Sproutlings News-April 2, 2018


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-Our Sproutlings friends love books! We are learning how to take good care of them but we go through them quickly! If you have gently used books that you would like to donate, please contact your classroom teacher. We’d be happy to have them!


This week we welcomed Aiden to our Peapod room!  We’re so happy to have him join us. We played with our magnetic cars and animal shapes this week.  Our magnets are some of our favorite things to play with. We also played with our jar caps and container. While we like to put the lids in the container,  we just love dumping them out. We finished our paintings that are decorating our windows and door.  We hope you enjoy them. This week we also danced to a new song.  We learned new moves and learned to “shake it off. “ Our book this week was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  By Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle.  Our song was “Old MacDonald.”


This week in the Seedlings room we had a great time exploring bubbles.  We had a fun time learning how to blow bubbles with a wand and learning how to make them in our sensory table.  It was a great experience to feel the soapy water against our hand last and see all the bubbles we could make.  We also had a good time making our own farm with our animals in the room.  Plus, we had an amazing time building big towers and then knocking them down.  It was so much fun see how high we can build our towers.  We made some artwork in our room. We had fun trying to make rainbows.  They are very abstract. During circle time we sang “The Wheels on the Bus” and read Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  Thank you Ryan for bringing it in and sharing it with the class.  We loved making our own wild rumpus!

Little Sprouts

The Little Sprouts learned so many new things this week! We continued to learn about spring and what the weather is like during this season. Our book for the week was 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle and we sang and danced to “The Freeze Dance.” This week we worked on lacing straw pieces through string to make bracelets. We also used spring cookie cutters to stamp pictures of flowers and birds. We worked on learning our colors and the first letter of our names. Some of us already knew them! We enjoyed playing with our farm play set and the animals and working on our fine motor skills by opening and closing plastic Easter eggs at our sensory table. As always, we loved learning new songs with Miss Karen from Elefante Music and Miss Robin.


Welcome to April! This week’s theme was weather. We asked the questions “What’s your favorite weather?” and “Who tells us the weather?” We also reviewed the letter ‘Q’. We had so much fun practicing writing the letter Q in chalk. We sorted through our letter cup to find words that begin with Q and thought of other words that started with Q as well. We have been continuing to work on our fine motor skills by cutting and ripping paper. In math, we practiced counting and our one to one correspondence, numbers 1-10. In science and sensory, we dug for letters in sand. Next week we will continue to talk abut weather and review the letter B!

Our friends upstairs have been working on many of the letters and their sounds. They are getting really good at cutting with scissors! We enjoyed discussing the question “Who tells us the weather?” Many children answered with things such as “the weatherman!” or “Mommy’s phone!” We enjoyed talking about the differences in weather as well.

Pre K 3

Happy April! This week in Pre K-3 we learned about thunderstorms and answered the question, “Who tells us what the weather will be like?” For small group, we did a thunder experiment. We took a brown paper bag and blew air into it. Before we popped the bag, the kids came up with their own prediction on what was going to happen. They all said it was going to make a “Boom” sound like thunder. In art, the kids made their own thunderstorm with black and white paint. The kids added lighting bolts and raindrops to their storm. We played a weather matching game. We read Franklin and the Thunderstorm and Split Splat. We sang the songs “Oh Mister Sun” and “Rain Rain Go Away”. We learned the all the letters in the alphabet last week! This week we reviewed what sound the letter “Q” makes and practiced writing it in sand. It was a great week of learning in PreK 3.Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Pre K 4

This week we introduced our new study on plants. The class charted everything they already know about plants and thought of questions they wish to answer by the end of our study. We learned about the difference between living and nonliving things. We found out what plants need to grow and used that information to create our own window green houses. These greenhouses will allow us to watch our beans grow. The class worked together to paint a beautiful mural, turning our blocks center into a colorful garden. The class wrote about what happens in their own gardens and made a chart of all their uppercase letters. We worked on “bl” blended sound words. In math, we created ABC patterns using different color flowers, created pieces of art using colored shapes to create flowers, and did addition problems using seeds. This week we read Biscuit in the Garden,Sunflower HouseHow Do Things Grow, and A Green Green Garden.

We also had a blast celebrating Ms. Sarah’s birthday with a picnic in the common area!

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