January News: Week of January 22nd and January 29th

Friendly Reminders

For safety reasons we ask that all children are accompanied when in the building and stay with an adult at all times. Children should not be opening the main front door.

Please make sure that you have your keycard  to allow access to the building with you when you are coming to drop off or pick up. If you have lost your keycard, please let us know so that we can deactivate it and make a new one. There is a $15 charge for replacement key cards.

Please do not let anyone you do not know into the building. This is a security and safety concern.

All messages regarding weather related delayed openings, early closings and closures will be sent via Brightwheel. Please make sure you have the notifications turned on and are checking messages regularly.

2024 Holiday Closing Dates 

Our 2024 Holiday Closing Dates can be found on our website using the link below.




The Peapods have been having a great time these past couple of weeks. We’ve been crawling through the tunnel (and some staying in it), racing our cars, and helping to build a tower and knocking it down! We never stop moving. We’re always on the move.
We are really starting to enjoy our story time. We especially liked when Ms. Lu read Footprints in the Snow by Mei Matsueka. Ms. Laura sang “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive” which we enjoyed so much.

Peapods II

Happy February! We are so excited for the start of a new month here in Peapods 2! Recently, we’ve been loving reading books. After the end of each book, we use our signs for “please” and “more” so we can keep reading. We said our good-byes to another friend as they head to Seedlings. Outside of our room you can see all the new Valentine’s Day themed art work we’ve been working on! We get very excited when we see the dot paints or regular paint come out. We can’t wait to see what this new month will bring us.


We’ve had a busy couple of weeks! We’re so excited when we’re are able to go outside. It’s wonderful being able to have so much room to use our running feet and our loud voices!

The Seedlings loved painting so much this week! We’ve been getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We painted hearts and are making a huge ladybug for our room.  It’s was so much fun painting together. We also colored groundhogs for Groundhog’s Day.

During circle time we read Sharing Time by Elizabeth Verdick and sang “Little Bunnies Sleeping”.

We also got to celebrate two birthdays in our room this past couple of weeks.

Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts were very excited to learn about friendship/kindness and Groundhog’s Day! We used markers and crayons to color groundhogs and used paint to make a friendship tree! During circle time, we sang our good morning song and went over our shapes and colors. We enjoyed being able to go outside and run around and our Wednesday morning visit from Ms. Lisa! We loved reading Thank you, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony and G is for Groundhogs…. P is for Punxsutawney Phil by Julia F. Spencer.


What a sweet two weeks we’ve had here in Beanstalks! Last week we talked about kindness and friendship. We were all so creative when coming up with good ways to be kind to ourselves and others! This week we’re talking about Groundhog Day and the change from winter to spring. We’re all very excited to see if the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Beanstalks II

Let’s catch you up on what we have been doing! Last week we learned all about kindness/ friendship. We talked all about how to be kind to our friends and how to be a good friend. Some books we read included Fox Makes Friends by Adam Relf and How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends? by Jane Yolen. Activities we did included making a kindness heart and a kindness cloud and a heart person. This week we learned all about arctic animals. We made some walruses and polar bears using a fork. We also practiced our cutting skills and we did some color matching. We also watched a video about arctic animals.

PreK 3

Pre K 3 has been finishing up our study on Snow and Ice as well as learning about the four seasons of our year.

We had a lot of fun continuing to learn about snow and ice. The children practiced taking turns while playing the game “Don’t Break the Ice”.  As a class we made snow using baking soda and conditioner; then we got to play with it. We gave our hands a work out while cutting more snowflakes. On the last day of our study, the children got to save the animals from blocks of ice. They used pipettes to pour warm water on the blocks of ice. As we watched the ice melt, the animals began to come loose and free.

This week we are learning about seasons. For winter, we filled in the whole of a snowman with “ice cubes” (sugar cubes) covering the numbers we rolled with the dice. For spring, we reviewed our numbers and colors while putting colored pompoms on a rainbow. For summer, we practiced our patterns by adding different shades of rays to the sun. For fall, we painted with broccoli to create a colorful tree. Pre K 3 predicted whether the groundhog would see his shadow and made a groundhog craft with a groundhog popping out of the ground.

PreK 4

In Pre K 4, the children finished up exploring Polar animals. They were excited to learn many animal facts such as characteristics and habitats of the Arctic Owl and Walruses. In addition, we focused on the author Jan Brett,  and learned about Groundhog Day. The children enjoyed stories such as The Mitten and The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett and  Groundhog’s Runaway Shadow by David Biedrzycki.

Our HWT letters were lowercase a,d,g and u. The children did two writing activities this week. The first, using a writing prompt from the book The Mitten, they wrote about what things could fit inside their big mitten and the second was their weekly journal where the they wrote about groundhogs. The children continued working on math concepts including addition, patterns and number order.

Next week, we will be learning about friendship and kindness and learning about Lunar New Year!