Sproutlings News – October 16, 2017


  • Stop by to see us at the New Providence Street Fair this Sunday, October 15th. We will be handing out balloons and other goodies!
  • In an effort to be more environment-friendly, we are asking that packed lunches include reusable spoons/forks. Our teachers will make sure that the utensils are sent back home to be washed.
  • All students older than six months will need to receive a flu shot by December. Please bring in an updated immunization record after your doctor’s visit so we can keep our records up to date! An updated Universal Health Record is needed after each yearly physical. Blank Universal Health Records can be found in the lobby next to the bulletin board.
  • Our Halloween Parade is scheduled for 9:15 on Tuesday, October 31st. Parents are welcome!


It’s been so nice getting outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Hopefully it will last a bit longer. This week we had lots of fun catching and popping bubbles. Some of us are able to catch them. We’re playing catch and rolling balls to each other. We wiggle and clap our hands during music time. We are learning how to use our musical instruments. Lots of shaking and making “music “ is happening in the Peapod room. We are practicing saying thank you. Pretty soon it will be clear to understand some of our words. Our book this week was It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!  by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bord. Our song was “Do You Know The Muffin Man?”


This week in the Seedlings room, we had so much fun. We painted a pumpkin patch with a roller. It was great to use a different type of material. We also finished our corn by gluing brown tissue paper as the husk. There were new instruments brought to our class and we made a class band. The children had a great time playing and listening to the new instruments. We did a class experiment, where we had two balls but they were made of different material and different sizes. The Seedlings have been getting ready for Halloween by reading The Five Little Pumpkins by Ben Mantle.

Little Sprouts

We learned all about farms this week in the Little Sprouts classroom! Our favorite song at the moment is “The Farmer in the Dell” so we decided to learn about farms! We read Pete the Cat’s Old MacDonald Had a Farm by James Dean. We sang songs our favorite farm songs like “BINGO.” Our sensory table was filled with bubble wrap and we used our fingers to try and pop the bubbles! For art, we used our farm animals and got them “muddy” with brown paint and had them walk along our paper. We also made colorful barns using craft sticks and corn using bubble wrap with paint! For our fine motor and gross motor skills, we worked how to hold a paintbrush properly. Our classroom has new instruments and we loved banging the cymbals, shaking the maracas, and hearing the bells jingle! We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and Elefante Music and learning new things in our Stretch-N-Grow class!


Can you believe school began almost two months ago ? We are halfway they the month of October already. We are still busy as ever in the Beanstalks class. This week we continued our study of trees and introduced the letter H and the color green this week. The children enjoyed learning our color song for green and our music with Ms. Suzanne as well.  In literacy, we have been learning all about the letter H and it’s sound. We sorted various objects into our sound boxes, made the letter H out of play dough and traced the letter at the easel using green paint. In science/sensory we continued to explore the various parts of trees and searched for H’s that were hidden in the sand. We  had a good time searching.  In math we played a matching game with numbers 1-5. Some of our friends even  matched numbers up to 10! In art this week we got a little messy. We explored green shaving cream and even made various shapes in the shaving cream. In addition, we did watercolor painting and coloring shapes as well. Next week we will introduce the letter T and the number 4.

Pre K 3

This week in Pre K-3 we are continuing our study of trees and working on the letter H. We also learned the number 3. We were also invited to the Summit Speech School to learn all about police work. We learned the different jobs they have. We also got to see the inside of a police car and sit in it. The kids had a great time! In literacy, we learned about the letter H and the sounds it makes. We traced the letter H with green paint at the easel and came up with words that start with the letter. We also went on a letter hunt looking for the letter H in a book. This week we read the books Henny PennyWho Lives in TreesLittle Green Peas, and The Apple Pie Tree. This week we also learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We read the story Lots of Lights that told us all about Diwali.

Pre K 4

This week is Pre K 4 for we introduced our new study on farms. The class shared what they already know about farms and what they would like to learn. We played The Farmer in the Dell and learned the song “Down on Grandpa’s Farm.”  The class created barn pictures using this found on farms, seeds, corn kernels, wool, cotton and feathers. We learned about the differences between wild and domestic animals and about all the amazing things domestic animals help us with. We even got the chance to make our own fresh butter. On Thursday we learned about the celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The children decorated diyas to adorn our door way. The letter of the week was H. We worked on its sound and practiced writing it. Our number this week was 3. We used dot paint to make a large colorful numeral. The children focused on green this week, making a green collage and learning a green song. Our stories this week were Harvest Party16 Runaway PumpkinsOn the Farmand Lots of Lights.