Memorial Day by Emma Carlson Berne

May News: Week of May 23

Friendly Reminder: Sproutlings will be closed on Monday May 30th for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Parade 2022

We are excited to announce that we will be marching in the New Providence Memorial Day Parade again this year! The Parade takes place on Monday May 30th at 10am. If you are planning to join us, we will be meet at 9:40am at Sproutlings, and walk along Central Avenue together to our spot in the parade. We will be at spot 19 which is after The Academy of Our Lady of Peace marchers. The parade will begin at 10am and will end at the center of New Providence around 11am

Simply Gourmet

Please remember to put in your Simply Gourmet orders for the month of June.

Change in Pick Up Procedure

From Tuesday May 31st if you arrive to pick up your child after 5:00pm, you will be asked to come into the building to collect them from their classroom.

We ask that masks are worn when inside the building and that where possible social distancing is maintained.


Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend! 




Another great week for the Peapods. We are so happy to be together again! We missed being with our friends and wasted no time getting busy! We continue to work on our fine and gross motor skills. Some of us are taking a few steps while others are busy crawling around. We are also learning how to stack our different sized cups. We’re finding it a bit more challenging than stacking the blocks. Ms. Lu read Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo by Kelly Graves and Ms. Laura helped us with “The Wheels on the Bus” which is a favorite of ours.

Peapods II

Happy Friday! What a great week it has been! This week we used our foot prints to create some sandals. Our teachers brought out one of our favorite things this week, the magic water mat! We actually didn’t make such a big mess this time. We also got to color a coloring page for Memorial Day. For our sensory bin this week we got to play with some soapy bubbles! We almost tipped the bin over but our teachers caught it just time!

We hope everyone has a great three day weekend! We will see you on Tuesday!



The Seedlings had a great week! We enjoyed the beautiful weather so much and we were able to spend a lot of time in our playground! We love to walk around the playground holding hands with our friends and while we are doing that we like to point at things and say what they are.

We have been listening to animal sounds all the time and we are really good at identifying the animals and repeating their sound. We  want to listen to animals sounds all the time! The Seedlings were thrilled to paint a collage and see all beautiful colors on their paper.

During circle time, we read Miss Spider’s ABC By David Kirk and sang “Old MacDonald had a Farm”.

Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts enjoyed spending time outside this week, the weather was perfect for fun on the playground. We also spent time practicing holding our crayons when we were coloring. Coloring on the paper taped to the floor is one of our favorite things to do! We read the book Memorial Day by Emma Carlson Berne and made red white and blue handprint fireworks.



This week the Beanstalks class focused on our fine motor skills. We practiced grip and hand eye coordination.  We then used our skills to make a rainbow swirl , an American flag and a dot flag. We moved our bodies in stretch and grow , we had fun with our parachute and did some classroom yoga. We read  Memorial Day by Emma Carlson Berne . We Enjoyed choosing book for the teacher to read ,the most popular books were Ladybug Girl and Bingo. We sang our circle time songs and we sang “The Star Spangled Banner“.


Beanstalks II

Beanstalks II started our study on Buildings!  Our construction crew has been hard at work hammering, sawing and nailing together buildings and roads.

We started off the week building shapes out of popsicle sticks then made three houses for the pigs to live inside. (Straw, Sticks and Bricks). We built Lego homes and measured them with rulers.

Everyone stood tall and made buildings that were our heights and then we colored the city.  We used our fine motor skills to put together a bracelet.

These were some of the books we read this week: The Three Little Pigs retold by Bonnie Dobkin, Keep Counting by Ishan Zaidi, Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins and If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen.



This week, we continued our study on buildings. We learned about our neighborhood and the buildings around our school. We also looked at other places through Google Maps and compared and contrasted the buildings we saw with the ones around New Providence. We created our own cityscapes using Lego bricks and paint. Our building center had a major makeover and we have really loved becoming construction workers and wearing our hard hats and safety vests!

In our math centers, we built towers using unifix cubes after rolling dice and we counted out rocks to place them in their corresponding dump trucks. We worked on our fine motor skills by hammering nails into egg cartons.

We enjoyed reading Quinito’s Neighborhood by Ina Cumpiano, Same, Same, Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, and  If You Lived Here: Houses of the World by Giles Laroche. We had lots of fun exercising at Stretch and Grow. Next week, we will learn about our school and how it is special. Have a great weekend!


Pre K 3

PreK-3 explored the different buildings in our community! On google maps we saw what buildings are near our school. We read Buildings, Buildings, Buildings by Judith Bauer Stamper and Dazzling Digger by Tony Mitton. With popsicle sticks we built shapes! We are working on our fine motor and our pattern skills! We also matched the nails to the hammer!

We worked on our 1:1 correspondence. We’re having fun in our building center using different types of blocks to build! We retold the story of the Three Little Pigs!  Next week we are going to explore our school building!


Pre K 4

This week we learned about everything under the sea. We discussed animals, plants, mountains and volcanoes that can be found in the ocean. Everyone was excited to learn that there are now 5 oceans and not just 4 and that sharks have 8 fins.

A few specific ocean animals we discussed were jellyfish, sea turtles and seahorses. The classes learned a lot about these animals including how many fins/ tentacles they have,  who their predators are and how they sleep.

A few fun activities we did throughout the week were letter sounds, graphing, rhyming words and addition.  The children enjoyed creating a jellyfish. Our journal question asked the children if they lived under the sea what they would be. The journal allows each child to work on their fine motor skills and prepares them for writing assignments in kindergarten. Everyday the children answer a question and practice their writing skills when they answer it. A few questions the children were asked this week included, how many fish are in a school of fish, can you pet a jellyfish and what rhymes with the word fin.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend and we look forward to seeing you at the parade!