Sproutlings News – February 26, 2018


-A friendly reminder to please stay with your children during drop off and pick up. Children can never be left unattended in the building. Please make sure that your children stay with you while walking to the front door.

-Any time your child receives new vaccines, please request an updated vaccination report from your pediatrician to give to Kerry in the office. A new Universal Health form is required after each yearly physical. Copies are available in the lobby.

-We are taking gently used books for our classrooms. If interested, contact Kerry!


This past week we were very lucky to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We love going outside. Baby Shark visited with us again and we had so much fun dancing to one of our favorite songs. Some of us have been coloring with crayons.  Unfortunately, not all of our art work is salvageable.  We just get so excited learning new things that our work doesn’t make it home!

We hope you are enjoying our wonderful art work on display.  Ms. Jess works very hard with us to make it happen.  Ms. Lu read our book of the week which was The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss and our song was “The Wheels On The Bus”  ?.


The Seedlings had a fun time this week! We like to thank the parents who came in and read to the class for Read Across America Week! The Seedlings loved every moment of it! We also had The Cat in the Hat visit for Dr. Seuss’s birthday and some of us were brave and said hello to him. We enjoyed some of beautiful days playing outside in the playground. How we missed sliding down that slide! The book of the week was Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. We read so many of his books this week and enjoyed all of them! We sang “Five Pigs Kissing a Hen.”

We would like to welcome to our Cooper Smith to the Seedlings! We’re excited to have you!

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts celebrated Read Across America this week! We read many of Dr. Seuss’ classics like Fox in Socks and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. For art, we made red and blue fish using dot markers and tissue paper. We also made truffula trees from the Lorax using colorful tissue paper and the Cat in the Hat’s hat using red and white construction paper. We enjoyed reading our new books this week and working on our fine motor skills. As always, we had a blast learning new songs with Miss Alexis from Elefante Music and Miss Robin!


Wow can you believe it’s March already? Time sure does fly when your having fun. This week in Beanstalks, we introduced the new letter of the week which was “V” and discussed the sound “V” makes.  We also reviewed the number 7 and did various gross motor activities 7 times.  This week we also celebrated “ Read Across America” and Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  A special thank you to our special guests who came and read to us. The Beanstalks really enjoyed having you. Please feel free to come again! Next week we will continue our discussion of pets and introduce the letter “W.”
Have a great weekend.

Nursery 3

This week Nursery 3 celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and “Read Across America.” In celebration of these special times we read: The Cat in the Hat Came Back,  Green Eggs and Ham and  Fox in Socks.  We also  made green eggs using vanilla pudding and vanilla cookies.  The children enjoyed measuring and pouring the ingredients in and observing how the “eggs” changed colors.  Their favorite part was eating their green eggs for snack! In literacy, we introduced the letter V and it’s phonemic sound.  We thought of words that began with V and sorted objects the belonged in the V tub.  We also made play dough letters and “fished for letters” which they loved.  In math we did a “ One Fish, Two Fish” counting activity working on the one to one correspondence of the numbers chosen.  We also introduced the number 14 and made groups of 14 with fish.
Next week we will continue our study on pets and introduce the letter W.
Have a good weekend !!

Pre K 3

We had a blast in Pre K 3 this week! This week was Read Across America and Dr.Seuss’ birthday. In large group we learned who Dr.Seuss was. We read a lot of this week! We read One Fish,Two Fish,Red Fish,Blue FishWacky WednesdayGreen Eggs and HamThe Cat in the Hat and many more books. In art, we colored The Cat in the Hat’s hat and wrote rhyming words on it. We also introduced the new letter of the week which was “V”. We learned the sound the letter “V” makes and came up with words that start with “V”.For Wacky Wednesday, we wrote the letter “V” under the table to be silly. We also made a volcano for the letter “V”. We made predictions for what would happen if we added baking soda and vinegar. We came up with a lot of answers like it will “POP!” In math we counted with red and blue fish. We had a special treat on Thursday! Cat in the Hat came to see us and we made pudding green eggs. The kids loved the treat. It was a great week of learning in PreK 3. Next week we will continue our study on pets. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Pre K 4

What an exciting week in PreK 4! This week we celebrated our love for reading participating in Read Across America. We would like to thank all the special guests readers who came to share stories with us. On Monday, we had Fox in Socks day, getting the chance to design our own crazy socks. Tuesday was our PJ reading party where we played a rhyming match game and created tissue paper hot air balloons like the ones in our story,Oh the Places You’ll GoWacky Wednesday kicked off with One Fish, Two Fish graphing red fish blue fish. The students wrote their own I Will Read rhyming poems. Green was everywhere on Green Eggs and Ham Thursday! We practiced measuring skills cooking our own green eggs. We do like them Sam-I Am; ours were made of pudding. We each made a Cat in the Hat bookmark after the Cat stopped by to say hi! On Friday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday making Thing 1 and Thing 2 crazy hats. We ended the week by writing and illustrating a story all our own.

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