Sproutlings News – January 28, 2019


Please note, Sproutlings will be closed on Friday, February 15th for a staff training day and Monday, February 18th for Presidents’ Day. Please plan accordingly. For a printout of all Sproutlings closings, please visit https://sproutlingschildcare.com/calendar/ 

Peapod I

During this very chilly week we stayed nice and warm inside doing many great things.  We are beginning to learn a few words in signing.  We practice, practice, practice, and soon will be able to show everyone what we are learning. We read many books and enjoyed pointing to the pictures. As always, we sang lots of songs and listened to a new book called The Wonky Donkey.  It was pretty funny.  We also played with our musical instruments during music time.  We are getting plenty of tummy time.  Some of us really don’t like it but…we really need it.   Ms Emily has been busy working with us on our art projects.  We are hoping they will be completed soon.  Ms. Lu read our book of the week Meet Babar and His Family by Laurent de Bronhoff and our song was “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed.”

Peapod II

This week in Peapods II we said our goodbyes to Ms.Laura.?While we are sad to see her go she promised to visit us. We had fun giving her cuddles and practicing hugging our friends. Ms. Kerry gave us new books to read. We had so much fun looking at the pictures! Our book this week was Baby Bunny by Yu-Hsuan Huang. Our song this week was “Groundhog Day” by The Kiboomers. 

Little Sprouts

This week we talked about family in the Little Sprouts classroom! We read Just Grandma and Me by Mercer Mayer. We sang ‘That’s a Family’, ’We Are Family’, and ‘Finger Family.’ Our sensory table was filled with water and our multicultural family members. They loved going swimming! For art, we drew our family on paper with crayons. We worked on recognizing our letters and numbers. We are getting better at recognizing them every day. We’ve been having so much fun learning new songs during our music class with Miss Robin and we can’t wait to see what our coaches from Stretch-N-Grow have in store for us nest week! Next week we will explore hearts for Valentine’s Day!


This week in Beanstalks and Beanstalks II we learned all about how people make clothes. We learned that there are people called designers who decide what clothes will look like and then sow them or knit them. We read The Quinceañera which was about a girl whose Mom designed her birthday dress! We sang “I Know a Chicken” by Laurie Berkner. We focused on the letter “S” again this week. We looked all around the room for the letter S! We were very good at finding it. We learned about mixing colors to make new ones and practiced using droppers with food coloring and different paints. We enjoyed working on spelling our names every morning and some of our new friends could identify a few of the letters! Next week we will learn about how cloth is made!


In Saplings this week we started a new study all about buildings. As a class, we explored our own building and went on a walking trip throughout the building. We counted how many doors and windows were in our classroom. In literacy we continued practicing our handwriting skills. This week the kids learned how to write the letter “H”. The kids also got to go on a buried treasure hunt for letters. They had a blast! Our stories we read were The Three Little Pigs by Bonnie Dobkin and Changes,Changes by Pat Hutchins. The kids loved to blow the houses down like the big bad wolf. For math we counted from 11-20 with fish and made towers with block to see which tower had more or less. 

Pre K 4

The Oaks and the Maples

This week the children in Pre K 4 and Maples continued  their exploration of shapes. They read the book Snippets by Diane Alber. The children learned the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes by graphing and measuring them as well as through number recognition and one to one correspondence. 

      The children also worked on letter sounds this week. The children heard a word and were given a choice of two letters as possible sound choices. They were very enthusiastic realizing how many sounds they knew!