Thanksgiving decorations

November News: Week of November 13th and November 20th

Friendly Reminder

Sproutlings will close at 3pm,today Wednesday November 22nd and will be closed on Thursday November 23rd and Friday November  24th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Annual Flu Vaccine

Children who are over 6 months and attend a licensed child care or preschool facility in NJ are required to have a flu vaccine no later than December 31st of each year.

Please bring proof of vaccine to the office. Thank you.

2024 Holiday Closing Dates 

Our 2024 Holiday Closing Dates can be found on our website using the link below.

Wishing all our families a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving.



We cannot believe it’s time for Thanksgiving! Everything is going by so fast. We are putting ourselves in a sitting position, going backwards under the cribs, and learning how to use some of our toys. We now have so much fun when we know how a toy works. We are sharpening our skills.
Ms. Lu read Five Flying Turkeys by Barbara B. McGrath and Ms. Laura sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.
We would like to wish all our families a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Peapods II

Peapods 2 would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy thanksgiving! We are so thankful that we get to explore, learn new things, and grow together. In the past few weeks, we’ve started calling our friends by their names to get their attention or asking them to play. We love watching new friendships form and seeing everyone run and play together. We have two new art projects on display, we made turkeys and a thanksgiving corn husk. We hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and the start of the holiday season!


The Seedlings want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a big thank you to our parents for the wonderful party that they’ve provided for us.  It was great and the children really enjoyed it. We’re very proud that we know what a Turkey says and we love to practice making turkey sounds!!.  As the weather get colder, if you’re bringing in a hat or gloves for your child, please label them. Thank you.

Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts have enjoyed learning about Thanksgiving. We liked coloring turkeys and making handprint turkeys. We loved learning that a turkey says “gobble, gobble.” We enjoyed dancing to the Turkey hokey pokey. We would like to thank all the parents who helped organizing and bringing in items for our party, we greatly appreciate it. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Beanstalks families, we’re so thankful for you and all you do! Have a safe and happy long weekend.

Beanstalks II

Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving filled with happiness and good health. Here are a few fun activities we this week as we started our Thanksgiving celebrations; we made hand print turkeys and our very own thankful turkey stop by our room and see what your child is thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!!

PreK 3

Last Friday PreK 3 enjoyed their Thanksgiving party. This week we have been talking about Thanksgiving and having fun with some turkey activities. Thanksgiving books we have read include Turkey Trouble by Wendi J Silvano and Turkey Surprise by Peggy Archer.

PreK 3 wishes all our families a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

PreK 4

The children have been gearing up for Thanksgiving over the past two weeks! We learned about scarecrows last week and we have been focusing on all things Thanksgiving this week! We also talked about all the delicious foods we will eat on the holiday and we learned about turkeys. Our favorite books were Ten Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston and The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown.

We completed another section in Handwriting Without Tears so we have only reviewed letters over the past two weeks. Our letters are looking great! We are working on remembering to start our letters from top to bottom. We have practiced number sense, creating patterns, sequencing, and more during math and we have started to learn about beginning sounds and rhyming words during literacy centers.

With our writing prompts, we wondered how we would catch a turkey and what scarecrows wear. We are so creative with our responses!

We enjoyed all of our fun activities like gymnastics, Stretch and Grow, and our party. We are thankful to you for helping that come together. Have a great Thanksgiving!