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April News: Week of April 25

Friendly Reminder

Please remember to put in your Simply Gourmet orders for May.


Peapods I

This week the Peapod room has been busy. Not a surprise since the Peapods are always busy. Some of us are getting a little closer to crawling through the tunnel. We’re making progress. We also have new “active crawlers. They are discovering new places in the room. Ms. Laura sang If “You’re Happy and You Know It” and we have new participants clapping their hands. We’re working on shouting “Hooray!”
We are celebrating two birthdays this week! Happy birthday 🎈🎉.


Peapods II

We had another great week! We have been taking advantage of every chance we get to go outside and enjoy the nice weather! We heard that we are getting a new friend this Monday coming up. We are so excited to meet her and have her be part of our Peapod 2 family!

As always we worked on our coloring skills and our building skills with the waffle blocks. Sometimes it’s a little hard for us to connect the waffle blocks but we are getting the hang of it. Our favorite book this week was our nursery rhyme book. We love when our teachers sing our favorite rhymes and play our toy piano while singing them. We can’t wait for all the fun we will have next week and to meet our new friend!


We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this week! We had lots of fun playing in our playground and using up all our energy outside! Miss Emmy and Miss Paige drew a beautiful Spring day for us to color. We were thrilled to use our crayons and dot art markers to color the flowers, bees, and the caterpillars.We are so excited that it’s hanging up in the foyer for everyone to see!

During circle time, we read Rhymoceros by Janik Coat and sang “Head, Shoulders, knees, and toes”.

Little Sprouts

What a fun week in Little Sprouts! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and playing with our friends on the playground! While not outside we had fun exploring different puzzles and some new books in our classroom. Some of us even built birthday cakes with connector blocks. Together we worked on a flower drawing that we colored while it hung on the wall! We all did so well in our fire drill, we even got to see some big trucks pass by!


This week we learned about ponds. What kind animals we see in ponds? What is a pond and have we ever been to one? Our favorite stories of the week were Five Green and Speckled Frogs and The Ugly Duckling. We sang and danced to Five Green and Speckled Frogs because it’s also a song. We made a lily pad, a pond, a duck and a frog. We also stamped using the colors green and blue with foam shaped like a frog’s leg!

We got to pretend to be frogs and hop around the classroom. We did a science experiment using, food coloring, vegetable oil and water to see what would happen and it looks like the something you would see at a pond. We LOVE science! We got a little messy at our easel when we painted with the colors green and blue. We continue to observe our sunflowers and are so excited that majority of them are growing!

Beanstalks II

In Beanstalks II this week, we continued to learn about the three R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We learned a cool song that goes with our study. We discussed different types of pollution and how they affect the animals and environment.

This week, we made sea turtles, jellyfish and robots. We reviewed colors and shapes while poking beads into a pizza box. The children sorted (recycle or compost) items and then glued them onto a worksheet.

Our fun reads for the week were The Adventures of Gary and Harry by Lisa Matsumoto, Recycling Day by Edward Miller, and Dinosaur Woods by George McClements.


This week, Saplings have been learning about how pollution affects our community and animals. We learned about the word “pollution” and the three types: air, water, and land. We also discussed ways to control pollution like clean energy and recycling.

During art, we created race cars made out of paper towel rolls and bottle caps. We were able to paint and decorate them and we raced them when we were done!

We also created puffy newspaper trees. Using our fine motor skills, we used tweezers to pull trash out of pollution sensory bins and save the animals. We also practiced using nonstandard units of measurement by measuring pictures of trees and plants using seeds.

We read Pick Up the Park by Charles Ghigna, Alba and the Ocean Cleanup by Lara Hawthorne, and Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker. We also had so much fun exercising with Stretch and Grow!

Next week, we will discuss how to create less trash. Have a great weekend!


Pre K 3

This week in PreK-3 we learned how trash affects our community. We learned where our trash goes and who picks it up. Also we discussed ways to create less trash! Our favorite stories were Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman and Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel.

We reused water bottles and made them into an octopus! Using bottle caps we identified the letters in our name! We also put pictures of the earth in size order from small to biggest. It was cool to see how fast our grass is growing! Our marigolds have still not sprouted but we hope they will soon!

Pre K 4

This week in Pre K 4 the children learned about the 3 R’s .. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We learned this by sorting recyclable materials, reading stories about how to recycle and where our recycling goes, as well as writing about what we can do to help save the planet.

The children worked on graphing by counting earth themed pictures and recording the quantities, we also used sets of milk jug pictures to complete simple addition equations.

In addition to HWT this week, the children reviewed how to place lowercase letters on lined paper, familiarizing themselves with small letters, tall letters and fall letters.

We added two new words to our sight words list, “and” and “see”. As an art project children glued tissue paper to written letters forming our sight words. As a reminder, last weeks words were “the” and “like”. Please encourage your children to search for these words in books as you read together.

Next week the children can look forward to learning about farms!