new teachers and friends. We are so excited for our class and are so proud of how much they’ve learned and grown during their time in Peapods 2. In the meantime, we are going to enjoy our last few days together and enjoy the official start of summer!


The Seedlings have been having so much fun! We absolutely loved transportation and circus/carnival week!

For our transportation, we painted yellow submarine while listening to “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles and everyone enjoyed it so much. We love looking at our yellow submarines next to our Hot Air balloons.  The Seedlings also made a little car wash and were extremely excited to wash the cars with soapy water and sponges.

Circus week has been a blast too! We made handprint of clowns and we decided who how our clown was feeling!

Using our gross motor skills we jumped  through “flaming” hula hoops while circus music was playing.  We all waited patiently to get a turn to try it and we have been doing it nonstop since.

During circle time, we read I love Trains by Philemon Sturges and sang “The Wheels on the bus”

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had so much fun learning about the circus and transportation over the last two weeks! We enjoyed using sponge paintbrushes to make trains and dot markers to make cotton candy! Some of our favorite centers were washing the cars, drawing on the whiteboard, sorting keys by size, and puzzles! During circle time we sang our Good Morning Song and talked about the weather. We loved reading Clifford at the Circus  by Norman Bridwell and I Love Trains by Philemon Sturges.


What a great two weeks we’ve had here in Beanstalks! Last week we talked about buildings and worked in teams to make towers! This week we were very excited to hear about construction, and talked about all the different tools construction workers might use. We worked on our pattern recognition and fine motor skills using our mini-legos. We hope you all have a safe and happy weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

Beanstalks II

Beanstalks II have been talking about construction workers and different types of tools that are used to build with. We practiced our cutting skills when we sorted tools from non tools.  We read Build it from A to Z by Trish Holland, House, Sweet, House by Judith Bauer Stamper and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka. This week we have been learning  about the farmers market and the different things that we can buy there. We did some counting and number recognition when we made a basket for the farmers market and we even added some vegetable and fruit to it.  Some our favorite books included included Max Goes To The Farmers Market by Adria F. Klein, Farmers Market Day by Shanda Trent and We’re Going to the Farmers’ Market by Stefan Page.

PreK 3

Pre K 3 has been learning about Buildings and Transportation the last couple of weeks. Last week, we learned about who builds a building and what tools they use to make them. We practiced our letters by matching up construction workers with letters on their vest to the correct letters on the construction cones. We used Legos to paint pavement and then added letters to spell our first name. We hammered wood together with a nail (golf tees in styrofoam) and we built a city with Legos.

This week, we discussed transportation. We sorted vehicles into where they are used: land, air, and sea. We practiced our numbers by matching numbered cars and numbered gas tanks. The children built and then raced cars down a ramp and they painted with the wheels from trains, cars and planes.

We also visited Lincoln Park for some fun in the sun.

We enjoyed some fun books too:

Building A House by Byron Barton, Keep Counting by Ishan Zaidi, Whose Vehicle Is This? By Sharon Kate Cooper and If I Built A Car Chris Van Dassen.

PreK 4

We had an exciting past two weeks in PreK4!

Last week in PreK4, our theme was camping. We learned and read about camping tools, activities, and foods. We also learned about National Parks and rock types. We wrote about what we would do if we went on a camping trip in our weekly journal. In handwriting, we practiced lowercase y and z. We did many fun activities related to our camping theme like camping shape matching, fish number matching, and upper and lowercase letter sorting.

This week in PreK4, our theme is picnic. We learned and read about the five food groups, the life cycle of watermelon, picnic supplies, and made a graph of our favorite picnic foods. We wrote about who we would bring to a picnic in our weekly journal. In handwriting, we practiced writing the numbers 1 to 20. We did many fun activities related to our picnic theme like food syllable sorting, watermelon addition, and picnic beginning letter sounds.

We are looking forward to a great week ahead in PreK4 learning about the summer!