Camping Spree with Mr MaGee by Chris Van Dusen

July Newsletter

A big welcome to all the families who have started with us this month. We are looking forward to seeing your children grow and learn during their time at Sproutlings.


Moms Helping Moms Donations

Thank to everyone who has donated. We will be taking our first load of donations to Moms Helping Moms over the long weekend. We will continue to have the box in our lobby for the next few weeks if you still wish to donate.


Friendly Reminders

For safety reasons please do not let anyone you are unfamiliar with into the building. Please ask them to ring the bell so that a member of the Sproutlings team can let them in.

If you misplace your key card please let us know immediately so that we can deactivate it and replace it for you. There is a $15 charge for replacement cards.





The Peapods are off to a new start without some of our friends . They have moved up to the Peapods 2 and Seedlings room. They are missed. We are happy to announce we do have a new friend who we are very excited to have join us! As always we are a busy group. Some of us were lucky to go for a walk. We also played with our musical instruments with Ms. Kiera. We shook bells and our favorite the maracas. We had so much fun! Ms. Lu read to us including Danny and the Dinosaur.


Peapods II

We want to welcome our newest Peapods II friends! We are so happy to have you. We’ve spent the last two weeks getting to know each other. We had our first official water play day. We had a lot of different thoughts on it, but overall we were so excited to spend a day cooling off. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside enjoying these summer days, we love riding on the cars and playing in the play house. We can’t wait to watch our new and existing friends continue to grow and explore!



Everyone is doing well with the transition to Seedlings! It’s been an exciting time getting to know each other. We’ve started water play and we can’t get enough of the water tables and the splash pad. Some of us are definitely more daring than others and like to go into the center of the splash pad and get very wet.

The Seedlings have been coloring and learning how to put stickers on really big pieces of paper. We are working on identifying colors and shapes and building big towers with our small blocks. We then have lots of fun knocking them down. We also enjoy playing in our kitchen area with the pretend food.

During circle time, we  read This Hat is Not Mine by Jon Klassen and sang “Down by the Bay”.


Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had so much fun learning about the beach and sharks! We enjoyed using crayons to color pictures of the beach and characters from one of their favorite TV shows Paw Patrol. During centers we had fun playing with mega blocks and seeing how high we can build towers with them. We also enjoyed playing with foam shapes and doing puzzles. We enjoyed dancing around to Tooty Ta, Baby Shark, and 10 Little Fishes!

During circle time we enjoyed singing our Good Morning song and talking about the weather. We loved reading Goodnight Jersey Shore by Adam Gamble and Exploring Sharks by Jill McDonald. Our favorite part of the week was water play! We loved playing at the water tables or jumping in the splash pad!



What a fantastic first few weeks in Beanstalks! We’ve been so busy checking out our new room and toys. We talked about all the cool things we do at school and this week we talked about the circus! We got to “draw” in a tray of sprinkles and catch “popcorn” with tweezers.

This week also started water play! We have been obsessed with the water tables, and love talking about what we’re excited to play with when we go outside. We’ve had such an awesome time with all the new friends and teachers we’ve met, and can’t wait to see you all again next week. Have a great weekend!


Beanstalks II

Welcome to Beanstalks II! We have been focusing on our new classroom routine and trying out  some fun art activities. The beach has been our theme and we have made our own beach ball, sea turtles and fish We have also read so many fun books about  the beach and the creatures that live there. We are so excited to see what the next 2 weeks brings in Beanstalks II.

PreK 3

We’re having a great time in our new classroom! We are having fun, exploring all of the new toys that we enjoy playing with every day! We had a great first two days of water play. We had a lot of fun splashing in the water tables and running through the sprinkler!

Last week we went on a camping trip and explored all the activities that we can do when we camp, and what we need to bring with us on the trip. We made our own campfires using our hands as the flames! We matched ants with the correct color and built our names with s’mores! Our favorite book was a Camping Spree with Mr. MaGee! by Chris Van Dusen.

This week we learned all about animals that live on a farm. We learned that farmers take care of the animals, and that they also plant crops on the farms. We planted our own carrots on our farm. We also matched shapes with barn doors. We sorted animals that live on a farm and animals that do not live on a farm! And our sensory bin, we had un-popped corn in it along with farm animals.

We also made a silo to put the corn in! It was a great first few weeks in pre-K3 and we’re excited to see what we’re gonna be learning this year!


PreK 4

Pre K 4 has been off to a great start! The children have been busy learning about fruits and vegetables and the farmers market as well sharks in honor of Shark week! Some of our favorite books this week were Monsters Don’t Eat Vegetables by Barbara Jean Hicks and There’s a Shark in the Bath by Sarah McIntyre

The children have been busy exploring different materials and toys in the classroom and learning new routines. We worked on correctly holding pencils as we wrote journal entries and answered the Question of the Day.

Next week the children can look forward to learning about the ocean and ocean animals.