Sproutlings News – January 22, 2018

Important Reminders:

For a list of our 2018 Holiday closures, please visit our website. We will be closed Friday, February 16th for a Staff Training Day as well as Monday, February 19th for President’s Day.


This past week we welcomed Xavier to our Peapod class.  Our babies are so happy to welcome a new “little “ friend. We were very busy with our different sized blocks.  Our big soft blocks are great for making tall towers and our little blocks are good for stacking.  We like to see how high we can build them before someone knocks them down. We’ve been identifying some of the animals on our wall.  We even try to sound like them. Some of us have noticed that our sister and brother are in our sign language pictures.  They were very excited to see them. We love to gather around and sing along with Ms Robin during music time. During the day we love to continue our music and add some dancing too! This week we read Carl’s Snowy Afternoon by Alexandra Day and our song of the week was “The Wheels On The Bus.”


The Seedlings had a great time this week with all the exciting things we had planned! They worked on their fine motor skills by painting with Q tips. They made their blue paper into a winter wonderland! We also had fun with our sensory table. We love to get messy! The Seedlings were able to enjoy the nice weather we had at the beginning of the week on the playground. It was a lot of fun to be outside! How we missed going out there! During circle time we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom which easily became our new favorite book. We even memorized some of the words and joined Miss Bridget when she was reading. We also sang the color Green song which is a fan favorite. On a sad note, we said goodbye to Miss Sam today. Everyone in the Seedlings room is going to miss her very much! We know she will visit us soon.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had a blast learning about bears this week! We read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and danced around to “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Dr. Jean. Our sensory table was filled counting bears, “caves”, and cotton balls. For art, we used cotton swabs to paint pictures of bears. We also made bear paw prints and puffy paint polar bears! We worked on learning our colors and the letters in our name. We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and Miss Alexis of Elefante Music and learning new things in our Stretch-N-Grow class!


This week in Beanstalks we had a wonderful time continuing to study buildings.  We read the books Changes, Changes and The Construction Alphabet book.  The children really enjoyed the alphabet book and looking for letters they recognized.  Our focus this week was on the number 3, the color black and the letter R.  We continued to “fix” the kitchen using our tools and discussed the use of each tool. We did a tool matching game as well.  Our friends continued to build with our giant blocks often working together as a team to build various houses and towers.  For art we painted pictures with black paint, colored a house and had fun with shaving cream.  We even added a bit of black paint to the shaving cream to see what would happen.  Next week we will introduce a new letter of the week and talk all about winter.  Have a great weekend!

Welcome to Nursery 3! We had a fantastic week this week.  In language/literacy we introduced the new letter of the week which was R and thought of words that began with the letter R.  We did the letter tub sorting and made letters using craft sticks.  We also have been working hard on learning to recognize our first names.  We made name towers using unifix cubes.  The children had to find the letters in their name and make a tower using the cubes.  They really enjoyed doing this and were so proud they worked independently to make their tower. In math our focus was on Number 12.  We discussed what two numbers make up the number 12 and made groups of twelve using our counters.  We also had a number hunt and worked hard on the one to one correspondence of numbers 1-10. In science/sensory we explored the question “What makes buildings strong?”  They had some very creative responses ! Next week we will continue studying buildings and maybe even take a walk around our neighborhood to look at the buildings around us.

Pre K 3

Pre K-3 had another great week learning about building and a new letter of the week which was “R”. We read the books The Three Little JavelinasThe Three Little Pigsand Building a House. We compared The Three Little Pigs story and The Three Little Javelinas to see the similarities and differences between the two stories. As a class we found a lot of similar things between the two stories. Our focus in Pre K3 this week has been what buildings are made of and what makes them strong. We added building material to our science and sensory center. They had a wonderful time building and exploring with the materials. In art this week we used black paint and traced the letter R. In literacy we used sticks to make letters with and we focused on the sound the letter “R” makes and came up with words that start with the letter “R”. In math this week we introduced the number 16 and used unifix cubes to build towers. We also traced the number 16 with dot paints. Next week we will continue learning about buildings and introduce a new letter of the week.

Pre K 4

This week we concluded our study on pets with a celebration of everything we have learned. We worked in teams to write poetry about pets. The class discussed what makes a good pet owner and charted if we thought we would make a good pet owner or not. The children all agree that they have learned enough to be good pet owners. We played pet charades and did a doggy obstacle course. In math we used dice to work on our one to one correspondence. We played a pet board game and used dice to determine how many beans we would add together on our addition mats. In literacy,  we worked on creative writing this week. The children wrote about what they like about pets and made a page for their study book. On Friday we did a science experiment using Ivory soap that expanded our scientific thinking as well as our suds. The kids painted a class mural using frozen paint pops.

This week our letter was R we practiced writing our chalkboards and on our handwriting without tears app. Our number was 16, we created number 16 tissue paper collages. Next week we will begin our own Winter Olympic Games! We will be doing a two week study on the Olympics and winter sports.