Shiver me letters pirate ABCs book cover

August News: Week of August 7th and 14th

Friendly Reminder

Sproutlings will be closed Monday September 4th for the Labor Day Holiday.

Universal Health Forms and Updated Vaccine Records

We are required to have both an updated Universal Health Record and an up to date vaccine record on file for all the children in our care. Please ask your doctor for updated vaccine records when your child a vaccine. The Universal Health record is updated on a yearly basis when your child has their annual physical.

Last Week of Water Play

Next week ( week beginning August 21st) will be the last week of water play for the summer! We have all had lots of fun playing in the sprinklers and exploring the water toys and tables.


The Peapods have been having a great time these past few weeks. We have been working on our fine motor skills with the jar caps. We’re working very hard trying to get them into the top of the jar. We also had a great time playing/eating our maracas. We do enjoy shaking them.
Some of us were lucky enough to join Peapods 2 outside for a short while. Getting a little idea of what we will be doing soon. It’s going to be fun.
We had fun singing and clapping to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and also enjoyed Ms. Lu and Ms. Kiera reading Sammy The Seal by Syd Hoff and Pookins Gets Her Way by Helen Lester.

Peapods II

Summer may quickly be coming to an end, but we’re making sure that we take advantage of every outdoor moment! With the weather being so nice lately, Peapods 2 has been having a blast playing on the playground and enjoying our last few water play sessions. We can’t believe how quickly we’re growing. While some of us are off running, others are taking their first steps! We are so proud of each and every one of them. We are learning so many new signs which is making communicating so much more fun! We can’t wait to see what the rest of summer is going to bring us.


The Seedlings have enjoyed celebrating their friend’s birthdays this month. We can never have too many cupcakes!

We have been enjoying our water play days and loving being able to make the biggest splashes with our giant jumps onto the splash pad! We’re always amazed how far they reach!

In the classroom, it was great being able to paint on a huge piece of cardboard and mixing the different paints to see what colors we could get.  We tried our best to cover the whole thing.  Once it was dry, we had fun putting our stickers on it.  We really love our stickers and can’t get enough of them! Stickers are great because they help us  work on developing our fine motor muscles.

During circle time, we sang  “Freeze Dance” and had a lot of fun doing the movements.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts had so much fun learning this week! We enjoyed taking dinosaurs and dipping their feet in paint to make dinosaur tracks. We had fun using colored pencils to draw our own birds nest in a tree and drew the best bird we could. We were very proud of our drawings. During centers we had fun practicing our colors with the color bears and using play-dough to make different shapes, we also had fun playing with bubbles and the foam shapes! We enjoyed dancing around to “We are the Dinosaurs” and pretending to fly around the classroom like birds! During circle time, we enjoyed singing our Good Morning song and talking about the weather. We loved reading ? by P.D. Eastman, Digger the Dinosaur and The Cake Mistake by Rebecca Kai Dotlich. Our favorite part of the week was playing outside, especially on water play days, we love watching who can make the biggest splash in the splash pad!


The Beanstalks have had lots of fun the last few weeks. We wrapped up our two week study on dinosaurs and now we are having fun being pirates and mermaids. From hats to tails, we’ve all been so enthusiastic about every art project and activity we have done! As always, we have had quite the time at both water play and Stretch and Grow, and love to show off the stamps we get from the coaches afterwards. Have a safe and happy weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

Beanstalks II

Last week the  Beanstalks learned all about birds.  We focused on recognizing the letters in our name.  We made birds nests with eggs in them and the eggs spelled our names. We read some fun and silly books which included Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic and The Pigeon HAS to go to School! by Mo Willems. This week was pirate week which we loved. We made our very own treasure map, we did some fun matching and letter recognition games. We also read some books including Are Pirates Polite? by Artemis Roehrig and Corinne Demas and Shiver Me Letters A Pirates ABC ’s by June Sobel.

PreK 3

We’ve been having a great summer in pre-K3! Last week we learned about pirates! We explored the seven seas, and found our own treasure by making our own treasure map. We went on an alphabet treasure hunt. We also matched shapes with pirate ships. Our favorite stories were Dinosaur Pirates by Penny Dale and Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel!

This week we have been learning about Zoo animals! We read Animal Strike at the Zoo by Karma Wilson and Never Play Music Right Next to a Zoo by John Lithgow. At large group we had a special treat where we got to see animals from the San Diego zoo on the live cam! We fed a monkey bananas with letters on them and also played a matching zoo animal game. We made giraffe masks to celebrate the end of our zoo animal week!

PreK 4

It’s been busy in Pre K 4, the children have been learning about Space and Dinosaurs. Our favorite books have been Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket by Sue Fliess and If You Happen To Have a Dinosaur by Linda Bailey and Colin Jack.

The children created the Moon using construction paper and paint. They also made colorful dinosaurs using crayons.

We worked on penmanship by answering the Question of the Day and writing in journals. The children also wrote about what would happen if they had a dinosaur in their house – a writing prompt inspired by the book we read. We continued working on number recognition and counting, size order and patterns.

Next week the children can look forward to learning about the zoo!